What is the Net Worth of Kerry Washington? Age, Kids & Husband Wiki

If you are a fan of Kerry Washington, there is a good chance that you have wondered at some point how much her net worth really was?  On top of that, you may have also wondered about how old she actually is and if she had any kids or not?  While these are all great questions, many people you ask will not have a clue how to answer any of them.  All they will be able to tell you is that she is a famous television celebrity that puts out a great show.  With that being said, here is everything that you will need to know and would ever think to ask about Kerry Washington.  

With a net worth north of $50 million, Kerry Washington has been able to amass such great wealth through her acting skills.  Best known for how she portrayed the character she played on the ABC drama tv show ‘Scandal’, Washington played Olivia Pope on the show between 2012 and 2018.  Her reported salary for playing that character on the show was reportedly a whopping $1.1 million for every single episode.  Not that bad for playing a character on tv.

Kerry Washington:  The Early Years

Originally born in The Bronx of New York City back on January 31, 1977, Kerry Washington did not necessarily have the roughest of childhoods.  With a mother, who was named Valerie, being an educational consultant and professor, she always had somebody there to help her out.  Now partner that with the fact that her father, who was named Earl Washington, was a moderately successful real estate broker.  The icing on the cake, however, is going to be the fact that her mother was actually the cousin of the former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell.  So, her family may have had a little bit of pull to fall back on if they required it.  

Graduating from Spence School in Manhattan back in 1994, she would eventually find her way to the TADA! Your Theater Group, who should perform with on a regular basis.  She would then go on to pursue higher education and attend George Washington University, where she would end up graduating just 4 years after graduating high school in 1998.  She would do so with a double major in both sociology and anthropology.  What makes this so exciting, is that she would eventually return to her alma mater some 15 years later in 2013, as she would serve as that year’s commencement speaker for the graduating class ceremony.  It would be at this time that Washington would also be presented unexpectedly with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

The Career of Kerry Washington

With an acting career that spans the past 26 years, Kerry Washington has just about done it all.  With her very first on-screen role coming in the form of the ABC ‘made for television’ film titled ‘Magical Make-Over’ which aired in 1994, it would lead the way for what would eventually end up being a very lucrative acting career.  She would eventually follow that original film up with an appearance in ‘Our Song’, which was released in 2000; ‘Save the Last Dance’, which would originally air in 2001; ‘Bad Company’, which would air just one year later in 2002; and then ‘The Human Strain’, which would be released in the year 2003.  While doing very well on in the films she was getting, all her hard work would pay off when she would have the opportunity to star in her first major role, that coming in the movie ‘She Hate Me’, which was released in 2004 and directed by Spike Lee.  She did such a fantastic job in that role, that she garnered some very strong and positive reviews for her performance.

Having done so well in ‘She Hate Me’, it would lead her to getting roles in such movies as ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ that was released in 2005; ‘Little Man’, which would be released a year later in 2006; and ‘I Think I Love My Wife’, which would be released the following year in 2007.  On top of all that, she would also have a recurring role in the ABC series that was titled ‘Boston Legal’, playing the role of Chelina Hall.  As if that weren’t enough, even though Washington was consistently doing large movies and still appearing on television shows, she was able to add another guest appearance on several episodes of the A&B show called ‘100 Centre Street’.  Some of the other television shows that she has appeared on over the years include ‘Psych’, ‘NYPD Blue’, and ‘Law and Order’.

During the 2010 year, Washington would make her very first stage debut, when she played in ‘Race’, by David Mamet.  Later in that very same year, she would appear in the Tyler Perry film titled ‘For Colored Girls’.  She would then go on to appear in ‘Django Unchained’, just two years later in 2012, where her performance would be critically acclaimed.  She would then be invited to join the organization known as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also in 2012.

