Jose Altuve’s Wife – Nina”Giannina” Altuve Wiki (Bio, Age, Married, Instagram, Height)

A large number of people like to watch baseball. There are different baseball teams and each one of them have a huge number of fans. If you are also one of them, then you must have heard the name of Jose Carlos Altuve. He is a popular Venezuelan baseball player who is the second baseman at present for the major League Baseball club in Houston Astros.

Jose’s wife Nina Altuve became popular as his wife. She spent the last season supporting Jose. If you look at the couple, you will understand the importance of Nina in Jose’s life. The two of them have been in the limelight for several decades. Despite this fact, the couple is yet to get involved in controversies. It is important for you to know that Jose’s life is not just limited to his wife. Although she plays an important role in his life, so does baseball.

Nina Altuve

Born on February 2, 1992, Nina Altuve’s real name was Giannina Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval. She happens to be a Venezuelan celebrity wife who gained popularity primarily because of her husband. Jose, on the other hand, is a star baseball player who has been playing for the national for quite some time.

Nina was born in Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela. Her parents were Venezuelan but nothing much is known about them. She grew up with her two brothers, Alfredo David and Justo Emilio. Nina graduated from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela, from where she received her bachelor’s degree in Bio-analytics.

Her Age and Body Measurements

The gorgeous wife of Jose Altuve, Nina Altuve will turn 28 years as of now as she was born in 1992. She celebrates her birthday in the month of February on the 2nd. This makes her an Aquarius, which makes her well-known for her peculiar personality and attractiveness.

Nina is 5 feet 4 inches in height or 163cm. Although she is not blessed with an attractive height, she is definitely blessed with a gorgeous body. Most of the women envy her curvy body, which is not made public much to the disappointment of many people. She has dark brown hair and her attractive eyes are black in color.

Her Love Life

As mentioned above, Nina got popular after her marriage with the popular baseball player Jose Altuve. She is definitely not a new name among the baseball fans of Venezuela. They also happen to be rather fond of her. Most of the people got very curious about her after news of her relationship with Jose got public. Many of you may not know that the two started dating in their teens. As per FabWags, the couple have been inseparable for quite some time now. The two also celebrated their 10th anniversary last November and it will be their 11th year together this year.

You will be surprised to know that the details about their relationship is not made public at all. After dating for several years, the two finally got married on November 20, 2006. Not many people were invited to the wedding. Just the couples’ close families and friends were invited. However, nothing much is known about them.

Nina continued with her education even after her wedding with Jose. You will be surprised to know that she graduated after she got married. Due to her education and Jose’s rising baseball career, the two decided to have their first baby later than many had anticipated. It was in 2016 that the couple announced that Nina was pregnant with their first child. The mother went ahead and did some maternity photoshoot during the later stage of her pregnancy. Some of these photos are available in Jose’s Instagram posts.

In October that same year Nina gave birth to their first child. It was a girl whom they named Melanie A. Altuve. The child was born a few days ahead of the slated due date. This news was confirmed by Houston Chronicle and they also shared the new parents who referred to their firstborn as a “little princess.” It has been noticed that after the birth of their first child, Jose has started loving and caring for his wife even more than ever before. Apart from being an awesome wife, Nina started playing the role of an excellent mother. Till date Jose talks too fondly of her.

Jose Altuve is quoted to say the following to USA Today:

“I think she’s going to help me to become a better player. Because you need some time off from baseball. Like when you have a bad game or you end up playing really good, you go home and you need to chill out. Like: ‘Ok I don’t want to know anything about baseball until the next day. Now when I’m on the field I just think about playing baseball, but then when I go home I just think about her and talking to her and what can I do to help her- just everything about her. Baseball is the thing I do, and she’s what I’m doing after that. So she fits perfectly into my life.”

Professional Life

Besides being an excellent wife, mother, and a cheerleader for her husband, Nina Altuve is a bio-analyst by profession. As mentioned above, she earned her degree from the University of Carabobo in Venezuela, which is a rather prestigious educational institution. To give you an insight about what she actually does, bioinformaticians or bio-analysts take part in applied and basic research to increase their knowledge about various living organisms. They manage the natural resources and also develop new products and practices in the fields of agriculture and medicine.

Similarly, according to PharmaJob, these professionals work in labs or even in the field for the government, natural resources companies, and environmental consulting. There are also some places, like chemical, public utilities, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies where you will find such professionals working. They also work in teaching establishments and health care. It is important for you to remember that it is not known whether she holds any job or not. Nonetheless, she is active as a full-time mother at the moment.

Loves Visiting New Places

Nina, just like any other ordinary person, loves to travel and visit new places. Since she fulfils two jobs at the same time, being a mother and a cheerleader for her husband, Nina does lead a rather hectic life. She often gets tired and the best way for her to get rid of her tiredness is to travel and get herself tanned on a beach.

According to close sources, her love to visit new places has taken Nina to several tropical locations along with her husband. If you go through some of her travel logs, you will come to see her posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and similar other popular places around the globe.

Apart from soaking herself in water and chilling, Nina also likes to go for some thrilling adventure trips. In 2014, Nina went paragliding and soon she ended up vacationing with Jose in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The popular couple were soon found holidaying in the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You will be able to see most of her adventure photos on her social media starting from Europe to New York City.

Income and Net Worth

It is clear by now that Nina is not active in her professional career. Thus, her net worth is not yet very clear. As of now, Nina is dependent on her star baseball player husband Jose Altuve. Similarly, Jose has a net worth of $10 million. His annual salary is $2.3 million where his entire income comes from his sports and baseball tournaments.

During his career of being a baseball player, Jose has made a whopping $48 million. Add to that the fact that he also earns some extra from various endorsements with New Era. However, other sources of his assets are yet to be determined.

Jose Altuve

Apart from being a popular baseball player, Jose is also a loving husband and father. He was born on May 6, 1990 in Maracay, Venezuela. He was signed by the Astros as an amateur free agent in 2007. He also went on to make his major league debut in 2011. Jose is a right-handed batter as well as a thrower. Till the year 2017, he was also the shortest active MLB player.

He stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68m. The body weight of Jose Altuve is 165 pounds or 75 kg. During the period between 2014 and 2017 Jose recorded a minimum of 200 hits for each season. He also led the American League or AL in the category. During this span he won three batting championships. He is also a six-time MLB All-Star and Jose has also been voted the starting second baseman for the AL in the All-Star Game 4 times. He has won several awards, such as Babe Ruth Award, Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year, and American League Most Valuable Player Awards.


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