Charles Barkley’s Wife – Maureen Blumhardt Wiki (Bio, Age, Son, Married, Picture)

Even if you are not a basketball fan in the least, there is still a very good chance that you have heard about or know who Charles Barkley is.  He is going to be one of the former NBA greats and is currently an analyst on TNT.  He is no stranger to being in the spotlight for some of the outlandish comments that he makes on just about any and every topic that you could think of.  With that being said, the one thing that he actually doesn’t speak about very often is going to be his wife.  Matter of fact, there aren’t actually going to be many people who know anything about Charles Barkley’s wife or even what she is going to look like.  This is because pictures of the two of them together are going to be very rare to find while they are out in the public’s eye.

Barkley’s wife, whose name is Maureen Blumhardt, has been very successful at staying out of the spotlight that her husband is always in.  With that being said, here is everything that you need to know about Charles Barkley’s wife, Maureen Blumhardt.

Maureen Used to be a Model

Having been born on January 15, 1960, she would end up meeting her future husband during the 1980’s, over 20 years later.  They would originally meet while they were both at a restaurant that was called City Avenue.  At that particular time in her career, Maureen was actually working as a legal aid, as well as doing modeling.  She would be at the restaurant promoting Noblerex K-1, while Charles would be playing for the NBA team the Philadelphia 76ers.  The team had just recently selected him during the NBA draft, Charles being the fifth pick overall.  

The two would meet and eventually end up being married soon after in 1989, being happily wed to each other ever since.  Today, they live together in Scottsdale, Arizona, doing an exceptional job of keeping their relationship out of the general spotlight.  

Maureen does have an active Twitter account that she will occasionally use to interact with some of her fans, as well as share some of the conversations that she has had with her husband, Charles.  The fans who follow her are often times pointing out the fact that Maureen is simply a funny person who apparently has a very similar sense of humor to that of her husband.  

In fact, Charles and Maureen have formerly spoken about how their marriage to each other has been able to change them as the years have gone by, Barkley even stating that he has somehow started spending more time doing chores around the house than he does playing golf.  Oddly enough, Maureen would later go on to reveal that Charles is actually an extreme neat freak to The Philadelphia Inquirer.  She would go on to say that ‘last week Charles got up during the middle of the night and just started vacuuming.’

Maureen and Charles’ Children

Maureen and Charles only have one child together, that being a daughter who is named Christina.  Oddly enough, she would end up being born the very same year that they were married.  Christina would eventually go on to graduate from the prestigious university that is Villanova, prior to deciding to attend the Columbia Journalism School.

Fast-forward to the year 2016 and Charles would admit that he was secretly rooting for his daughter’s previous college while they were playing in that year’s NCAA championship game.  He would go to talk about how his daughter had been living, breathing, and eating every basketball game that Villanova would play in, so he was actually just more excited to be able to see her get excited about the sport that he loves.  He would go on to speak about how Christina would refuse to go to any of the actual Villanova games in person, as she was afraid that if she did show up to one, she would jinx them and cause them to lose.

Barkley Would Make an Apology for Some of his Remarks

Moving to November 19, 2019, there would be a political reporter who would be named Alexi McCammond, who would talk about a conversation that she had had with Charles about opinions about the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign.  She would go on to say that Charles told her that while he would never hit a woman for any reason, he would hit her if he did hit one.  He would go on to say that he was just joking, and that Alexi had simply taken his joke a little too personally, but he would eventually release a statement apologizing for that particular comment.

While there is really not a whole lot that is actually known about Charles’ and Maureen’s marriage, what is apparent is the fact that they are still able to make each other happy after all of these years together.  You may not think that initially, as they are never really seen together in public or at any special events together, it just means that when you do see the two, it is only going to be that much more rememberable.  With a daughter who they love and a love of life that they are all going to share, there is no telling where this perfect couple is going in life together.  All that can be said about them is that everybody hopes they are able to continue to make their love for each other last and keep travelling through the thing called life together.  

Having spent so much time as a couple, it is rare that you see two people continue to stay true and committed to each other for that amount of time.  It is almost like Charles and Maureen’s marriage is what dreams are made of and is a great story that that you are only able to imagine you will be able to find for yourself sometime in your life.


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