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Robert is the oldest child and son of the deceased English Scientist, author and theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking was popularly known because of his works which related to the concept of “black holes”, and as a Lucasian Mathematics Professor at Cambridge University. Stephen Hawking also served as the Director of research for the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.

Several novels are written to the credit of the renowned scientist which normally revolved around his theories of time and blackholes, the universe, etc.

Robert Hawking is not just famous as a result of the impact of his father. He is a very successful software engineer who currently works for Microsoft.

Robert’s Early Life, Education and Family

George (Robert’s other name) was born on May 1967 in the United Kingdom with Leo as his Zodiac sign. Robert was born as the oldest of all three children to teacher and author, Jane, and Stephen Hawking. Before earning a PhD in Medieval Spanish poetry in 1981, Robert’s mother finished from the University of London (Westfield college). 

Stephen Hawking, Robert’s Dad, enrolled at St Albans before getting enrolled into Oxford University where in 1961, he graduated. From there, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree (Physics). Stephen was given a PhD in theoretical physics and applied mathematics from Cambridge University. 

In 1962, Robert’s parents initially met each other; this was before Stephen came down with ALS in the year 1963. They started their relationship after a year, got engaged and got married in 1965. The couple finally got divorced in 1995 due to the crisis that arose from Stephen’s physical condition to Stephen’s professional duties. 

After the divorce in 1995, Stephen proceeded to marry Elaine Mason, who was his nurse and they got divorced in 2006. Jane Hawking, Robert’s mother, also remarried. She tied the knot with Jonathan Jones in 1996 who is the biological father of Timothy.

At the age of 76, Robert’s father died on March 14, 2018 in England (Cambridge). Lots of honorary titles were conferred on him due to his contributions to Science. Some of the titles include CH, CBE, FRS, and FRSA.

Robert’s two younger siblings are Lucy and Timothy; he is white by ethnicity. Lucy was born in 1970; a journalist, an educator/novelist. Timothy was born in 1979; he works for Lego Group as the development manager for their brand.

Robert Hawking and his siblings are famous for kicking off the ALS ice bucket challenge in 2014.

Originally inspired by his father, Robert Hawking had quite an interest in Science in the early days. He later proceeded to study engineering, enrolling at Oxford University, where he graduated as a software engineering major.


Not many details are available regarding Robert’s professional reach and career. What is known is that he works with Microsoft Corporation as the software engineer. Before his work in Microsoft, he had worked as an engineer in Canada.  

His professional endeavors saw him contributing to the field of IT for many years.

Robert’s Personal Life

He very much has managed to keep his personal life private, despite being the son of a renowned scientist. Also, although he has been seen featuring in a widely-known motion picture, he still maintains his privacy far from the media eye.

He is said to have always been a family person right from the onset, and he shared a strong family bond, especially with his Dad. Robert took care of his Dad from a young age as his Dad suffered from ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease.

A comment made by his mother shows the tender and affectionate nature of Robert. She said that he helped his father in ways that children his age should not have to do. He and his siblings were also very concerned during the times when wounds and bruises were visible in Stephen’s body. 

Asides from the times where the bruises seemed to appear, Stephen developed a broken wrist once, and this gave the children serious concerns. Here is the exact statement by Jane Wilde about Robert’s tender heart “he had to do things for his father that no child his age should have to”.

Although not much data is within reach with regards to Robert’s personal life, we generally know he is married with two children. He lives in Seattle, in the USA with his wife Jane, his son and daughter. 

No details about his appearance and body measurements have been disclosed publicly as at this writing. What is known is that Robert has brown eyes and brown hair. Robert compounds the suspense by not having any social media handle.

Robert Hawking’s Net Worth And Salary

How wealthy have you imagined this successful software engineer to be? So far, the precise amount of Robert Hawking’s wealth has not been disclosed, but estimating from the death of his father, his mother, himself, and his siblings inherited about $60 million. Robert’s wealth is then estimated to be about $5 million as at late 2018.

Adding to his professional duties at Microsoft Corporation, his salary is estimated to be over $150,000. We then can conclude that Robert’s net worth revolves around an impressive sum of money.

Robert Hawking was featured in 2014 in the bibliographical movie by James Marsh about the Hawking family, which was based on his mother’s memoirs. The movie was titled “The Theory of Everything” from his mother’s memoirs.

Eddie Redmayne acted the role of Stephen, Felicity jones played the role of Jane Hawking, and Tom Prior played the role of Robert in the movie. The movie was a great success and drew a large audience attention as well as warm critiques. It was honored by receiving an award by the prestigious Academy and it made a record of over thirty-five million dollars.

The success from this movie alone likely made a great deal of contribution to Robert Hawking’s net worth. It is a rough estimate of what Robert might likely be worth now. In all he remains a man of great achievements, loving to keep a low profile.


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