Kenneth Washington Actor (Hogan’s Heroes) Sergeant Richard Baker

Born on October 19, 1946, Kenneth Washington is an American actor who had a very successful career on both television shows, as well as big films.  He is best remembered for his role as Sergeant Richard Baker when he was the star of the final season of Hogan’s Heroes, as well as playing Officer Miller on the television show Adam-12. 

In fact, what makes Kenneth Washington so great, is that he is actually one of the very last surviving principal cast members that played on Hogan’s Heroes, the other surviving cast member being Robert Clary.  Having been in the acting game for such a long time, Kenneth was able to rack up quite a resume of different shows and movies that he had played in.  Being such a monumental actor, he has been able to help shape the way that television shows and big films have developed over the years.  Here is everything that you need to know about Kenneth Washington.

The Life and Career of Kenneth Washington

Kenneth Washington was born in 1946, on October 19.  Just one year later in 1947, he would have an uncredited role in the film The Foxes of Harrow, where he would play the character of Achille.  What this means is that at the age of just one years old, he had already been in a film, starting to build his resume of films at a very young age.  Several years later in 1956, he would have another role in the movie titled The Birds and the Bees, but very similarly to his first film, this role would also be an unaccredited one. 

Which if you are wondering what an ‘unaccredited’ role is, it is essentially going to be a role where the person playing that character is not given any type of credit it.  So even though Washington had already been in two movies before he was 10 years old, he would officially not have received any type of credit for it other than being a resume builder.

While he may not have gotten any credit for the roles he played in the films he was in as a child, Washington would official start a very long television career in the year 1968, having been casted to play in an American children’s drama series that was titled Daktari.  Daktari would air on the CBS network and is actually going to mean ‘doctor’ in the Swahili language.  While this was happening, Washington would also on occasion, pop in as he had a recurring role on the show Adam-12, where he played the character Officer Miller.

Another one of Washington’s very memorable characters is going to come in the form of John B. Watkins, which was in the very popular episode of Star Trek that was titled ‘That Which Survives’.  This would not only be a huge milestone for Washington, as he was a huge fan of the Star Trek show and had always wanted to appear on it, but it would be one of the performances that Star Trek fans would remember for many years to come.  

Moving forwards to the year 1970, Washington would be cast as a regular character on the show Hogan’s Heroes.  This would be the second time in his career that he was able to achieve one of the star spots on a television show that would go down in history as one of the greatest shows of all time in the history of television.  Aside from becoming a regular on Hogan’s Heroes, he would also have several different guest spots on several different shows that ran throughout the 1970s.  One of the cherries on an already excellent career for Washington, was during the year of 1989, when he was awarded with the task of starring as a guest on the show A Different World.

While Kenneth Washington was a very successful actor, he would specialize in television shows, either starring in or playing a guest role in more than 17 of them.  While he was in a couple of movies, those would be the two that he had been in when he was just a child and did not receive any credit for.  But even with that being said, Washington has had a very successful television actor career that would make anybody jealous, no matter who they were.  While Washington did not necessarily win any awards for any of his work during his acting career, it is safe to say that he has helped to shape the way that televisions shows have evolved over the years.


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