What is Whey Protein from Grass Fed Cows?

Before the production of cow-based meals became very commercial, a very large number of cattle in the United States fed on grass. However, this stopped when the population increased greatly, and there was an extra demand for dairy products and beef. It brought about a need to up the rate at which dairy and beef were being produced. A lot of cows now feed on a diet that is grain-based. Additionally, they are made fat with the use of hormones. This is done to make it easy for the cow to be used for dairy or meat. It is a strategy that has brought about a lot of commercial success. But success is not beneficial to consumers or cows.

It might not look like “grass-fed” is anything. Nonetheless, according to research, dairy, as well as meat gotten from cows that are grass-fed, are richer in nutrients when compared to those gotten from cows that are fed with grains. With grass-fed diets, cows have an internal pH environment that favors them more—thereby providing a wider nutritional content for cows and bacteria that are beneficial to cows.

Are you looking to get your muscles toned, shoot up your metabolism, increase your appetite and your energy levels? If yes, you might want to get some protein powder. If you have any form of interest in a healthy lifestyle, you can make protein powder a major part of your diet. There is a lot you can do with it. You might decide to bake with it, put it in a smoothie, or a shake. While protein powders can do a lot, you must realize that they are not all equal. Of the many protein powders available to members of the pubic, one is outstanding; grass fed whey protein.

If you want to live a very healthy lifestyle, you will need to attach a lot more value to this protein powder. This is because of how important whey is. Additionally, any individual that is health-minded will let you know that anything fed on whey will be better than its counterparts. Therefore, whey protein is especially common among fitness enthusiasts. 

What Exactly is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is gotten from milk. This, specifically, is the liquid that detaches itself from the curd while cheese is being produced. Although whey protein contains some lactose, its lactose content is small. So, people that are lactose intolerant can take it and will be just fine.

Grass-fed whey protein is a type of whey protein that was gotten from cattle that were fed on grass. Whey used to be a waste of cheese during its production process. It, however, became important in the 70s when it was first discovered as a dietary protein during this period.

Whey is a type of protein that can be digested very easily, and there are lots of reasons you should make use of grass-fed whey protein. Every nutritionist is certain that grass-fed whey protein is superior to grain-fed whey protein. It contains more nutrients. Regardless of the fact that this is considered common knowledge, it is important you know the various benefits associated with grass-fed whey protein. Some of these benefits are:

Whey is an Absolute Protein

When individuals that are lactose intolerant or sensitive take whey-based powders, they might have some issues with bloating and gas. Regardless of these issues, you can maximize your gains by taking powders that are whey-based. So long as muscle repair and growth are concerned, you can depend solely on whey protein powder. This is because they have all the important amino acids that are needed for these processes.

Unlike whey protein powder, plant protein has a reputation for not containing leucine, which is an important amino acid in high amounts. Since leucine is associated with stimulating anabolism, as well as muscle protein synthesis, you might be unable to enjoy these benefits if you decide to go for a plant protein powder with just one source.

Grass-Fed Whey is Free from bad contents that are associated with Regular Whey Protein

When buying protein powder, ensure you take out time to go through its label. If you do not have time on your hands for this, you can simply pick a container you trust. Generally, grass-fed whey protein is free from soy and gluten. It is also non-GMO and non-hormonal. If you have any questions about unhealthy additives, you might want to give grass-fed whey protein powder a lot of attention.

Grass-fed Whey Protein Powder is Rich in Special Ingredients

Products that are grass-fed possess extra nutrients that do not come with regular whey powders. A simple example is grass-fed milk, which possesses extra omega-3 fatty acids. They are good for reducing inflammation, and it has extra vitamin D, which helps with mood. 

There is also an additional dose of conjugated linoleic acid, which is great for people looking to lose some weight. Lastly, it has extra beta carotene, which comes in handy in strengthening the immune system.

Whey Protein Powders Contain the Perfect Quantity of Protein you need

Are you making use of a protein powder as a replacement for a meal? If yes, you might want to look for one that contains a good quantity of clean protein. This should be 15-20grams. According to experts, to recover properly after a workout session, you should take about 20-30grams of protein once you are done working out. This way, you can enjoy great muscle strengthening and recovery. 

They are not Known to Contain Added Sweeteners

Whey proteins are usually associated with great taste. That, however, does not mean they taste great naturally. The great taste they are associated with is usually a result of added sweeteners. This extra sugar might make your meals taste great. They, however, just make it difficult for you to achieve your fitness goal. Grass-fed whey protein powders are quite different from regular whey proteins because they do not come with added sugar. 

One way to get the right protein powder is to go for one that does not come with extra additives, processed fiber, and stabilizers.

It contains high levels of BCAAs

BCAA simply means Branched-chain amino acids. They are a class of small amino acids. Also, they have chemical structures in common. Naturally, BCAAs are found in foods like dairy products, meat, eggs, etc. These proteins are very important. 

The question, however, is why there is a lot of importance attached to them? Although there is limited research, according to studies, when you supplement your exercise routine with BCAAs, you will enjoy increased energy while working out. Also, your muscle growth after working out will increase significantly. That’s not all. Soreness will be reduced.

It is great for the Immune System

This benefit of whey protein is yet to be confirmed. Nonetheless, it is believed that the presence of amino acid cysteine in whey protein is great for the immune system. As a precursor to glutathione, amino acid cysteine can help build a strong immune system. When compared to other plant and animal-based proteins.

There are no Limitations to How You Want to Flavor it

When a protein powder contains just whey protein concentrate, you get to enjoy a good degree of versatility and flexibility. So, you can spice it up based on what you want its taste to be like at a particular point in time.

You can use this protein powder for baking 

Lots of people are interested in baking using protein powder, and while at this, they want to enjoy the gains associated with an increased level of protein. They, however, do not want to have a taste of protein powder. Have you attempted a recipe that is high in protein with the use of vegan protein powder? If yes, you can tell this is close to being impossible. You, however, can use grass-fed whey proteins as a blank canvas. The reason for this is it can work with any recipe you want to try out. This means you can bake anything you want, and it will still come out with a great taste. And don’t forget the extra benefits it provides. 

It is Good for Weight Loss

Tons of people today deal with weight problems. The great news is that Grass-fed whey protein can go a long way in helping people keen on losing weight when used in the right way. As compared to commercial whey products, grass-fed whey contains huge amounts of conjugate linoleic acid (CLA). Grass-fed whey is 3-5 times richer than commercial whey products in conjugate linoleic (CLA).

According to research, CLA can help with metabolism and the growth of muscles. By doing this, it helps the body use up excess fat. Taking protein helps satisfy the appetite rapidly. This way, the urge to overeat is reduced significantly.

Wrap Up 

As you can see from the above, there are tons of benefits to whey protein. However, you may want to reach out to your physician for permission first if you have any underlying condition.


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