LA Weather Girl Shanna Mendiola Wiki (Bio, Age, Instagram, Husband)

Shanna Mendiola is considered to be one of the most famous Filipino-American meteorologists of all time. Growing to popularity by working with the NBC4 station, which is one of the main NBC networks that is based out of Southern California, Mendiola is one of the very few journalists that has actually not only been nominated but has actually received an Emmy Award for all of her hard work.

Essentially, this is going to be one of the greatest achievements that a news journalist is able to earn, so it is a very big deal. What makes Mendiola so likeable, is the fact that she has an extreme amount of charisma that has been partnered with her natural talents. As if that weren’t enough, another reason that she has risen to such ranks after only a short amount of time is due to the amount of philanthropic work that she has done outside of her career. It is for these two reasons that Shanna Mendiola has become such a well-known person. Here is everything that you need to know about Shanna Mendiola.

Shanna Mendiola’s Early Life

Being born in the Filipino city known as Iloilo, Shanna Mendiola was born on October 27, 1984. While there is not a whole lot of public information available on her parents or any siblings that she may have, she has come out to say that she actually does not want to reveal any of that information for personal reasons and to protect the privacy of her siblings and parents.

What is known about Mendiola’s childhood, however, is the fact that from a very young age, she had always wanted to be some type of scientists. What is known about her parents, is that her mother was a nurse of some kind, and it had always been a dream of hers to have her daughter, Shanna, to follow in her footsteps. While that ultimately did not happen, it is safe to say that the career path that Shanna decided to pursue did end up paying off, and big.

While growing up, Shanna would enjoy watching just about any type of science-related programs, the show that she loved the best being the Today Show, mainly the weather forecast segment. It is when she first saw this segment, that she would decide that she actually wanted to pursue a career in meteorology, her main goal being to become a weather broadcaster for a main news network. With that being said, she would ultimately get her degree from Wooster College, that degree being in clinical psychology. However, Shanna would continue to go to school and further her education, eventually obtaining a doctorate’s degree in clinical and forensic psychology, this coming from the Virginia Consortium.

Shanna Mendiola’s Professional Career

Like most people who start out at any news station, Shanna too had to start out as an intern. While she would be working for several different stations (which would include KDVR, KGO-TV, KWGN, and KTVZ-TV), it would only end up helping her that much more. Since she had such a colorful amount of job experience, she would have the opportunity to live in several different places, those including San Francisco, Oregon, and Denver. Now a days, Shanna is currently living in Southern California and works at the news station NBC4.

Mendiola is extremely devoted to her career and nobody is going to say otherwise. In fact, she is so devoted to her career, that she normally starts her working day at 2 am on a daily basis, which allows her to do as much research as she needs to do in order to deliver the most accurate report that she can deliver. To make sure that her research is nothing short of stellar, she will incorporate some of the most technologically advanced pieces of technology available to her, that including the use of the Doppler weather radar truck, as well as several different mobile weather tracking stations that are more commonly referred to as NBC4xCaster.

Like most careers, hard work is not going to go unrecognized for very long. The same is going to be true in Mendiola’s case. In fact, all of her hard work has actually gotten her both an Emmy nomination, as well as an Emmy award. On top of that, she has also been on the hit television show Dancing with the Stars, where she was able to win herself a prize of $7,000. But like a true philanthropist, she then donated all of her winnings to the Anchor Centre for Blind Children.


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