Ben Shapiro’s Wife – Dr. Mor Shapiro Wiki (MD, Married, Kids, Age)

It must be hard being a spouse to a public figure, and much bravery and composure are needed to handle publicity right. Every celebrity spouse needs this, and Mor Shapiro, Ben Shapiro’s wife, is no exception.

About Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is an American lawyer who came to fame mainly because of controversial political ideas and comments. Ben is also a media host and a commentator of American conservative politics. He is most popular for his activism, books, and famous columns, and his daily radio talk shows, where he discusses majorly disputable takes on politics.  Ben has written ten books and is a well-known columnist, at just 36 years old. He is not one to shy away from disputes relating to politics and random topics like music lyrics, and he has shown over time. Ben founded and is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, a news website for American conservative politics.

One thing he never fails to mention is his wife.  Ben is quoted to have said in the Newsweek magazine that: “Early in our marriage, my wife was still in college at UCLA, and I was interested in taking a job in New York; she dutifully offered to transfer to a college across the country.”

“When she applied to medical school across the country, I offered to move my job.”

He mentions her in his speeches and interviews. Here are a few things to know about this young man’s wife.

Mor’s Earlier Life

Mor has African blood. Mor’s parents moved to Israel from Morocco before she was born in 1988 in Herzliya, Israel. She had her early education there and only moved at age 12 to Sacramento, California.

She ditched her maiden name, Toledano, for Shapiro, after tying the knots with Ben.

Mor is not the limelight bird like her husband, Ben. That, however, does not stop her from delivering her duties to help society.

How They Met

Mor, who dated only Jewish men before she met Ben, was introduced to him by his little sister, Abigail, in 2007. We do not know how long they dated, but we know they got engaged in 2007

Their courtship was short as they got married in 2008 after they started seeing each other. The lovebirds tied the knot in 2008 in Acre, Israel.

When They Got Married

Ben and Mor got married very early. She at only 20 years old. They got married in 2008. Her husband, Ben, disclosed this in one of his articles, where he announced they had tied the knot, he was 24 years old. Saying further that they had plans to expand their family by trusting in God, living a healthy life, and have kids who will grow in a secure environment independently.

Their Wedding

Mor had no known history of popularity before her wedding to Ben in 2008. Their wedding was a Jewish one that was held in Israel, Mor’s country of birth. They also performed the usual Jewish wedding practices, facing the ocean, they exchanged their vows.

Their parents were in attendance, and Ben’s father even recited an emotional, romantic poem for the lovebirds.

Their marriage is 12 years this already.  On their 10th anniversary in 2018, Ben advised people in the relationship on how to be happy in their relationships.

Mor’s Career

While Ben loves politics, Mor is into Medicine and has dedicated all her years to it. Having attended the University of California in Los Angeles, she got her medical degree from the Davis Geffen Medical school, also at UCLA. At UCLA, she did research that can help scientists know about the effects of brain development in children.

She has focused on women’s health and Behavioral health. She works in the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana, California, and also at the Department of Family Medicine, University of California.

Mor holds a yearly event called the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium. The program has been on for nine years.

Mor and Social Media

She likes her life quiet and private, as she has neither a Facebook nor Instagram account nor any known social media account. Unlike her husband, Mor shies away from the spotlight and has pursued a medical career.

Her Children with Ben

Her first child with her husband is a girl, Leeya Eliana Shapiro, born in 2014, and a boy who they had in 2016.

Eliana got a letter from her daddy, Ben, when she was born. Part of which says: “After Mommy and Daddy prayed very hard to Hashem to give them a healthy baby, God answered them:

Another of his post once read, “So your first name is about your relationship with God, and your middle name is about how thankful we are for you.”

Their daughter, in 2015, had to go through a successful open-heart surgery to correct a hole in her heart.

Her husband praises her for being a present mother in their kids’ lives through one of his Twitter posts not too long ago.

In his Tweet, which he posted some months ago, says, “My wife (who, it is rumored, is a doctor) stayed up all night with my five-year-old because my girl has a brutal cough due to flu (tonight is my turn). My wife then got up and went to work to care for her patients. That is feminism. Not murdering babies outside the womb.”

Mor’s Known Hobby

Apart from being a practicing medical doctor, she belonged to an Accapella group in Medical School. She sings beautifully, even though she does not believe that to be true.

Who Is Mor, Apart from Being Ben Shapiro’s Wife?

Mor is a beautiful, successful woman, with a very charming smile. She is one of the lucky ones that seems to have it all, a budding career, a loving and popular husband, and healthy kids. She has managed to stay out of scandal except those times she has been dragged into her husband’s insensitive comments. Even though she lives a private life, unlike her husband, Mor works and has an active career life too. She has been able to separate her success from her husband’s fame, showing they can be independent of one another. She has proven that her husband’s profession is not more important than hers in any way.


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