Don Johnson’s Wife – Kelley Phleger Wiki (Age, Bio, Instagram)

While you may not have heard about Kelly Phleger, there is a very good chance that you have heard of her husband, Don Johnson.  Don Johnson is actually somebody that has been able to use his acting talents in order to build himself a very long career, the bulk of that career coming from his ability to act in what some would consider to be the very best and memorable storylines of all time. 

Where Kelly Phleger (Don Johnson’s wife) comes into play, is that she has recently released a series of different moments that she holds extremely close to her heart when it comes to her husband, as he just recently celebrated his 70th birthday.  In fact, some of the great memories that she has shared with everybody, are going to be the same ones that have made Don Johnson one of the most well-known household names that you can think of to this day.  Here is everything that you need to know about Kelly Phleger and how much she loves her husband of 22 years, Don Johnson.

Who Exactly is Don Johnson?

Don Johnson is going to be one of the more recognizable names when it comes to television stars, gaining most of his popularity by playing the character of Sonny Crockett in the hit television show, “Miami Vice’.  Aside from being the star of Miami Vice, he has also starred in several other television shows and movies, some of which include ‘Book Club’, ‘Django Unchained’, ‘Machete’, and ‘Guilty as Sin’.  

While there would be many of Johnson’s fans that would go out of their way in order to wish him a happy birthday along with his loving wife, Kelly Phleger, one of his fans would end up honoring him through the movie of his that they liked the most.  The movie that this fan would be talking about would be the movie titled ‘Sweethearts Dance’.  

Who is Kelly Phleger?

While Kelly is 20-years younger than Don Johnson is, she was also the person who was able to win his heart over after he had gone through and failed at marriage four times before.  In fact, she has been able to do such a great job at keeping Johnson happy, he would even say this about his marriage with Kelly, ‘People don’t develop to the place where they can have long-lasting, mature relationships till they’re in their 30s, and for some of us, it takes even longer than that.’

Don Johnson and Kelly Phleger’s Marriage

While there are some rumors floating around that Don Johnson was able to do successfully in his role of the Miami Vice character Sonny, those rumors would say that Don was just as much of a womanizer in real life as his character was in the hit television show.  With that being said, however, it is safe to say that Don has been able to flip his life around 180 degrees.

While he may have been living the fast life while he was at the height of his career, he has also gone ahead to give up all of the drugs, as well as become much more spiritual, spending his time to work on himself, increasing the amount of strength and mental strength to increase his overall wellbeing.  It is this transformation that has been able to help him build such a solid relationship with Kelly, as well as being able to hold down a very busy career.  What makes Don’s and Kelly’s relationship so special, is that she has been able to help him become a family man that cares about spending time with all of his children, as well as making sure that he keeps close ties with all of them as well.  This is true for all of the children that he has had in past relationships, as well as his current one with Kelly.

Aside from spending time with his loving wife, Kelly, and his amazing children who he loves dearly, Don has reportedly signed up to star on a revival show of ‘Nash Bridges’.  This is very exciting news for Don, but it has been reported by the creator of the show, Carlton Cruse, that there are going to be many of the main characters that were originally on the show who have decided that they are not going to be returning for the special revival.  

No matter what happens with Don Johnson’s career, the one thing that is for sure, is that his wife, Kelly Phleger, is going to be by his side the entire time.


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