Korie Koker Wiki (Bio, Age, Photos, Children, Danny)

Korie Koker is a one of a kind according to the media that’s always buzzing out there. She loves music, and is known for helping to be the co-owner of a famous restaurant known as the Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill. The owner is called “The Count”, and despite being the co-owner of the bar, she also runs a restoration business for vehicles. More importantly, Koker is known for the show called “Counting Cars”, not to be confused with the hit song. But it wasn’t an easy road for her – she had to work her way up. This post is about Korie Koker and gives some quality information that many people wonder about her.

Was She Given Fame?

Unfortunately, fame didn’t come easy for the Counting Cars star. She had to work hard all of her life and ended up getting a degree to pursue broadcasting, and then eventually she got a gig working in television production. It was hard to keep a job for her, as it is in this industry anyway, and just like many television producers, she ended up going from one television station to another. She ended up getting tired of working behind the camera as a producer, and then she decided to produce actual shows herself, and then special guest star in them. Later on, she ended up started a restaurant, which was big on rock music and good food. This restaurant that she manages has high name bands perform there, and they deliver all of the best rock. With literally about 300 concerts a year, Korie Koker continues to provide as a business woman to promote them.

Fake Media Hit the Shelves

It isn’t uncommon for fake news to come about when it comes to celebrities – just ask Morgan Freeman, who has supposedly “died” multiple times. However, Korie Koker was supposedly dead due to a car accident back in 2019, even though it wasn’t true. The woman with the same name though that passed away was not the television celebrity. 

Korie Koker was born in 1965, and she is in her 50’s now. She and her husband, the owner of the bar and grill don’t have children, and they don’t plan on having them anytime soon either. She was born in Las Vegas, and is currently married to “The Count” Danny Koker, who owns the car restoration company called “Count’s Kustoms”.

Net Worth

At this time, the couple share all of their assets, and because of this, the Kokers together have a thirteen million dollar net worth. Most of their net worth isn’t public, but hers alone is definitely up there in the millions compared to her husband’s.

What About Counting Cars?

While Korie Koker was famous for the show Counting Cars, it has been noticed that while she isn’t on many of the series and doesn’t spend a lot of time on the show, it’s because she is working hard on their restaurant. More importantly, she is an entertainment director that helps to promote those that her and her husband favor in terms of musicians and rock bands. Of course, she does still promote their show and her husband’s shop as well.

Social Media Accounts?

Korie Koker isn’t like her husband either when it comes to social media. Of course, she promotes her business rather than her and her husband’s personal life. The reason for this, is because she is successful with the job that she lined up with the restaurant, and while she does give credit to her husband for everything that he does, she remains an avid car lover, but still would rather pursue the bar and grill.

The show itself for Counting Cars appears every week on Wednesday evenings to this day, and even though you may not see her on the show, you’ll be able to see her husband Danny on there as he’s the main star of the show. She however has a pretty private life that helps to aid in their success.


There isn’t a lot of information online for Korie Koker other than the general information that we’ve shared in this article. It has appeared that she’s been susceptible to the same media hype and common rumors of the online world, even though she isn’t generally a part of it at all. Fake death reports, rumors of her husband, and their relationship ensue just like any other celebrity out there. She would rather take care of the family and make ends meet by working hard on her musical-theme restaurant though


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