Stephen Baldwin’s Wife – Kennya Baldwin Deodato Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids)

If you are a fan of movies that originally came out during the 1980s and 1990s, there is a very good chance that you have heard about the American actor, Stephen Baldwin.  Baldwin has been able to make a very nice career for himself through acting and is one of the very important members of his family, the Baldwin family.  However, what you may not know very much about, is the fact that Stephen Baldwin has a wife who goes by the name of Kennya Baldwin.  This may come as a shock to you as there are not very many people who actually know about Kennya, who is considered to be a Brazilian beauty.  However, even though she is married to a very well American actor in Stephen Baldwin, and is associated with the very well-known Baldwin family, Kennya has been able to keep her lifestyle private, keeping herself out of the spotlight and doing a great job at it.

While Kennya does come off as quite reserved, very little is known about her and very few people have ever seen her.  What is known about Kennya Baldwin is that she is the parent of her successful American model daughter, Hailey Baldwin, and has been the wife of her husband, Stephen Baldwin, for just under 30 years.  Here is everything that you need to know about the lesser-known wife of Stephen Baldwin, Kennya Baldwin.

Who is Kennya Baldwin?

Kennya was born on October 24, 1968 and is going to be best known for the role she has been playing for the past 30 years, that role being the wife of the famous actor, Stephen Baldwin.  On top of that, her mother was also a widely acclaimed composer from Brazil, her name being Eumir Deodato.  Even though Kennya does come from a famous Brazilian family, she has always strived to do her best to live a quiet, private lifestyle.  Growing up in Brazil, she would be thrust into the spotlight due to the amount of success that her father would have in the music industry.  It would be this fame that would potentially have the effect of wanting to live a private life that was not in the spotlight.

Kenny would eventually decide that she wanted to move to New York in order to study and further her education, but would at the very same time, help her to escape from some of the fame that she had gotten used to while living in Brazil.  She would go on to start her education career with the New York Preparatory School, eventually earning her way to graduate some years later in 1984.  Once she had graduated, she would go on to enroll herself in the Parsons School of Design, where she would be able to earn her degree in the subject of graphics designing.  She would then take this education and use it to grow her career in graphic design, helping her to increase her net-worth to around the $300,000 level.  When you combine Kennya’s worth with that of her husband’s net-worth (which is estimated to be at around $1 million due to the entertainment career that he has been able to achieve for himself), it would bring the couple’s total net-worth together to right around the $1.3 million area.

Kennya’s and Stephen’s Lengthy Marriage

While the two would originally meet in the subway station of New York City in 1987, there is no way of knowing how seriously in love the two would become.  While it has been classified by ‘love at first sight’ for the two, there is no way of knowing that somebody you met at a subway station in New York would end up being your soul mate and the person that you would spend the rest of your life with.  After meeting, they would date for about three years, before they would decide that they wanted to take the next step in their relationship and get married.  

They would end up teeing the know in 1990, spending every day with each other ever since.  While like any couple, of course there are going to be a fair share of disagreements and head butting, but at the end of the day, the two have always been able to work out their differences and remember the reason why they are together in the first place.  This is going to be especially true, as there have been rumors of some very rocky times due to the financial situation.  However, the two have been able to remain strong for not only themselves, but each other as well.  On top of being married for nearly 30 years, they also have two daughters together, who have been able to use their talents to earn themselves their own careers as well.

Kennya’s Daughters:  Two American Models

When it comes to Kennya’s and Stephen’s daughters, they are both going to have used their good looks to become a couple of very famous models.  Named Hailey and Alaia, they have each been able to carve themselves out a piece of the pie for themselves in the fashion industry, doing what they have always wanted to do, be successful models.

Some good news for Kennya is that even though she is 51 years old, she looks much, much younger.  In fact, some have even said that when she is together with her two daughters, the three of them look as though they are all sisters, as opposed to two daughters being with their mother.  This is going to be because her daughters both look just like her.  

When it comes to Kennya Baldwin, she has been able to keep herself out of the spotlight and in the background when it comes to people knowing who she is.  She has had a very successful marriage that has lasted nearly 30 years and two beautiful daughters that have been able to create for themselves a couple of successful modeling careers.  There is no telling what Kennya and her family will be able to accomplish in the future.


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