Steve Harvey’s Wife – Marjorie Elaine Harvey Wiki (Bio, Age, Children)

While you have surely head about who Steve Harvey is, there is a very good chance that you have not heard about Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey.  Aside from being Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie has actually been able to build quite a name for herself in her own right, as she is not only an American celebrity and the third wife of Steve Harvey (who is a comedian, producer, television show host, author and actor, just in case you didn’t know), but she is also a designer and  a fashion blogger as well.  Here is everything that you need to know about the wonderful person that Marjorie Elaine Harvey is.

Who is Marjorie Elaine Harvey?

Marjorie and Steve actually have a very large and blended family between the two of them.  This blended family is going to consist of seven children in total.  Of the seven children that they have, there is going to be one in particular that stands out above the rest.  Her name is going to be Lori Harvey and she has been able to grow to fame through the use of her social media activity.  What makes Marjorie even more happy about her daughter, Lori, is that just like her mom, Lori wants to be able to grow herself to the top of the fashion industry, building her career around that.

Being a mix of African and American ethnicity, Marjorie does have a surname, which is Woods, which she would actually get from one of her previous marriages.  While there are not a whole lot of details available about the early life of Marjorie, she has been married before, that not working out in the long run.  One of the reasons that there is not very much information known about Marjorie’s upbringing and childhood, are because she has decided to not share this information with anybody as of yet.  If there is a time and place where she feels that she is ready to speak about her childhood and personal life, she will more than likely share those details with everybody at that time.  Until then, not a whole lot about Marjorie’s early life is really known.

What is known, however, about Marjorie’s childhood, is that she was born to her mother, whose name is Doris Bridges.  She would be born with her birth name, which was Marjorie Elaine Bridge.  Marjorie is going to be a total of 17 years younger than her current husband, Steve Harvey.  Even though there is a slight age difference between the two, they seem to be very happy together and living their best lives together with their seven children.  While there may be some people out there who feel that this type of age gap in a relationship is inappropriate, there are going to be other people out there who would gladly disagree with that statement.  At the end of the day, as long as Marjorie and Steve are happy together and want to continue to be in a relationship with each other, it is nobody else’s business except for their own.  Now you may be wondering exactly how old Marjorie really is if she is 17 years younger than her husband Steve?

How Old is Marjorie Elaine Harvey?

Whenever you speak about celebrities and what is going on in their personal life, you are always going to have fans that simply must know all of the details.  Fans are going to be curious about the celebrities that they are interested in, always craving to learn about every little thing possible, no matter how small it may be.  in this particular situation, there are many people out there who are wondering exactly how old Marjorie really is.  To answer that question, Marjorie Elaine Harvey was born on October 10, 1964.  This would make her a total of 56 years old, meaning that since she is 17 years younger than her current husband, Steve Harvey, makes him 73 years old.  

How Tall is Marjorie Elaine Harvey?

Being one of the more popular people in regard to the fashion industry, many people wonder exactly how tall Marjorie really is.  When you look at the photos that you see on social media or see her on television, it really is hard to try and get an accurate guess on how tall she actually is, but know that she is actually considered to be pretty tall, he height being 5’8” tall.

Marjorie’s Past Marriages

Very similar to her husband Steve Harvey, Marjorie has also been married more than once.  In fact, Steve is actually going to be her second husband, as the first marriage simply did not work out in the long run.

With her first marriage, she would marry somebody by the name of Jim Townsend in 1990.  Townsend would actually be a criminal, as well as a drug dealer who ended up being sentenced to life in jail for the crimes that he had committed.  When Marjorie first met Townsend, she would only be 18 years old, the entire length of their relationship spanning a total of 7 years.  She would eventually decide that she wanted a divorce from Townsend five years after he was sentenced to life in prison.

Now that Marjorie was once again single, she would decide that it was a great time to focus on getting her career started in the showbiz industry.  Having an exceptional sense of fashion, she would be able to establish her own brand around the entire world, most of the people finding it very well received.  

She would go on to meet Steve while visiting a comedy club.  If you ask Steve about the first time he saw Marjorie, he would tell you that it was love at first site.  Moving forwards, they would end up dating for a while, eventually deciding that they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together and get married.  This would take place at a private ceremony in the year 2007.


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