How to Hide a Well Cover in Your Yard – Decorative Cap Ideas

An essential item for every compound to have is a well cover. With regards to landscaping, well covers don’t seem to be a very attractive addition. That is the more reason to learn how to hide them in your yard. Many centuries ago, ancient men believed that wells were trans-dimensional and gates for extra-terrestrial beings.

The ancient times’ belief was instrumental in why they covered wells and how they decorated them.

Ways to Hide Your Well Cover

Hiding a well cover is not so much of a hard task even if the material from which it is made is metal or concrete. It is common to have a 12inches extension of the good castings above the soil, covered with waterproof material. The water in the well is shielded against pollutants and contaminants by the extended parts.

It is equally important to secure access to your well as you pick a style or method to conceal your well cover. You need to keep the water also protected even as you seek to hide it from human eyes. The following are amazing ways you can hide your well cover:

Grow Plants Around the Well Cover

Making use of plants is an undeniably creative and cheap way to hide your well cover. Make sure nothing is planted at the well cover’s top or around it. In other to allow for ease of access when needed, make a buffer of 1-foot to surround the well.  The best option for this is ornamental grasses.

You can rely on the height of most grasses to cover your well. Planting a flower garden around the cap of the well can also serve the purpose well. Another option you can use is constructing raised beds around the well cover. 

The benefit of raised beds is dual as it properly conceals the well cover with its height and shields it from cold during winter. Never apply fertilizers and pesticides to the surrounding plants. Doing this will help keep the well water clean and safe.

Include Garden Structures

The use of garden structures is a good option if you do not prefer to use plants. A creative wooden structure can be created to surround the cover in tune with the well-theme. You can write well-wishing inscriptions on the wooden structure to that effect.

You can easily access the well cover whenever you desire by keeping the wooden structure open at the top. If you want to carry out maintenance on the well, this option offers you the advantage of easily picking up and moving the structure. 

You should plan a structure that can blend with the already formed theme for your yard. An example of that is building a lighthouse structure made from wood to agree with a nautical theme. Allowing vines to grow on the fence usually makes it more beautiful.

Include Positioning Techniques

When you reposition the items you previously have in your yard, it can serve as a good way to conceal your well cover. You can distract onlookers away from the well cover using a focal point distant from the well’s location. A good example is the setup of an area to sit near the water feature. 

As an alternative, constructing the area to sit between the well cover and the house entrance would increase the seating area’s visibility. It is this effect that helps you distract viewers’ attention from the well cover. Another way to make it less obvious is by using paint on the well cover that blends with its surrounding. 

Using Potted Plants

These plants are amazing decoration accessories. They help cover undesirable surfaces, and their location can be changed without harming the plant. A potted plant can be a great option to conceal your well cover since plants cannot be grown over the cover.

In other to completely hide the well cover, make sure that the pot’s dimensions are a little higher than that of the well. Gaining access to the well is easy by simply sliding the potted plants away and placing it back when done.

Decorative Stones

Making use of a decorative stone to conceal the well cover is another creative method. There are two approaches to making use of decorative stones: faux stones and other yard decorations. Faux stones were specifically designed to conceal well covers. Other decorations that can be employed include Birdhouse, fountain, or garden statues. 


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