WISN Channel 12 News Anchor Toya Washington Wiki (Age, Husband, Milwaukee)

Born on August 3 (meaning that she was born under the Leo sign), in a year that is not known and a part of Minneapolis that is also unknown, Toya Washington is an American television anchorwomen and reporter who is of Nigerian descent.  She may perhaps be best known for the fact that she has been nominated for multiple Emmy awards, but has gone on to win a total of four of them. 

Now partner that with the fact that she has been able to use her abilities to create a very significant television presence as the co-anchor for the ABC-affiliated WISN T.V. station, her role coming in the form of the 5 p.m. newscast.  As if that weren’t enough, Washington has also been able to rack up a number of different other successes as a journalist since she started in that profession back in 1996.  Here is everything that you need to know about all that is Toya Washington.

Mystery Surrounds Her Childhood

Washington was apparently raised as an only child by her Nigerian parents, however, her birthplace, as well as the professions and names of her parents remain to be unknown.  Since there is just a general lack of information from any type of credible sources, literally nothing is really known about Washington’s early life, that is, except for the fact that from a very young age she was always interested in journalism. 

Going to a high school that is not known in the state that she was born in, she would also go on around this time to get an internship at a local television station, the CBS affiliated WCCO-TV.  Once out of high school, Washington would go on to enroll in the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  It is here that she would spend the next four years of her life getting the most out of her education as she possibly could, eventually graduating with a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies and journalism in 1996.  As soon as Washington had graduated with her degree, she would decide to immediately get to work to begin creating a career for herself.

Toya Washington:  A Journalist on the Rise

Since Washington had an internship at a local CBS-affiliated new station when she was in high school, she would use this to get her first job at another such station, this one being WISC-TV.  It would be here that she would become the weekend news anchor, as well as help out as a reporter as well, staying at the station for a total of 6 years, eventually transferring to a new station at the end of the year in 2002. 

Washington’s new station would be an ABC-affiliated one, this station going by WISN-TV, which is actually where Washington has stayed and is currently still working at to this very day.  With that being said, you must know that while she serves mainly as a news anchor and journalist, her positions have varied widely over the years.  This is going to be due to the popularity that she has been able to amass, meaning that when her position has varied, her salary would vary as well, normally rising as she gains more and more national recognition.

Meeting Oprah

As with most people who are able to climb the ranks faster than others, there is usually going to be a raw talent that can easily be seen by those who have the right eye.  This is going to hold true for Washington as well.  As soon as her talents were recognized by her employer, she would immediately be chosen to be the one who would attend the ceremonies of the Freedom Fund Reception that was put on by NAACP Waukesha Branch in November of the year 2003.  What makes this such a great honor for Washington, was that Oprah Winfrey was also one of the big influential invitees at the event as well.  While this may not sound like a big deal, it actually is.  This is due to Oprah giving Washington direct praise, stating that she highly believes that Toya was going to be going to some very high places.  

Moving forward from there, Washington would continue to use her natural abilities and talents to continue elevating her career.  With a total of more than 17 years at her television station, she has grown in popularity so much that she was able to take the main anchor position for the most watched newscast of the day, that being the 6 p.m. cast.


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