What Does My Cat Sleep on My Feet?

If you love to keep pets, especially cats, you would have noticed that they take naps called cat naps. While taking this nap, cats love to share the bed with their owners even if they are not invited.

The reason for this habit is explained in this article. The article provides insight into why cats love to sleep at the bed’s foot and even on the bed.

You will be surprised how well your cat knows your bed, your bedroom, and your entire home. Such that they feel at home everywhere, even on your bed.

Outlined below are the most prevalent reasons why your cat loves to cuddle up with you and sleep by the foot of your bed at night.

Cat Survival Instincts: Escaping 

No matter their age, size, or shapes, all kittens and cats often desire to stay close to the person who cares most about them by providing for their needs.

Cats give favor and attention to the person who cleans their litter, gives them water, food, shelter, and warmth.  They also tend to be drawn to someone who gives them attention and affection all through their day.

Thus, they feel secure and safe when they are with their caregiver at night. This explains why they love to cuddle up with the caregiver. 

However, cats have survival instincts that kick in and make them realize that they could get caught up in blankets, or the caregiver can unknowingly roll on them while sleeping. 

As a result of the survival instinct, most cats often snuggle up to the bed foot close to the caregiver’s feet when it is time to sleep. They may cuddle you at night, but when they want to sleep, they tend to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Sleeping at the foot of the bed gives them a guarantee of escape in case of any danger. However, they will still sleep by the caregiver’s feet to be close enough to protect the caregiver.

To Protect The CareGiver

Cats place a lot of importance on their territory or kingdom, and they want to protect it at all costs. Their territory includes their caregiver, whom they seek to protect.

This habit of protecting their kingdom is a natural part of their survival instinct. The instinct also makes the cats aware that they are very vulnerable while sleeping.

Your cat loves to sleep by your side at night because they want you to feel safer and secure. They also sleep close to their caregiver to wake him/her up if there is any incoming danger or threat. Indeed they are one’s protectors.

If your cat sleeps at the foot of your bed, it implies that the cat cares about you and is watching over you.

Temperature Control

A great deal of body heat comes out from the human body when we sleep. If you do not believe this, sleep with your clothes on in a dry season with the heat at its peak. You will see how sweaty you will be when you wake.  

In cold seasons, we use blankets and fluffy sheets when we sleep on the bed. These blankets and sheets are not conducive for your cat in the heat period; they can end up suffocating them.

But while you cuddle up in blankets in a cold period, your cat also loves to cuddle up to you when they feel cold. They know that your body heat will keep them warm.

While cats usually sleep by your feet at night, you will find them sleeping by your head in the morning. This is probably because of temperature changes between night and day. So it all depends on what temperature suits your cat better.

The more you shift from your core, such as abdomen and chest, the more relaxed your legs and arms will be because the majority of one’s body heat is embedded toward the core or middle of your body. Essential body processes like blood pumping (through the heart), digestion (in your abdomen), and respiration are at work in the middle of your body.   

Although cat loves to cuddle up to your warm body, at the same time, they do not want to overheat. That is another reason why cats find it convenient to sleep near your feet. This allows them to be close to the caregiver without being too hot, too cold, or even waking up.

Just like we mentioned earlier, you may be surprised to see that your cat has moved to sleep by your head by morning. This is because they probably require just a little added warmth.

Cats are Territorial

Cats are generally possessive animals; they love to protect their own jealously, including their territory. So they sometimes sleep close to their caregivers to mark their territory.

Their home is their primary territory. Their home may be an enclosed space in your house where you feed them; it may also be a cage. The entire house is their territory, too, albeit being secondary, which they seek to protect.

The cats know all the nooks and crannies of your home, especially if you allow them to roam around freely around the home. The first time they come into your house, they will scrutinize every corner of your home – including people, other animals, and even your furniture. 

There is this funny but strange feeling whereby your cat feels that they own you and want to protect you at all cost. So they feel they have jurisdiction over every area of your home and try to protect it at all cost. 

Well, it is not true because you own your cat. But this is just a way your cat shows you affection, so it is more positive.

More Room To Spare

Almost all cats hate to be disturbed when they are asleep. So they may want to sleep close to you at night because they know that you will help them ward off or reduce any disturbance.

One might wonder about the case of caregivers who flip, snore, drool, rearrange blankets while sleeping at night. All of these happen in the upper part of the body and cause more noise and occupy more space than the arms and legs. So also, the activities are happening around the top of the bed towards your head.  

Thus, cats love to sleep at your feet, where they are guaranteed less noise and more space.

Tidier Environment

In many homes, the bed’s foot is often neat and tidy, with neat spaces and surfaces of soft bedding one can lie on. On the other hand, the dirty, lumpy sheets are usually seen at the top of the bed, close to the head and arms.

These lumpy sheets can make cats uncomfortable or even cause a threat to them if they get caught up in it. So cats sleep at the foot of the bed because they know that it is ordinarily tidy there.

Visible Bedroom Door

Cats love to sleep in a place where they can see the door leading to and fro the bedroom to feel more secure. Seeing by the foot of the bed gives them this feeling of safety as they can easily see the door from there. 

Night Vision

Cats have night vision, so they are usually active at dusk and dawn. Although they doze off a little when their caregiver sleeps, most do not sleep all through the night.

When they sleep at the foot of the bed, they can quickly get up without waking the caregiver.


Sleeping by your side is a routine practice for cats. They love routine, and they get accustomed to it. For instance, if you sleep early, your cat might also sleep early.

What Does It Imply for Your Cat To sleep On Your Feet?

Sometimes, your cat might not only sleep at the foot of your bed but also on your feet. It is often seen as a show of care and affection. So try to see it positively. 

Why Do Cats Sometimes Move to The Top Of Your Head From The Foot Of The Bed?

Having established that cats do love to sleep at the foot of the bed, you might wonder why yours seem to love sleeping at the top of your head. The reason is not far-fetched. 

Remember we mentioned that cat sleeps at the foot of the bed because they find it warm. Then probably the warmest place for your cat is by your head because of the heat that comes out from your mouth and head while you sleep.

Thus, your cat will prefer to sleep at the top of your head for more warmth than sleeping at the foot of your bed.


It is important to note that each cat is different, so what works for cat A might be different from cat B. Also, the environment and weather are a strong determinant of where your cat will love to sleep at night. 

So it is wrong to generalize that all cats sleep by the foot of the bed; that is why we use ‘most’ throughout this article. 

There are several reasons why cats sleep where they chose to sleep and where they feel safe and secure at night.

For any questions and further inquiries, contact your veterinarian.


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