Marriott Marquis DC – Hotel Near Convention Center Washington

Marriot Marquis Washington DC hotel spans almost a city block. It is linked to the Walter E. Washington Convention center through the concourse and it showcases a white marble Atrium Lobby. When you spend the night in this hotel, you will be able to enjoy modern amenities and features. Some of the amenities you stand to enjoy in Marriot Marquis Washington DC are a trendy Lobby Lounge, a D.C hot spot. The hotel’s retro diner, and a High-Velocity Sports Bar.

At Marriot Marquis Washington is an event space that measures 105,000 square feet. Additionally, visitors to this hotel get to enjoy an amazing rooftop terrace, the opportunity to shop from downtown stores nearby, the National Mall, Mt. Vernon Square, and other attractions in D.C.

What Does Marriot Marquis Washington DC Have to Offer?

If you are visiting this hotel for business or pleasure, some of the things you stand to enjoy are;

M Club Lounge

The M Club Lounge at Marriott Marquis Washington DC offers its guests VIP treatment. It comes with sophisticated seating areas, alongside an outdoor terrace that gives visitors a great view of the country’s capital. At the M Club lounge, guests also get to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, midday snacks, and complimentary breakfast.

M Club is situated on the 12th floor of this hotel and it is known for providing guests with additional space to relax, connect, and work. If you will be spending some time at this lounge, you should take advantage of all that it has to offer. Some of its amenities include

  • Automated self-service steamers you can use in ironing your cloth any time of the day
  • Accessible charging stations and technology data ports
  • Computers and printers
  • Very fast internet
  • Complimentary breakfast

How to Access the M Club Lounge: Not everyone can gain entry into M Club Lounge. It, therefore, is important that you know exactly how access into this lounge can be gained.

  • Meeting planners can buy access for their special guests
  • You can get upgraded access alongside your room reservation. One access key will serve two guests
  • Marriot Platinum Elite, Bonvoy® Titanium Elite, and Ambassador Elite members can have unrestricted access to this lounge.

Electrifying Meetings

If you are looking to have a meeting out of your office, you can take advantage of this hotel’s setting and facilities. The business venues at this hotel are modern and feature very modern rooms. In addition to the presence of modern rooms, they also come with panoramic views, alongside a link to the Walter E Washington Convention Center

Washington, D.C Convention Venue

This venue was influenced by the beautiful city parks and conic monuments in Washington D.C. This hotel features modern accommodations, as well as event venues that cover almost a complete city block. It is close to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and linked through an underground concourse. Some of the things you get to enjoy at this hotel are;

  • Very close dining and upscale shopping.
  • A huge White marble lobby which comes with a custom sculpture, as well as an atrium skylight.
  • Event venues that are characterized by flexibility. Included in these venues are a rooftop terrace and a ballroom. Additionally, there is a scenic downtown view of Washington DC.

Meeting Services App

You can take your business meetings to the next level by taking advantage of this hotel’s complimentary Meeting Service app. Do you think your room is too cold? Are you in need of more coffee? You can always take advantage of the existence of the Meeting Services App. As far as you have a smart device, you can handle every detail of your apartment in real-time. This app is not just available in English. It can be used in multiple languages.

  • Before an event gets started, you can take care of VIP requests and needs with this app.
  • While the event is on, you can ask for special service by simply tapping what you want on the app.
  • When the event is over, feel free to manage your bills and review every charge.

Exercise Alternatives

When you host a business convention in this hotel, your attendees do not have an excuse to stay off their exercise routine for even a day as this hotel comes with exercise alternatives. Marriott Marquis Washington DC features a bi-level fitness venue that is 8,000 square fseet and open throughout the day and on every single day of the week. Beyond keeping fit at the gym, the many attractions around this hotel are within walking distance. You, therefore, will not need to get into a car before getting to your destination.


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