What really sets Kerry Washington apart is what is considered to be her most recognizable role in her entire career.  This is going to be when Washington was the star of the hit ABC drama show ‘Scandal’, which ran from 2012 through 2018.  On the show, Washington would portray the character that was a crisis manager who was named Olivia Pope.  The show, which was originally created by Shonda Rhimes, was a massive critical and commercial success for everyone involved with it.  Washington would do such a great job in her role, that she would actually win the Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Award in the year 2013, at the 44th NAACP Image Awards.  That very same year, Washington would also be presented with another NAAC P award, this one being the NAACP President’s Award, which came with the title from TV Guide Magazine as their ‘Favorite Actress’, as well as the magazine’s 2013 ‘TV star of the year’ award.  Washington would do so well with her character on ‘Scandal’, that she would be nominated for Emmys at both the 65th, as well as the 66th, Primetime Emmy Awards, which in turn, would end up making her the very first African-American woman who was ever nominated for the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.  This would be a great honor as she would be the first African American to be nominated in that entire genre of award, which had been around for 18 years at the time.  

Some of the other nominations that Washington would receive for her role in ‘Scandal’, would include a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Drama Series.

Aside from Washington’s outstanding performance in ‘Scandal’, she would also add another highly acclaimed performance to her resume when she had the opportunity to star in an HBO movie that was titled ‘Confirmation’, in 2016.  This movie was directed by Rick Famuyiwa and would be another one that would bring Washington much praise.  In the film, it would essentially cover the testimony of an Anita Hill, which would take place during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination.  The move was so well received that it would be nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Television Movie category.  On top of the movie being nominated for several awards, Washington would also add to her own personal nomination tally, being nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, which happened during the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as for the very same award at that same year’s Critics’ Choice Awards.  

Fast forward a couple of years and Washington would grace the screen again, this time starring alongside the likes of Reese Witherspoon, when they appeared in the popular Hulu show titled ‘Little Fires Everywhere’.  This would be completely different than any other movie or performance Washington would have done in the past, as this time she would also have the opportunity to serve as the executive producer as well.  This show would be based on a novel of the very same name by Celest Ng.  

Kerry Washington’s Salary and Endorsements

With a net worth of around $50 million, you would think that Washington started making the big bucks right from the beginning.  However, you would be very surprised that she was not always commanding $1.1 million per episode.  At the beginning of the ‘Scandal’ show (so the early seasons of the show), Washington was earning just $80,000 per episode, or what was just about $1.5 million per each show year.  While this does not sound like it was that bad for her, she would use her skills as an actress to bump that number up just a little bit over the next couple of years.

When the show would reach its peak, she had increased how much she was earning per episode to $250,000, or roughly about $4.5 million per season.  On top of the pay that she received from the television show ‘Scandal’, Washington also had some major endorsement deals that would pay her a pretty penny as well.  For example, she had endorsements with the likes of Apple, Movado, and Neutrogena.  At the end of the day, Washington would earn a total of $13 million from endorsements in 2016, $11 million from endorsements in 2017, and then $12 million in endorsements for the 2018 year.  When you add these all together, it means that Washington was able to scrape together about $36 million in all from just those three years worth of endorsement deals.

Now fast forward to 2020 and her Hulu show that she did with Reese Witherspoon, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’, and Washington would join a very exclusive club of those who were earning over $1 million for a single episode of a television show.  That’s right, Washington would earn $1.1 million for each episode in that first season, which had a total of 8 episodes.  This means that she was able to earn just under $9 million for that short season.

Washington’s Personal Life

Originally engaged to an actor known as David Moscow, this engagement would last from 2004 to 2007, eventually ending in them not being married.  She would eventually meet an NFL cornerback by the name of Nnamdi Asomugha, who she would end up marrying on June 24, 2013.  They would go on to have two children together, one daughter and one son.  Besides being a parent to two, Washington is also considered to be a very noted activist throughout Hollywood, as well as a huge supporter of all LGBT rights.  

When it comes to Kerry Washington, she has had an amazing acting career that has seen her grow too much fame and acclaim.  Being a pioneer for African American actresses, she was able to use her talents as an actress to rise to the ranks that not even many men are able to achieve, that rank being to command more than $1 million for a single episode of a television show.  In fact, if you take a second to think about anybody else that you can name off the top of your head who has been able to command over $1 million per television episode, you are going to have a very small list of names.  

Aside from the success that Kerry Washington has had throughout her acting career, she has also been able to live an outstanding life and raise a family at the very same time.  So with a net worth of $50 million, it is safe to say that Kerry Washington has been able to cement herself in the list of being one of the most acclaimed and successful television actresses that the United States has ever seen.


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