Taylor Cole’s Husband – Kevin Simshauser Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth)

Some models make it far in their career, while others end up becoming famous elsewhere. Such is the story of popular retired model Kevin Simshauser and one of the most popular males that was ever on the MTV hit television series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. In this 2005 season of the show, he ended up being more famous these days though as another celebrity’s husband – the one and only Taylor Cole. In this post, we’re going to give you a bit of information that people all over have wanted to know about this Hollywood hunk, as well as other interesting facts that you may not know.

How Much is Kevin Simshauser Worth?

While he made much of his money throughout his modeling and reality TV acting career, as Taylor Cole’s husband, his net worth to this day remains to be around a million dollars. He is no longer doing business with acting and modeling, and instead earns an honest living as a real estate broker and agent in the California and Arizona area. Making around seventy thousand dollars a year with this, he has ended up getting all of his net worth over the last decade, and takes care of his money well.

What About That Career?

As we mentioned before, he was a model and actor, and is now a real estate salesman. He has his own real estate agency titled Sims Real Estate, and they’ve been operating with multiple offices all over the states of California and Arizona region. He is also a director of managing the real estate companies that he’s acquired – Levinson Investments Ltd. Liability Company out of Los Angeles, and he is also known because of his past modeling career as well (he claims it gives him an edge with the public).

While he is known for selling homes and appearing in advertisements as a model, he has actually been on television numerous times along with being on Laguna Beach. However, he ended up becoming even more famous after he and his wife met on the show.

Who Is He Married To?

Kevin ended up marrying Taylor Cole, his girlfriend back when he was on Laguna Beach in 2005. They ended up getting married near the beginning of October of 2015, 10 years after he was on the show. His wife was also from the popular MTV series, and both of them tied the knot in a very magnificent wedding that had a lot of people that they were close friends with.

His wife and he ended up having a daughter that they gave the name Tatum Wood in 2018, just three years after they ended up getting married.

What Are His Physical Specs?

While he was given a lot of double looks on the television show, nobody actually really knows much about his weight. What we do know, is that he stands at 5’ 11”, which is on the taller side of the average male. We also know that he has one black eye, and black hair.

Does Kevin Simshauser Play the Social Media Game?

Despite his success, he’s not one to boast on the internet, and actually doesn’t like social media. It is almost impossible to find an actual Facebook profile, or other social media profile. It appears that he is somewhat active on Twitter, but he doesn’t really post a lot online other than that. He’s taken pride to make sure that he keeps his personal life very private compared to many other celebrities and TV personalities.

Where is Kevin From?

According to the information that he’s provided in interviews and on television, not a lot is known about Kevin Simshauser’s childhood, however we do know that he was born in the Pacific Northwest. After thorough research, we’ve discovered that this young star-turned-real estate agent was born on September 13, 1986 meaning that he’s in his younger thirties and his astrological sign is a Virgo. Other than that, not much is known about his parents or anything else as he’s kept everything pretty quiet and private throughout his life and career.


While not much is known about Kevin Simshauser’s life, there are some things that people know, and he is constantly reminded of his appearance as a model and an actor on Laguna Beach. Most celebrities around this time ended up being publicly recognized, but Kevin has prided himself in getting out of the limelight and starting a family with his wife and girlfriend from the show – Taylor Cole. He works as a real estate agent and the owner of the Sims Real Estate Company in California, which has a good reputation in the California and Arizona area.


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