Sandy Wernick “Wexler” Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife)

While the name Sandy Wernick may not necessarily sound very familiar to you now a days, as soon as you understand how he was able to become popular, you are going to change your mind and think that you do actually know who Sandy Wernick really is.  What makes his story so fun, is the fact that Adam Sandler is actually the one that has helped boost him into the circle of being well-known and famous.  Now that you are interested in Sandy Wernick, here is everything that you will need to know about him and how Adam Sandler was able to boost his career into the stratosphere as he has with so many others.

Who is Sandy Wernick?

It is no big secret that Sandy Wernick is actually a very secretive person.  While the exact date, time and location of where he was born has not necessarily been shared by him, there is also not a whole lot of information about him while he was growing up as a child, or even what the names of his parents were.  The main reason that there is not a whole lot known about Sandy as he was growing up and his family life, is for the pure fact that he has decided that he simply does not want to share any of that information with anybody as of right now.  When Sandy is ready to share things about his childhood, growing up, and his family, he will do so whenever he is ready to do so.  Until then, there really is not a whole lot that is known about Sandy Wernick and his younger years.

Sandy Wernick’s Career

While there is not a whole lot that is known about Sandy Wernick and his upbringing, the exact opposite is actually going to be true when it comes to his career.  Originally a film producer, he was able to get his career started in the 1980s, gaining the position as one of the executive producers on the show ‘Open All Night’.  Open All Night was a comedy television show that had some of the funnier actors of the time, those including Sam Whipple, George Dzundza, and Susan Tyrell as part of the shows main cast. 

Moving forwards, the next show that Sandy would work on would be a huge hit, that show being the show ‘ALF’.  Sandy would be one of the executive consultants on that series, eventually moving on to other shows that included ‘The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd’.  That particular television show would run from 1987, all the way to 1991.  Since then, there have been many big movies that Sandy has been a part of, many of them finding great success in the box office and beyond.

Sandy Wernick and Adam Sandler

When Adam Sandler was just getting started with his career, he would end up meeting Sandy Wernick.  At the time, Sandy would be a film producer, and the two would hit it off to an extent that Wernick would actually end up becoming Sandler’s manager.  Moving forwards, they would work together to create some very successful projects together, some of those including Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and another hit movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.  In fact, there is actually a movie that Adam Sandler would create a special character, that character being named Sandy Wexler. 

This movie would be released in 2017, the plot of the movie essentially being about the life of Sandy Wernick, his manager.  It is because of this Adam Sandler movie, that Sandy Wernick would become as popular as he his today.  Adam Sandler made a movie about his life and it was a huge hit.  When asked why he would make a movie about his manager, Sandler would only state that he wanted to show all of the gratitude that he had towards the person that believed in him and was essentially responsible for the career that Adam Sandler has been able to build for himself.  Essentially, it was Sandler’s way of saying thank you to Wernick for believing in him and giving him the opportunity to become as huge a success that he has grown into.

When it comes to Sandy Wernick, there is not a whole lot that he has revealed about his personal life.  The one thing that is known though, is the fact that he has helped Adam Sandler to grow into the person that he is today, meaning that he is responsible for all of the great movies that Sandler has released.


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