Eminem’s Ex-Wife – Kim Anne Scott Wiki (Age, Kids, Spouse)

It’s way easier these days, more like a reflex action, to associate the Eminem name to the rapper than to the candy. That’s just how famous the legendary rapper is. Eminem’s presence in the spotlight didn’t come from his rap music alone. His relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott was also partly responsible for that. 

Kim, also known as Kim Mathers, is Eminem’s ex-wife and mother of four children: Alaina, Whitney, Hailie, and Parker – in no particular order. Movie lovers would find Eminem and Kim’s relationship an exciting watch as both of them have wedded and divorced twice. Both of them probably didn’t think that their love would ever get sour.

Kimberly is a mercenary illustrator and an author who has scores of children literature to her credit. Her authorial abilities aren’t quite as famous as her relationship with Eminem.

Who is Kimberly Scott?

Kim got conceived on the 9th of January 1975 in Warren, Michigan, USA. Her parents are Casimir and Kathleen Sluck. Kim has a twin sister, Dawn Scott, who died in 2016 from heroin abuse. Kathleen and their step-father raised both of them. Kim and Dawn’s childhood was upsetting, what with their drunk step-father, who would usually sexually harass Kim. Things had finally reached its peak, and the sisters had no choice but to flee home. It was after staying at the Youth home, where they’d run to in 1998, that they finally met Eminem and went into his house with him.

Kim and Eminem’s Meeting

During an interview, Eminem’s mother remembered her son bringing home a tall, sulky, blonde – Kimberly. Both of them, aged 15 and 13, respectively, met in a party where Eminem stood half-naked on a table to sing “I am Bad,” which was his favorite song. Kim, impressed by his drip, fell for him.

The bond between them both grew tighter, and soon Eminem would give them accommodation in his mother’s house.

Eminem and Kim’s Fluctuating Relationship

Em and Kim began dating in 1989 through the 1990s. Kim took in while she was still at Eminem’s mother’s house. By this time, things were already beginning to go south. However, through their fluctuating relationship, they birthed Hailie Jade Mathers on Christmas of 1995.

Their relationship hit the rocks the next year. Kim lived with her daughter in a one-bedroom apartment, while Eminem went back to his mother’s house. Both of them got together in ’99, and their time apart must’ve only made them love each other stronger because they got married the same year at St. Joseph, Mo.

Sadly, those who wanted everything to be happily ever after from there got their hearts broken in 2001 when Em and Kim divorced. There are allegations that Eminem’s song “Kim” might be why the divorce happened.

After this, Kim had a relationship with Eric Hartter with whom she had her daughter, Whitney Scott.

For the sake of their daughter, Kim and Eminem got back together again in January 2016. However, that marriage stands among the list of the world’s shortest marriages because it ended in a month.

The Bond between Them

Eminem and Kim’s love for Hailie reared its head above all their disagreements. Both Em and Kim were willing to go the extra mile for their relationship just for Hailie. However, things didn’t just turn out well.

Issues with the Law/Controversy

Eminem assaulted John Guerra in June 2020 because he caught his wife, Kim kissing him on the cheek. Eminem pled guilty to the crime and received a two-year sentence. In the same year, Kim attempted suicide because she’d witnessed her husband rough up an inflatable doll meant to be her representative in one of his concerts while playing the song “Kim.”

Kim escaped a sentence in 2001 when she got arrested for drug possession. She got back in cuffs for the same drug possession charge, this time two bags of cocaine, and an extra crime – unsafe driving. Kim received a fine and got probation. She would violate this probation and get a one-month jail sentence in its place.

In 2015, Kim crashed into a ditch and utility pole while driving under the influence. She admitted to the crime in Shelby TWP Court and tried to kill herself again. Kim received a fine of 900 dollars and one year of probation for the crime. In regards to her psyche, Kim revealed that she’d been attending therapy and that it was working well.

Eminem Apologizes to Kim

If there’s one thing that’s been the cause of inspiration for Em’s music, it’s his chaotic relationship with Kim. He humiliated her through his music and also tendered an apology through his album, “Revival.”

Eminem from Kim’s Perspective

While speaking with ABC News, Kim mentioned how good Eminem was as a father. She also talked about what it felt like being in the spotlight and how it dragged her relationship. Her reaction to Eminem’s performance on Kim was part of the conversation.

Kim’s Net Worth

Kim’s finance is worth about 2 million dollars. Eminem’s is 220 million dollars, according to Celebrity’s 2019 compilation. During their divorce in 2001, the court gave Eminem an order to pay 52000 dollars every year to support Kim and their child.

Kim has pieced her life back together. She and Eminem see each other sometimes. Fortunately for Hailie, she grew up naturally, unaffected by her parents’ constant squabbling.

Could Kim and Em Ever Reunite Again?

The truth about the future is that it continually remains unknown to everyone. No one can say for sure if Kim and Em are ever getting back together. However, both of them have a history. They’ve fought and made up countlessly, who’s to say that it won’t repeat itself, especially as both of them are still single.

News surfaced in November 2013 that the two might just get together when Kim’s mother revealed that Em was building Kim a house and that the both of them were seeing more often.

We’ve waited seven years, and there are no signs that Em and Kim are on their way to getting that reunion.


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