Steve Harvey’s First Wife – Marcia Harvey Wiki (Age, Bio, Today, Larry Greene)

Marcia Harvey was born in Ohio, United States on the 22nd of January, 1955. She is famous for being Steve Harvey’s first wife. In addition to being Steve Harvey’s first wife, she is a businesswoman. Her ex-husband, Steve Harvey, is a television host, actor, author, RJ, and producer. He has had a fantastic career as a television host and as a comedian, and he was the highest-paid TV host of 2018.

Although Marcia is famous because she used to be associated with Steve Harvey, she has authored a book. This book was titled ‘Marcia To the Soul’. It contains a series of poems. Although not so much is known about Marcia’s hobby, she enjoys spending time with family and kids when she is not busy.

Marcia has taken advantage of her association with Steve Harvey and has set up a clothing line. She might simply be known as Steve’s ex-wife. She is not just his ex-wife; she is also a successful businesswoman.

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Marcia Harvey Family

Marcia Harvey is not in the eye of the public because of anything she was able to achieve. She is popular because of who she got married to. Due to this, there is no information about her family. There are no details of her siblings and parents. The only thing known about her background is she is from an Afro-American family and has an American Citizenship. After high school, Marcia went ahead to the University to study Business Administration and Management.

Marcia Harvey’s Husband

Between the years of 1980 and 1994, Marcia and Steve lived as husband and wife. Although not under one roof. While they were together, Steve worked with a Sales firm in the United States. While he worked with a sales firm, Marcia seemed very happy with him. This happiness, however, came to an end when he made up his mind on becoming a professional comedian. This was because she was to in support of his dream to pursue comedy as a career.

Before meeting Steve Harvey, Maria worked as a sales representative in a department store. After getting married to Steve, she was a homemaker for a while. She, however, moved on from being a homemaker after her marriage to Steve ended and started a clothing line business.

Marcia Harvey’s Kids

After a couple of fights, Steve and Marcia got separated in 1994. Although officially separated, they have a song and two daughters. Their son is Broderick Harvey Jr. while the daughters are Karl and Brandi Harvey.

After being officially separated from Steve Harvey, Marcia got married to Larr Greene. Furthermore, one of the daughters she had with Steve Harvey is married.

How much is Marcia Harvey Worth?

Although not as successful as her ex-husband, Marcia Harvey is successful in her own right. She is estimated to have a net worth of $1.45 million. Also, she weighs 63 KG and is 5 feet five inches tall.

How Did Marcia Meet Steve Harvey?

Marcia and Steve Harvey got into a relationship after they met at a mutual friend’s party. Not long after their first meeting, they fell in love. This relationship led to them getting married in 1980. At the time they met, Steve was yet to get famous. He was simply an insurance salesman, and Marcia was comfortable with it.

Two years after their wedding, Marcia and Steve Harvey had a set of twins. Two girls. Nine years later, they had their third child. It appeared the three children were closer to their mother than their father as they all have a flair for business just like their mother.

Her son Boderick runs a shoe business. His sisters, on the other hand, have a female empowerment organization and their Twin Pop Snacks business. That’s not all. One of the twins, Brandi, is a published author.

Although their marriage started very well, it had a rather nasty ending. Marcia was pregnant with their boy when they started having crises in their marriage. By 1990, they were already separated but not officially divorced. They started the divorce process in 1993 and finalized it in 1994. Steve, however, did not wait for the divorce process to be over before he moved in with his second wife.

Life after her Divorce

After Marcia’s divorce was finalized, her ex-husband did not want to pay child support and alimony. She, therefore, sought the assistance of the court.  After the matter was taken to court, she won, and her ex-husband had to pay her monthly support of $5100. Additionally, the court ordered him to pay her legal fees. Although it seemed like the case was settled after the court ordered Steve to pay his wife an amount monthly, he did not obey the court ruling.

Fourteen months after the court case was over, Marcia Harvey submitted an affidavit to the court. She claimed she had not gotten any money from him in 14 months.

That same year, she got $36, 000 which was supposed to be child support payment that had accrued over the months. Furthermore, the amount Steve was supposed to give to her monthly increased to $6,630.

Steve chose his career over his children, thereby, leading Marcia to raise the children alone. Due to this, he did not have a relationship with his children for a long time. Nonetheless, they have mended their fences and now have an excellent relationship.

Marcia did not stay away from love after her marriage to Steve Harvey hit the rocks. She fell in love with someone else and remarried. She has stayed married to the same person ever since.

Marcia Harvey and her current husband, Larry Greene, currently live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, America.

A lot of people have tried to keep up with Marcia Harvey on social media. She, however, is not on any social media platform. Therefore, it is almost impossible to keep up with her current life. Nonetheless, you can find out a little about her from the social media accounts of her children. This is because they put up her pictures when the occasion warrants it.


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