Cuba Gooding Jr Wife – Sara Kapfer Wiki (Married, Family, Age)

If you have seen any movie in the last several years, there is a very good chance that Cuba Gooding Jr. was in it. With that being said, you have probably wondered about what he is all about and who was lucky enough to tie him down. With that being said, Cuba was not only an award-winning actor, but he was also married until just a few years ago. His ex-wife, whose name is Sara Kapfer, is going to be the person that not only helped Cuba achieve the massive success that he did while acting, but also be the one that held everything together for their marriage behind the scenes as well.

Who is Sara Kapfer?

While the exact date and location of Sara Kapfer’s birth is not known, what is known is that she was born in 1969. We also know that she is an American who comes from Caucasian decent. While not that much is really known about her childhood and how she grew up, what is known is that she did graduate from the North Hollywood High School, located in Los Angeles, California. Once she completed her high school career, she would decide to attend college to further her education and get a better understanding of the career that she would want to do. Sara would eventually graduate from college, meaning that she would receive her bachelor’s degree. While the exact university is not known, what is known is the fact that she did graduate from college.

As far as Sara’s early life is concerned, there is actually not a whole lot more known than what has already been explained in the article above. This is because Sara has never really opened up about her childhood, her parents, her siblings, or anything else that would help anybody understand how it is that she grew up. What this means, is that until she feels comfortable enough to actually open up and share all of her insights on growing up as a child, her parents, and any siblings hat she may have, everything that we know about her is going to be a pretty big mystery.

Sara Kapfer and Marriage

When she was in high school, Sara would end up meeting a boy in her class that she really like, his name being Cuba Gooding Jr. The year would be 1986 and they would eventually fall in love with each other. However, like most high school romances however, theirs would not end so quickly. In fact, the two would end up getting married in 1994, just a quick eight years later.

While Sara was a teacher, the fact that she was actually pregnant while teaching, meant that she would need to make a decision. That decision would be to either continue her career as a teacher or quit teaching to take care of her new child. She would decide that taking care of her child would be much more important than keeping her teaching job, so she decided to quit. Sara’s first child would soon be born after this decision, their child coming the same year that they would be married, that year being 1994. They would go on to name their child Spencer, very quickly following their first child up with two more. The next two would be named Mason and Piper, respectively.

While the love that Sara and Cuba felt for each other just seemed to go on forever, Sara would eventually end up filing for divorce in 2014. This means that after 10 years of marriage, Sara would decide that she was no longer in love with Cuba and want to start her life over. The reason for Sara wanting a divorce you ask? Well, while the couple would always see very in love while in the public eye, when they were behind closed doors, it would be a completely different story. For example, Cuba and his acting career would lead him to have many different opportunities to be intimate with other women, which he apparently would be. Essentially Cuba was cheating on his wife with many different women, leaving Sara to have to fight to find the strength to file for divorce.

While it was one of the toughest things that Sara ever had to do, she would take her family into consideration and do what the best thing for herself and her family really was, that being to file for divorce from the cheating Cuba Gooding Jr. Her divorce would be finalized in 2017.


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