Bradley Nowell’s Wife – Troy Dendekker Wiki (Bio, Age, Remarried, Wedding, Net Worth)

In case you have never heard about Troy Dendekker, she is actually going to be the wife to the late Bradley Nowell.  In case you didn’t know who Bradley Nowell was, he would be the lead singer and one of the guitarist for the band that grew to fame in the 90’s, that band going by the name of Sublime.

Bradley, who was considered to be a very talented guitarist and singer, would eventually become addicted to drugs.  It would eventually take both Troy and their only child, whose name is Jakob, in order to get Bradley to sober up.  Unfortunately, only one week after Bradley and Troy would get married, Bradley would relapse and start taking heroin.  He would later be found dead from a heroin overdose that he would suffer while he was on tour with his band.

Even though Bradley would end up passing much too early, while he was alive, him and Troy would be considered the envy of the rock n’ roll couple.  While Troy would eventually go on to remarry, Bradley’s memory would forever be etched onto her heart.  In a very touching Instagram post that was made under her Instagram name ‘mamatroypma’, she would give some great homage to Bradley, her late husband, by sharing a picture of him, giving thanks for the music that he had created and give so much inspiration and color to.  On top of that, the post would go on to let everybody know how Bradley would go on to change her life while he was alive.  In fact, if you were to ask Troy about her late husband’s music, she would tell you that it was an inspiring combination of different genres of music, those including rock, reggae, ska, punk, and even hip-hop.

Having lost a loved family member to drugs, Troy has actually been able to take her experiences and turn them into a great learning tool that she now uses to help educate those who are dealing with family members who have an addiction.  She has essentially been able to take one of her terrible losses and flip it so that she is now able to use that experience to help, educate and motivate people to not do drugs.  If you have ever wondered what it means to take a tragedy and turn it into something positive, this is exactly what it looks like.

What Has Troy Dendekker Been Doing Since Her Late Husband’s Death?

Unfortunately for Troy, she would end up losing her husband just as they were starting to create their life together.  While her husband was a phenomenal musician, he would be able to create a big name for himself though the pop and rock world.  It would be for this reason that Troy would end up loving all different types of music.  With everything that she had to go through, she would take her experiences and what she had learned, moving to raise as much awareness about drug addiction and the music industry.  

Now that you know about Troy’s unfortunate past, you may be wondering what she is all about and just about everything else about Troy too.  Here is what you need to know about Troy Dendekker.

Troy Dendekker:  What You Need to Know

Troy is going to be 5’8” tall and weighs in at roughly 128 pounds.  Troy would only have the opportunity to have one child with Bradley whose name is Jakob.  Jakob is currently 25 years old and has followed in his father’s footsteps in the sense that he too has become a musician.  Oddly enough, Jakob’s music is considered to have a striking resemblance to that of his late father’s.  

Troy would be married to her late husband, Bradley, since 1996.  As previously mentioned, Bradley would be on tour with his band Sublime, in which he would end up overdosing on heroin.  Six years later in 2002, Troy would end up being married again, this time to Kiki Holmes.  While it has been nearly 18 years since the two would get married, they have been living together and still remain to be very much in love.  

What is Troy Dendekker’s Net Worth?

While Bradley was alive, he was able to amass quite a bit of wealth.  His band, Sublime, would grow to extreme popularity, meaning that after he passed, Troy was left with a nice chunk of change.  With several different albums being under Bradley’s name, Troy’s inheritance would be estimated around $1 million.  While Bradley was taken away much too soon, he ended up leaving his wife and daughter with enough money to take care of themselves and live a comfortable life.

Troy Dendekker’s Looks

Troy Dendekker, who is now going to be 50 years old, has been able to maintain her looks.  While you may feel that 50-year-old women is not going to want to maintain their appearance, you would be mistaken when it comes to Troy.  In fact, she currently has a chest measurement of 35 inches, a waist measurement of just 25 inches, and a hip measurement of 36 inches.  Essentially, this means that Troy has been able to not only maintain her figure but has also been able to maintain the measurements that most people are only able to dream about.  

When it comes to Troy Dendekker, she has been through more than you are able to ask of anyone.  To fall in love and get married, to only have that love and marriage ripped away from you just one week later is going to be something that nobody should have to deal with.  But even with that tough spot in her life, Troy has been able to overcome the odds and pull herself back together for herself and her son.  Hopefully moving forwards, Troy will be able to not only continue to remember her late husband Bradley, but also be able to continue carving out her very own life at the same time.  While it is not going to be an easy task, it is going to be a task that Troy will be able to do.


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