Misha Collins Wife – Victoria Vantoch Wiki (Bio, Age, Married, Book, Photos)

Most Misha Collins fans are unaware that he is legally married. This may be because of how he perfectly played the role of an angel called Castiel in the CW fiction series, titled Supernatural. This makes a lot of people see him as nonhuman and feel he wouldn’t be in any romantic relationship. This prominent actor in the American movie scene is married to  Victoria Vantoch, an amazing journalist and historian.

Victoria, also called Vicki, is a writer and teacher. She writes on a broad spectrum of subjects such as fashion, relationship, architecture, sex, etc. Many of her writings have been published in some notable magazines and newspapers, e.g., Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, U.S News. Etc. In addition to her successful career is her blissful marital life, which is over 15 years long already. More details about this amazing woman will be unveiled as you follow closely.

Victoria Vantoch’s Bio

Victoria was born into a mixed-race family on 30th January 1974 in the town of Riverdale, Illinois, United States. Although she is an American by nationality, she practices Buddhism as her religion. After acquiring her first degree, she went on to the University of Chicago for a postgraduate degree in Anthropology, where she bagged a master’s degree. From there, she proceeded to the University of Southern California, where she obtained a Ph.D. in History.

One of Victoria Vantoch’s most popular work was a handbook on sexuality she published in 2007 by the title “A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three.” The book was sold out since there had not been any other elaborate work on that subject in the past. It provided a guide on how three people can have sex together, and many people involved in such relationships that involved more than two people found it very helpful. She even went further to give tips on maintaining healthy communication for trio couples.

Victoria came up with another best-selling book in 2013, which she titled “Jet Sex.” This book was both a work of history and sexuality as she chronicled stories about sex-related to airline stewardship. This work earned her several awards and recognition, such as Smithsonian Institution Guggenheim Fellowship, a NASA Aerospace History Fellowship, a NASA Aerospace History Fellowship, and a scholarship from the U.S. Space Agency.

As a history teacher, Victoria has taught students and delivered lectures at various locations across the United States, including the Library of Congress, the Organization of American Historians, and the National Air and Space Museum.

Victoria Vantoch’s Family

There is currently no information in the media about Victoria Vantoch’s biological family.  However, she is living happily in Pasadena, California, with her husband and children. She first met her husband Misha Collins during their high school days many years before, but they tied the knot in 2001 at Maine, USA. The couple have come a long way and it was revealed that they were formerly classmates at high school with Misha being the only guy in the English language class. No doubt every girl in the class must have loved to get close to him. Victoria once confessed that she had her eyes on him ever since that time.

Their marriage is blessed with a boy and a girl. They had their first child on September 23, 2010, and named him Anaximander. Two years later, on 25th September 2012, they welcomed their daughter, Maison Marie.

Vicky and Misha inadvertently renewed their wedding vows in a memorable event that took place in 2011. The colorful event took place at the Coinstar supermarket.  The clothes that the couple wore at the occasion still brings back funny memories as they decided to switch role by cross-dressing. Misha dressed like a queen in a wedding attire while Victoria was adorned as the prince charming in a lovely white suit, bearing a bouquet made from vegetables.

More Fun Facts About Victoria Vantoch and her Husband

  • Victoria is older than Misha Collins by a few months. Although they were born in 1974, she was born in January, while her husband was born in August of the same year.
  • Misha Collins’s real name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. His mother was Rebecca Tippins, while his dad was Richard Krushnik. Since his name didn’t sound English, he decided to adopt the maiden name of his great-grandma (Collins) for the sake of his acting profession. He got the name Misha from his mum’s Russian boyfriend since his childhood days, and it has stuck with him ever since.
  • Victoria is both a teacher and a writer. Most is mostly known for her writings which are about sexuality and she elaborates on uncommon areas where very little information is available. One of her books was on a step by step guide on how to take part in a threesome.
  • Victoria has delivered history lectures at different platforms around the United States of America such as schools and even at the Library of Congress.
  • Victoria and Misha Collins both graduated from the University of Chicago. Still, Victoria has been attracted to him since their high school days since he was the only male in their English class.
  • Victoria’s Marriage with Misha is blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.
  • Although Misha is famous for his movies, he is also a great poet and prolific writer, just like his wife, Victoria. It is rumored that he used a lot of romantic poems to woo her.
  • Both Victoria and her Misha are trisexual. She once revealed that they have a female sexual partner that comes to join them when it is time for them to have sex. In fact, she noted that it was because there were no sufficient materials on the subject of trisex that propelled her to create her handbook guide in 2007.
  • Victoria and her husband cross-dressed during the hilarious event of their wedding vow renewal in 2011. The husband dressed like a queen while the wife dressed like a prince, holding a bouquet made from fresh vegetables.


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