Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong

Naturally, more attention is given to celebrities, especially as fans try to delve into their personal life histories, trying to know who they are. Fans carry out some background research about their favorite celebrity. However, most of them now have their profile freely displayed on the internet and magazines for all to see; this hasn’t been the case for Maxine Sneed. 

Maxine, previously an editor at the “Black Radio Magazine” became famous not because she’s a celebrity, but because of her relationship with Tommy Chong. Tommy Chong is a right activist on cannabis. And as usual, people have been attempting to run some background checks on her profile but found nothing. 

But we want to give you some details of her profile, and this is why we have brought this write-up to our dear readers.

Her Personal Life

She was born on September 23, in the late ‘40s. Her date of birth is being contemplated if it is true or not as she hasn’t publicized much about herself. She has been living a secret and reserved life from her childhood. We don’t have an idea about her parents and her education history – she doesn’t even use any social media network. 

Nonetheless, there are thoughts that she is of two nationalities; Canada and USA. She has never come out publicly to debunk or confirm any rumor about her. Concerning her stature, it is believed that she is dark in complexion with dark hair and black eyes. No one knows if she’s tall, short, or fat.

One notable aspect of her life is her career; she worked as an editor at Black Radio Magazine. She was employed to create readership and equality content. Also, according to some sources, it is said that she also works as an editor for some other companies.

Maxine Sneed Net Worth

Maxine’s net worth is still unknown as we know little about her. There is no social media site that Maxine uses; no one can assume her location. Her primary sources of income are not known, so we can’t conclude what her net worth is. 

We can only say that she has accumulated enough fortune for herself through her career. We can also assume that she’s worth millions of dollars because her spouse, Tommy, is said to worth $8 million. Likewise, her daughter, Rae, as an actress, is worth $4 million. 

Other than that, she also amassed a massive amount of money when she got divorced from Tommy.

Maxine Sneed in the News

Unlike most other celebrities, Maxine only showed up in the news after she got married to Tommy Chong. Usually, many people are always willing to know more about a celebrity and to hold a one-on-one conversation with them. But this hasn’t been so in Maxine’s case despite her husband also being a celebrity. 

She made everything about her so private that only a few people knew her well. Another time she came to limelight was when she gave birth to Robbi Chong in 1965. People tried to follow her up since then but to no avail. 

Maxine’s fame grew after she divorced her spouse. Both got in a disagreement on who takes the legal custody of their daughter, Rae in 1970. But since then, she has gone back to oblivion. No news ever surfaced about her after then, but we believe that she continued to live her single and private life.

From reliable sources, it is known that Maxine’s spouse, Tommy, had an extramarital affair then. This is what many believed to have led to her divorce with Tommy.

Her Relationship with Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong’s name has always come up whenever you try to search up for Maxine’s biography. This is because most of the little news about her has been during their time together. Before she got engaged to Tommy, little or nothing was known of her compared to when she was engaged to him.

She also got famous in the news when they got divorced. This is why we will delve into her relationship history with Tommy. Maxine got married to Tommy, a Canadian-American action in the early ‘60s and reports showed that Maxine and Tommy have two daughters; Rae and Robbie. 

Rae Dawn was as a result of an extramarital affair Tommy had with Gail Toulson. As at then, Gail Toulson was underage, and thereby, Maxine together with her spouse legally took over the custody of Rae. It was after this that Maxine took in and gave birth to Robbie, which explains how Maxine has two daughters. 

The two daughters were brought up and seen together at many public occasions. Rae has also taken Maxine and Tommy as her parents. Rae later got married to Mitchelle Long, a superstar musician and they have been blessed with a son.


In summary, trying to search for more information about Maxine can be futile as there are no much details revealed about her. She only came into limelight when she got engaged with Tommy Chong. After her divorce with him, there have been no rumors of her whereabouts. 

She completely neglects the celebrity lifestyle and embraces her typical day-to-day lifestyle. We are not certain of her exact age, and no one knows when exactly she was given birth to. Most of the news about her are just rumors. 

We are not even aware if she is now dating or married to another man; all we can do is only speculate. One thing for sure about Maxine is that she devotes herself to writing, reading, and editing. This explains why we think that she might have combined editing and writing in some other company, as her profession. 

This is because she loves reading. Also, we can say she doesn’t fancy the celebrity lifestyle. It has been 47 years since her divorce with Tommy, and she seems to be cool with her private life. She hasn’t been linked with any other celebrity since then.


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