Bill Gates Son – Rory John Gates Wiki (College, Age, School)

This article promises to be an exciting ride into the life of the son of the second richest man in the world. Here, we will look into his life, dreams, and so much more.

The statements in this article are so straightforward and easy to comprehend that at the end of the article, you don’t need additional information.

Bill and Melinda’s gates have three kids, Jennifer Gates, Rory Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates. They all have a gap of three years between them. 

Rory Gates was born in 1999; the oldest is Jennifer, while Phoebe is the last child and is younger than Rory by six years. Their mother, Melinda Gates, is known to be a woman of strong character.

The efforts of Melinda over the kids surpasses that of Bill in raising the kids and making them people of value. The reason for this is because of the busy schedule of Bill; he works 16hours daily without a break. She decided for her kids way back and then left Microsoft. 

The kids are down-to-earth and humble today because of her values and her sacrifice. She spent ample time raising the kids and sharpening them to become responsible.

Rory is presently 20-years of age; he was born on 23 May 1999 in Seattle. Although he keeps a low profile, a safe distance from the public eye, he is still labelled as one of the wealthiest kids in the USA. Unlike his sisters, Rory does not own an Instagram account.

Rory is getting ready to run his Father’s business; he has recently concluded his MBA and graduation. Rory, unlike his sisters, is passionate about continuing the legacy of his Father.  

Rory Gates’ Residence

In the aspect of living separately, the gates family have chosen to be traditional in their approach, unlike most American homes. Usually, when kids become adults, they can begin to live on their own in America. In Xanadu 2.0 (their $123.54 million home), the Gates family enjoy living together. 

As at the time of purchase in 1988, Bill Gates got the house at $2 million, the tax as at today that is paid yearly over that house is $1 million. The house is fully admired for its technological integration and design.

The construction of the house and the presence of sensors all around it effectively regulates the temperature. The house is made up of six kitchens, located in several parts of the house.

Rory’s Childhood

The parents of Rory have always had a healthy child up bring principle, which made them keep the kids away from the spotlight. No child of the Gates was permitted to make use of a cellphone until the age of 13.

Rory kept pressing on his Father to grant him access to a cellphone, but his attempts proved abortive till he was 13. The children were taught to appreciate money’s value and had a normal upbringing. 

In 2012, when Rory was 13, he was granted access to make use of a cellphone. Although he must have at some point made use of his friend’s, he wasn’t granted access till he was a teenager. 

Appreciating the Value of Charity

His children supported the decision that Bill Gates made about donating his maximum earnings to charity. It meant that not so much of his property would be given to his children as they would have to build their career. Bill believes that each one of his kids can maximize their potentials and succeed as he did.

Rory, as at present, gives one-third of his pocket money to charity; a culture his parents instilled into him. Instead of exhausting his time on social media, he prefers to spend time as a volunteer to tackle global problems like poverty and disease.

Rory is estimated to be worth about $20 million; he spends most of his money, giving to charity.

Rory Gates’ Life

His life indeed always puts the media in perpetual suspense since he is Bill Gates’ only boy. However, his gaze is strictly on Microsoft as he is determined to take over affairs at the corporation. He has bagged degrees in economics and computer science from the prestigious Duke University.

Rory bagged an MBA from a prominent Business school also.

Although he is very close to completing his educational pursuits, his family prefers to maintain that Rory is still studying actively. Apart from being an Academics-enthusiast, he is also a lover of poetry and a good writer. At the age of 10, he drafted a seven-line poem.

Rory keeps his personal life off social media, unlike most other rich kids; he has been far from any scandals and controversies. Never has there been any news whatsoever about his private life, friends, or girlfriends. He keeps an even lower profile than his sisters.

He weighs about 52kg and is 5 ft 5 inches tall. His eyes are brown and have naturally grey hair. Jennifer is the exact opposite of him as she is fiercely active on Instagram.

Microsoft’s Future

It is least likely that Jennifer and Phoebe may want to get involved with tech. The good news is that Rory seems to have lots of drive and interest in his Father’s company.

Bill Gates’ decision to give a huge chunk of his wealth to charity, the children already know how to maintain their legacy. It will take a look of willpower, focus, and determination to take the corporation to the next level.

After Bill Gates ends up donating his property to charity, he most likely wouldn’t be the second richest man. Then, it would be up to Rory to take the corporation of his Father back to its original glory, influence and worth. 

What we would do is to wait patiently in order for us to determine what the family has been planning for their future. Indeed, the kids are still relatively young, but waiting till we get full details of all would be worth it eventually. As the life of the Gates is famous for keeping the media in suspense. 


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