Theodore “Teddy” Washington Wiki (Stats, Net Worth, Tackle)

Ted Washington is one of the great former American football players who excelled at his position, nose tackle.  Originally born Theodore Washington Jr. on April 13, 1968, his football talents would see him drafted right out of Louisville in the 1991 NFL Draft, going in the very first round to the San Francisco 49ers.  Moving forward in his football career, Washington would also end up playing for several other teams, those teams including the Buffalo Bills, the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots, the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns, and even the Oakland Raiders.  Washington was able to accomplish some great seasons with the various teams that he had played on over the years before he decided to hang up his pants and officially retire right after the 2007 football season had ended. 

Throughout his career, Washington would be selected to a total of four different Pro Bowls, as well as win a Super Bowl (the one that he won was Super Bowl XXXVIII) with the New England Patriots.  It is this Super Bowl that they would end up defeating the Carolina Panthers.  

Being larger than the average person at a staggering 6’5” tall and weighing in at more than 375 pounds when he was in his prime, Washington was described as what people referred to as ‘the prototypical nose tackle of the era’.  In fact, Washington was so large that he would eventually earn himself the nickname ‘Mt. Washington’, or others would call hi ‘Washington Monument’.  While his size was impressive and very effective on the football field, one of the other aspects of Washington’s game would be his longevity, as he was the starting nose tackle for every team that he would eventually play on. 

If you are unaware, the nose tackle position is actually going to be one of the most physically demanding positions out of the entire football team, that including both the offense and the defense.  Washington would do something that not many other nose tackles were really able to accomplish, that being the feat of playing the demanding position until he was 39 years old.  Here is everything that you need to know about Ted Washington and his football career.

Washington’s High School Football Career

Growing up in the Tampa, Florida area, he would find himself attending Tampa Bay Technical High School.  While you would think that Washington would have chosen to focus all of his efforts on just football, you would be wrong.  Similar to many high school athletes, Washington played more than just football.  In fact, he actually played four different sports and excelled at just about all of them, standing out in not only football, but baseball, wrestling, and track as well.  When Washington was a senior, he actually won the Florida State Wrestling Championship in the ‘unlimited’ weight division.  Once graduating high school, Washington would end up playing football at the University of Louisville, where he would finish his college career before being drafted to the NFL.

Washington’s College Football Career

While a senior playing football at the University of Louisville, Washington would accumulate himself a total of 76 tackles, three blocked field goals, and seven sacks in just that season alone.  He did so well his senior year, that he would end up becoming a selection for the All-South Independent team.  Aside from football, he decided to major in physical education.  After such a stellar senior season with the University of Louisville football, Washington would end up going into the draft and being selected 25th overall, in the very first round of the 1991 NFL Draft.

Washington’s Professional Football Career

Being selected to the San Francisco 49ers in the 1991 NFL Draft in the first round is a great honor, but Washington would never actually suit up for the 49ers.  Instead, he would rather make his NFL debut with the team that he would be traded to, the New York Giants, which happened on September 2.  Washington would end up finishing his rookie season with one sack and 21 tackles.  For his second season, he would be back with the team that had originally drafted him, the San Francisco 49ers, where he would play in a total of 16 games, finishing his seasons with two sacks and 35 total tackles.  Moving forward to the 1993 season, he would continue to increase his stats and get better with each game, making a total of 41 tackles and getting three sacks for that year.  Very similarly to the previous year, the San Francisco 49ers would end up making it all the way to the NFC Championship game, where they would end up losing.

After Washington was named in a harassment claim that involved the then 49ers head trainer who was gay, Washington was traded to the Denver Broncos, which he would only be with for one season before being released by them at the end of the season.  It would be this season that would see Washington starting in his 119-consecutive game, which he would be able to continue that streak until the 2002 season.

Moving forward to 1995, Washington would sign as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills.  In his very first season with them, he would rack up a total of 86 tackles in just 18 games (16 regular season games and 2 post season games).  Washington would stay with the Buffalo Bills until the 2000 season, where they started to have some trouble with the salary cap.  Refusing to take a pay cut to help the team, he would be cut in 2001.

After being cut from the Buffalo Bills in 2001, Washington would be picked up by the Chicago Bears for two seasons before being traded to the New England Patriots.  It is here that Washington would be able to find himself winning Super Bowl XXXVIII.  After his Super Bowl win with the Patriots, he would play with the Oakland Raiders, and then the Cleveland Browns, where he would end up finishing his football career.


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