NFL’s Philip Rivers Wife Tiffany Rivers Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids & More)

Philip started to date tiffany Rivers since way back in Junior High School. They remained chaste until they got married, according to Phillip. Sounds too good to be true, right? Maybe. They are quite different; they both are like saints.

When Phil met Tiffany in Junior High School, he told her plainly that she was the one he was going to marry. Phillip’s mother gave the information anyways. Initially, they both grew in Decatur, Alabama. 

After a while, Philip migrated to Athens, Georgia, but the couple remained consistent and continued till present. They married at the ages of 18 and 19 on May 18, 2001. 

Early Days

Born on November 18, 1982, Tiffany grew in Alaska. She then migrated to Alaska, spending a larger portion of her childhood days. It was at the high school in the vicinity she met Phillip.

Phillip had applied at the State University of North Carolina and was one year above Tiffany. The year that followed, she proceeded to also register at the University.

Marrying Phillip Rivers

The fame of Tiffany comes largely from her being married to Phillip Rivers. They’ve got to know themselves since way back and started dating since high school. During Phil’s year as a freshman in college, he made a decision to make a proposal to Tiffany; he was eventually granted permission by her parents.

Then he spoke to his basketball coach and trainer, Chuck Amato. He was so pleased and went on to agree with the development. Their engagement was in 2000 and they tied the knot in 2001. 

She Was First A Young Bride 

The first child of the couple came in 2002 and is now a teenager. A teenager does not seem to be a big deal; it also isn’t here. Where it gets absurd is that most video packages spoke about his infant daughter before the 2004 draft; she is now 16.

In total, the rivers family consists of eight children. According to the Daily Mail, Phillip only missed the birth of a single child. By his telling, Phillip’s plan included facetime when tiffany’s labour kicked in. Most online Chargers fans thought it to be a great decision which Phillip had made.

Tiffany became a Catholic a day before their marriage. The extended family and the couple are dedicated to their faith. Even on game day, Phillip never misses mass, same with Tiffany and the rest of the family. He never plays a game without receiving the eucharist first.

Finding Success and Net Worth

Tiffany decided to start a Swimwears product line in 2018. Her husband, Phillip, endorsed the line, and she went ahead to launch it, partnering with Cuker. The company offers fashionable and classy styles and designs to suite the 21st century woman.

Her brand has had featuring in Elle, Buzzfeed, and in other notable publications.

She still has the time for philanthropic work even with her tight schedule. Since 2019, she has been an active advocate against Type 2 diabetes. Tiffany hasn’t given any information regarding her net worth as of 2020. 

The Philip Rivers Charitable Organization

In 2010, Tiffany, Phil’s wife, helped him create a foundation named Rivers of Hope. The foundation is committed to helping orphans find suitable families up to the age of twelve. The philosophy that drives them is that it is worth it to get one family for one child forever; which is a laudable thing.

Based on reports from CLM magazine, the foundation has pledged about one million dollars to various causes that deal with adoption. The couple is genuinely dedicated to giving aid to kids. They also organize a fun run annually to help raise funds for the foundation.

Everyone loves to have a fun walk or run with the kids, don’t we?

The Rivers hold family life as a topmost priority. Tiffany and Phil could not find an Orange County school system they could agree on after the chargers migrated from San Diego to Los Angeles. Phillip invested $200,000 in a decked-out SUV in other to keep family and home happy.

In other, for Phil to be able to study game film, he put a Cooler, a 40″ TV and wifi in his commute. Also, he employed a driver to transport him and Kellen Clemens throughout the San Diego axis. He also was able to put in film work while he toured the area with his friend.

Phillip Rivers still gets home at 6 or 7 pm every night, just as when he played at San Diego. He is indeed a family man.

Tiffany Rivers’ Kids

As of March 2019, they had their ninth child who came after:

  • Halle
  • Caroline
  • Grace
  • Gunner
  • Sarah
  • Peter
  • Rebecca
  • Clare

They are 16, 13, 12, 10, 8, 7, and 3 years old, respectively.


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