WTA Hikes – Washington State Hiking Trail Association (WA)

Washington Trails Association also known as WTA was established in 1966. It started out as a signpost magazine. From just a simple signpost, WTA has become a huge community of hikers that are interested in the various wildlands and trails around them. This association brings hikers together from various locations.

Beyond just being an association that mobilizes hikers, Washington Trails Association also brings together other individuals that enjoying staying outdoors. It brings these different people together to explore public lands and trails.

What Does Washington Trails Association Believe in?

This association has some core beliefs that have kept it going. These beliefs are;

  • It is important that various individuals get the privilege to go outdoors. It has, therefore, taken it upon itself to see that the hindrances to getting outdoors are significantly reduced.
  • The average person will ensure the places they enjoy hiking are protected. This includes remote wilderness and local parks.
  • One way to keep the body and heart in top shape is by exploring nature. Also, it believes hiking is a great way for people to stay in touch with the natural wonders in Washington.

Activities at Washington Trails Association

For about 50 years, WTA has been working with volunteers, partner organizations, and its members to ensure that trails are protected. It does this because it is very much interested in the longevity of the various tails within its reach. 

Right from when WTA was set up, it found out that the many existing trails were dealing with lots of threats and it was important people stood up for the environments they love.

Washington Trails Association can protect trails through advocacy at grass root levels and lobbying. It focused on issues such as wilderness protection, restricted access, and trail funding that hikers must deal with. It also works hand in hand with land managers and policymakers to ensure the interests of hikers are advanced so long as new recreation and forest planning are concerned.

Some of the activities of WTA are;

Moving People Outdoors

One way the wilderness and trails can be protected is by moving people from their homes into this area. When people go hiking on trails and explore the wilderness, the many challenges these areas face will be put in check. Washington Trail Association works towards building a society of hikers. It does this through its website, Families and Youth Program, events, and Washington Trails Magazine.

Additionally, as soon as one becomes interested in exploring, WTA ensures such a person is educated and empowered. Once empowered and educated, hikers can become advocates for whatever trails they enjoy hiking on. Some ways hikers can keep trails protected are by having a good hiker ethic and carrying out Leave No Trace principles.

Building Communities and Maintaining Trails

Volunteers of WTA work throughout the year. This way, they help WTA keep its trails always accessible and open. This is one way Washington Trail Association’s advocacy voice has stayed strong. The trails kept accessible are not just in remote wildernesses but in urban areas as well. Every year, more than 3,800 volunteers work on trails for over 120,000 hours.

 WTA is working hard towards creating a sustainable, as well as a safe trail system. It is doing this by working hand in hand with its land management partners.

Washington Trail Association has lots of volunteers and of these volunteers, 25% are youths. Now, these sets of young people are gaining stewardship experience. That, however, is not the only thing they are gaining. They are also learning leadership skills

WTA Inspires the Up Coming Generation

Every single activity WTA is involved in is important. Regardless of how important its activities are, WTA has realized that one way to make a lasting difference is to make the upcoming generation love trails. In addition to helping them develop a love for trails, it also knows the importance of empowering the upcoming generation with the equipment they need to protect these places that they consider special.

One of WTA’s biggest commitments is putting together a fresh generation of environmental stewards, outdoor leaders, and hikers. One way it aims at achieving this is by lowering the hindrances to public lands and hiking trails. Additionally, WTA runs an Outdoor Leadership Training event that helps youth leaders and teachers learn to ensure a fun and safe outdoor experience.

Why You Should Join the Washington Trail Association

If you love the environment you live in and want the tails around you to exist for as long as possible. You can achieve this by becoming a part of the Washington Trails Association


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