Washington Square Mall Stores Map – Portland Oregon OR

Washington Square is a famous shopping mall in Oregon State in Tigard City, to be precise in the United States of America. The mall is located by Oregon Route 217 in the municipal area of Portland. 

The shopping mall is so big that it is one of the US’s top malls per square foot. The mall sells its space out as high as $716 per foot.

The official opening of Washington square was in 1973. Now, the current co-owner and manager of the mall is Macerich Company. The company is a real estate investment organization anchored by Dick’s Sporting Goods, JCPenney, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

History of Washington Square (Oregon)

The mall’s developer, Winmar Pacific, Inc, announced plans to build the biggest shopping mall in Oregon at that time in 1972. Although, Safeco later bought Winmar Pacific Inc in 1967. 

The mall’s plan showed that it was designed to cover 130 acres (0.53km2) and accommodate a hundred stores with enough space for each one. The mall was also calculated to include over a million square feet (93,000m2) on an eight-five acre of land (340,000m2). 

It was intended that the mall will have an L-shaped pattern. About a year later, Meier and Frank became the first occupant in the mall on the 16th of August, 1973. They rented their store and was first to move in as a tenant.

Later in November, in the same 1973, Sears and Lipman’s opened their store closely, followed by Nordstrom and Liberty House in the summer of 1974.  

Washington Square’s grand opening started on the 21st of February 1974. The location of the mall on the southwest of Portland is called Progress. As of then, Progress was incorporated with its location between Tigard and Beaverton cities.  

In April 1978, a few years later, after they moved into the mall, Frederick and Nelson took over Liberty House in their northside location. Later in 1979, Frederick and Nelson also bought the complete chain of Lipman. 

As a result of these acquisitions, Frederick and Nelson moved their store to a much larger space by the mall’s west side. The new space is way bigger than the one they occupied in the past (for a year).

Another store called Mervyn’s later took over the space where Frederick and Nelson moved out. Mervyn opened an eighty thousand square foot store in the same place in October 1979. 

There were fights and disagreements between Portland, Beaverton, and Tigard cities in 1986 regarding the unincorporated territory where Washington Square is located. Each city was seeking to annex the territory to their advantage. 

At the end of the tussle, the City of Tigard got the right to annex the mall and other adjacent properties (Embassy Suites Hotel and Lincoln Center). 

Frederick and Nelson closed their store in 1991 after they were faced with bankruptcy. Nordstrom later took over the vacant store, demolished it, and built a bigger replacement for their existing store.  Nordstrom later opened their new bigger store in 1994.

The mall later occupied the former space previously occupied by Nordstrom, redesigned and refurbished it into a food court with extra space for retail activities. The reconfiguration of this store coincided with the total overhauling of the mall. 

In the mid-1990s, Washington Square had an average sale for each square foot, making it one of the top ten percent of malls nationwide.

Around December 1998, Safeco, the mall’s primary developer, which doubles as an insurance company in Seattle, sold the mall. Washington Square was sold to Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and The Macerich Company in a partnership deal.  

By the time it was sold, the mall was considered one of the West Coast’s most prolific malls. Its sales at that time were close to $500 per square foot. With the taking over of the mall by Macerich, things started getting better because Macerich is a professional in Real Estate Investments.  

Macerich opened an additional thirty store to the mall measuring a hundred thousand square feet (9,300m2) in 2005. Few occupants of the new thirty stores include Godiva Chocolatier, Williams Sonoma, Sephora, and The Cheesecake Factory.

Macerich also carried out other renovations and improvements through the mall, with two new parking structures added.  

In November 2005, Mervyn’s closed their store, which they owned and sold the space to the Washington Square. In March 2008, the space was revamped and taken over by Dick’s Sporting Goods.  

In February 2011, H&M, a Swedish retailer specializing in clothing, opened its doors at the mall as their second location in Oregon.

Sears Holdings rolled off about two hundred and thirty-five properties in 2015. The properties include the Sears in Washington Square rolled off into Seritage Growth Properties. 

Recently, on the 15th of October 2018, Sears (a store that trades in original anchor) announced the closure of their Washington Square store to fill up the bankruptcy they were battling with. 

The Layout of Washington Square

The current Washington Square layout as of 2020 has two hundred and ten restaurants and specialty shops, a food store, and 5 department store anchors.

A few of the stores are situated in a neighboring outdoor plaza called Square Too. Although most of Washington Square is on a single level, the anchor stores, on the other hand, has multiple levels. For example, the food court is on the second level. The 2005 expansion allowed the mall to get a second-level addition later on. 

More Details on Washington Square

The mall has a management office which opens from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.

In terms of amenities, the mall boasts of a children’s play area for kids, double and single strollers available for rent, comfortable sitting and waiting areas, family restrooms, among others, all to satisfy you.

There is guaranteed security of lives and properties in the mall with their 24-hour professional security service. Guests who misplace their belongings can lodge complaints with the security division to assist them in locating it. 

The security teams can also handle medical emergencies as they have been duly trained in AED, CPR, and first aid administration. 

Also, there is free Wi-Fi available all through the mall. Customers who need cash can visit the ATM stands to withdraw. Lastly, users of electronic vehicles can charge their vehicles while shopping inside the mall.


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