Denzel Washington’s Wife Pauletta Washington Wiki (Marriage & Kids)

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 30 years, you already know that Denzel Washington is essentially one of the greatest actors and most recognizable people in Hollywood.  There is no doubt that you have seen his stellar performances playing historical civil rights activist Malcolm X, or maybe in one of his highly quotable characters such as in Training Day when he let everyone know that ‘King Kong ain’t got sh*t on me!’ 

Or maybe it was one of his gentler performances that got you, such as the movie Fences that was released in 2016 and was an adaptation to a play that was written by August Wilson back in 1985.  No matter what it was that got your attention, Denzel is a three-time Golden Globe winner that has essentially helped to shape American cinema in this day and age.  However, you may be surprised to find out that he is actually not going to be the only Washington that has left their mark on Hollywood. 

That’s right, Denzel’s wife, Pauletta Washington, is actually responsible for some of the music that ends up behind her husband’s blockbuster hits, including the music that is played behind the scenes in movies such as Philadelphia and Antwone Fisher.

Here is everything that you need to know about Denzel Washington’s wife, Pauletta Washington.

She Went to Julliard

While it may not be such a big deal for her, Pauletta’s piano and vocal contributions on some of her husband’s films are more than likely no big deal for her, as she did attend and was trained at the very prestigious school, The Julliard School.  In fact, according to Denzel’s and Pauletta’s son, John David Washington, it was this same classical training that actually allowed her to treat her now husband, Denzel, to their very first date.

She is Also an Actress

In a conversation that she had in 2018 with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa (which the movie Book of Eli had just recently been released with great success), Denzel was very private about the way that he and his wife Pauletta actually celebrated their wedding anniversary, this one being their 35th.  Even while he kept their 35th anniversary a secret, he did open up about how himself and now wife Pauletta first met, that being on the set of the television movie Wilma, which was back in 1977.  Pauletta was playing one of the supporting roles on the film.  While not necessarily as successful as her husband, Pauletta would also make an appearance in the 2017 television remake that was done by Spike Lee, in She’s Gotta Have It.

She Can Cook, and Well

When he was asked about what it took to keep a marriage alive and well going into over 30 years, Denzel was quick to answer that it was all of the little things that him and his wife Pauletta did for each other.  He goes on to say that the main difference between a home and a house is going to be huge.  This is because anybody can go out and buy a house.  But just because you have a house, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be a home.

Apparently, what really makes Denzel and Pauletta’s house such a great home, is that there is always a very familiar waft of the curry chicken she cooks.  Denzel would also admit that he has been eating his wife’s curry chicken for as long as they have known each other, also stating that he would try to make it as well, but not quite as well as Pauletta.

They Have Four Kids Who in the Industry

While there are more than likely not many people who know that Denzel and Pauletta have raised four children (which include twins that are now 28-years old), the world was introduced to their oldest child, John David, who starred in the 2018 film called BlackKKKlansmen.  The film was so well received that it would actually earn John his very first Golden Globe nomination, meaning that he is well on his way to following in his father’s footsteps. 

Aside from this major motion picture, John has actually done a slot on the small screen, honing his acting skills on the HBO hit show Ballers, where he is the football star Ricky Jerret.  Not to get all of the attention, the Washington’s oldest daughter, was able to graduate from Yale and is currently making her own path in the industry as well.  She has worked on several different productions that include the films Fences and Django Unchained, where it would be her father who would be sharing the screen alongside Viola Davis.

She Said ‘No’ to Denzel, Twice

As with many couples who are together for more than 30 years, some of the details about the memories they share may get a little hazy.  This is exactly what happened when the pair were asked about their engagement on the television show Access Hollywood.  At the end though, they were both able to come to the same conclusion, that conclusion being that Denzel had to propose to Pauletta a total of three times (which the third time really is the charm for them).

Her Family Loves to Talk About Her

Over the span of Denzel’s career, there have been tons of interviews, many of them finding the Washington’s sharing some great memories about Pauletta and the impact that she has had on their lives.  In fact, Denzel would even go on to say that it was Pauletta’s selflessness over the years that would be the glue of their relationship.  Essentially, it would be all of the sacrifices that Pauletta would make over the years for both Denzel, as well as their four children that has made them such a close family.  This is going to be the reason that Pauletta’s entire family is so proud and thankful to have such a wonderful woman in their life and pushing them to be their absolute best.


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