Andie MacDowell Husband – Paul Qualley Wiki (Bio, Age, Now Married)

While there is a chance that you have heard about Paul Qualley due to the model work that he has done in the past, the main reason you may have heard of Paul Qualley is due to the fact that he was once married to Andie MacDowell.  The two would decide that they no longer wanted to be in a relationship together after 13 years of being married together.  So, who really is Paul Qualley?  Here is everything that you need to know when it comes to everything that is Paul Qualley.

Who is Paul Qualley?

His entire name being Paul James Qualley, he was born in 1959, to his mother, whose name was Patricia Ann Rondou, and his father whose name was Lee James Qualley, Paul would be born in the United States, even though he would actually be of Norwegian origins.  While there is not very much known about his childhood, this is going to be because Paul has decided to keep that part of his life private, as so many people tend to do. 

While this does not mean that he had a troublesome childhood or anything like that, it is just a personal decision that Paul has decided to make in order to keep his life private and out of the center spotlight.  What is known about Paul while he was growing up, however, is that he did attend school, eventually graduating, deciding that he wanted to have a career in the modeling and acting business.  This is going to be the reason why you may have remembered Paul from some of the commercials that he has previously starred in, as opposed to his life as the husband of Andie MacDowell.

The Career of Paul Qualley

Trying to break into the modeling scene is no easy task, no matter who you are.  However, for Paul Qualley, he was able to break into the modelling scene and create some success for himself.  In fact, Paul was able to use his skills and talents to help become an ‘in demand’ model, even being able to score several different roles in various commercials that were released at that time.  But even with the little bit of success that Paul was able to achieve on his own, he would not have that much time in the spotlight before starting to fade out.  As of right now, it is not known what type of work Paul is currently doing.  There are rumors that he may have started his own business or that he has tried to get back into the modelling that he had some success with in the past, but what is known, is that whatever he is doing in terms of his career, he is not having very much success with it.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell

Whenever you would hear people talking about Paul Qualley, it would usually be in some type of context that is related to his now ex-wife, Andie MacDowell.  This is because she is going to be the one who was able to elevate her career into a much higher amount of success when compared to her ex-husband, Paul.  Even though Paul is better known as being the ex-husband of Andie MacDowell, the two of them would originally meet while working on the set of a commercial shoot that they were starring in together.  While this would be the first time that they would meet, it would be all that they needed to know that there was something much more special at work.  

Moving forwards, Paul and Andie would spend the next couple of years in a very stable and very happy relationship, eventually deciding that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together by getting married.  This would happen after Paul would propose to Andie, who would say yes and the two would now be engaged.  The engagement would only bring the two of them even closer, allowing them to share their love with not only each other, but all of the friends and family around them as well. 

And this is exactly what would happen, as once the couple was happily engaged, they would soon start to plan their dream wedding ceremony, that wedding and ceremony eventually taking place in 1986.  Once happily married, the two would decide that it was time to start growing their family, eventually having a total of three children.  The first child they would have, would be a daughter who they would decide to name Margaret.  After Margaret, they would end up with another daughter, this one being named Rainey.  Finally, they would have a third child, a son, who they would end up naming Justin.

Everything was going great and the family was perfectly happy in their marriage for 13 total years, having problems start to arise after the 13th year together.  Unfortunately, the problems would only get worse and worse, meaning that the relationship between Paul and Andie would continue to spiral downwards, eventually becoming too problematic to fix.  Once this point was hit, the two would decide that it would be best for the both of them if they were to get a divorce.  Their divorce would become official in 1999, however, neither Paul nor Andie were seen publicly with anybody else after the divorce became official.  While it is not known what type of problems the two were having with each other, what is known is that they were serious enough to cause them to break up their once happy family.

While Paul was never able to really obtain the amount of success that he had intended when he got into the modeling business, he was able to find the person that he would grow a family with, which would unfortunately not end up working out.  While it is not known what Paul is doing today, he did have some money from when he did have his modeling career, which gives him a net worth of somewhere around the $200,000 mark.


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