Why Does My Dog Push Me Away With His Feet? Stiff Arm Me

If you have a pet dog, there is a very good chance that you have noticed that they will come up to you and start to push you away with their paws.  While this type of behavior is not going to be very odd for most people who have dogs as pets, there are actually going to be several different reasons as to why they are doing this behavior.  While you may feel that you know why they are doing this particular action, the reasons that they are will more than likely surprise you.  Here is exactly why your dog may be pushing you away with their paws.


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They are Simply Looking for More Attention

If you do find that your dog is pushing on you with their paws more often than not, there is a very good chance that they are trying to get you to give them some more attention.  Dogs are going to be a smart animal that understand there are certain actions they can do in order to get a specific response.  With this being known, if your dog feels as though you are not giving them enough attention, they will start to push on you with their paws in order to get you to pay more attention to them. 

No matter if this attention is good or bad, it really makes no difference as far as your dog is concerned.  The only way that you will ever be able to break this action from occurring again and again, is to simply stop paying attention to your dog when they do start to push you away with their paws.  If you give them any type of attention at all, they will continue the behavior and you will always have a dog that is pushing you away with their paws.

Your Dog is Happy or Wants to Play

If you have ever given your dog belly rubs, you have probably noticed that they will use their legs to push you away.  This means that it is more than likely going to be a playful gesture as they are obviously enjoying the belly rubs and are not going to want them to stop anytime soon.  There are going to be some other sings that you are going to want to make sure and check, those being whether or not your dog is relaxed and whether or not they are open towards you.

If you ever notice that your dog is bowing, this is also going to be a very obvious sign that they are ready to play.  They do this to hopefully instigate some type of play session with your or another dog or other animal.  You may also notice that their dog is wagging excessively, this even being accompanied by that of a little playful bark.  If you do hear a playful bark, just keep in mind that they are not trying to intimidate or warn you of anything other than the fact that they are ready to play with you.

They May be Suffering from Separation Anxiety

When your dog starts to push or lean on you with their paws, there is a good chance that it is from separation anxiety.  You have more than likely noticed that your dog may simply try and follow you everywhere that you go, constantly wanting some type of physical contact.  When you leave your dog alone for any amount of time, there is a good chance that they are experiencing some form of separation anxiety that is directly related to not being able to be near to you.  Essentially, you are going to have some dogs that just plain don’t want you to be anywhere that is out of their site, no matter what the reason may be.  

If you feel that your dog is suffering from any form of separation anxiety, you may need to take some time to speak with your local veterinarian in order to figure out what the appropriate course of action for you to take should be.  This is going to be something that can range anywhere from visiting a consultant with a dog behaviorist, all the way to getting your dog medication if they are suffering that severely from the condition.

If you do have a dog that is constantly pushing you away with their paws, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want you around them, but rather that they want more attention from you and to be around you more.


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