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Keith Washington is a famous singer from the 1990s who actually had a big name in the industry for his short-lived music career. He even won a Grammy for the Best R&B Soul Male voice. In 1992, he ended up even winning a Soul Train Music Award, and his song ended up making the top Billboard charts for an entire week. However, what happened to him, and who in the world is Keith Washington? We’ve done some serious investigating of this “one hit wonder”, and we comprised this list of some facts that many people may not know about him, even though his music’s a bit outdated compared to what you may be used to listening to.

Who is Keith Washington? Facts You May Not Know

In the early days, Keith Washington was born in the renowned rap capital of Detroit, MI on Nov. 15th, 1960. Amazingly, he is now 60 years old, and was one of the most popular names in the music industry, while his top hit was used as the theme song for an episode of the famous soap opera “General Hospital”. Titled “Kissing You”, it’s still a classic that is played to this day, and was a part of his 1991 LP called “Make Time for Love”. This track was one of the most played songs on the charts back then. The song even made a big bunch of fame during the early 1990s compared to other competitors of the time, such as Boys II Men, Bel Biv Devoe, and many others. The song Kissing You even won a Grammy and a Soul Train award. He is still very much in the music industry, but many people don’t know that he has ended up performing with other artists in collaborations, and even has dove into acting in recent years.

He ended up performing with the likes of Kylie Minogue, and even had some roles on popular TV shows such as Martin, General Hospital, and even Poetic Justice. In 1993, he ended up recording his second LP titled “You Make it Easy”. He also performed with popular musicians and singers Chante Moore, Gerald Levert, and even worked with Miki Howard on some tracks.

Radio Personality Galore

In 1998, Keith Washington ended up performing a hiatus that was extremely long for many singers/actors. Due to his divorce, he ended up taking time off of the entertainment industry and then ended up going to radio shows where he hosted late night shows on WDMK-FM 105.9 (also known as KISS FM). His shows were called “Kisses After Dark” where he ended up playing late night R&B love making songs.

Keith Washington’s style is not like the everyday love songs in classic R&B. Mixing a fusion of 1990s R&B, Jazz, and even Soul, with a hint of that true lovemaking sound that people love to hear to this day, Washington has mastered the genre of classic R&B that was iconic in the 1970s and 1980s. 

What About His Personal Life?

What a lot of people don’t know about is his personal life. When he was younger, he ended up marrying Marsha Jenkins, and this ended up in a divorce in which she wrote a book called “The Other Side of Through”, which is a recap of her life married to Washington, and his issues with infidelity. Of course, the book itself is simply a fictional rendition based on the marriage, but this caused a lot of strife in his life. However, in 2009, that all changed.

Washington ended up marrying a girlfriend who he was with for a long time known as Stephanie Grime, who ended up being a sales manager at a radio station in the Detroit region. He also ended up telling the world of his plans to release a new studio album around this time as well.

Other Bits of Information:

Keith Washington is now 60 years old.

His Zodiac is a Scorpio. Fitting with his relationship history, right?

As far as everyone knows, Keith Washington is still alive. Not much is known about him these days as he somewhat disappeared off the edge of the planet (no, the earth is NOT square – it’s a figure of speech).

Similar artists like Keith Washington include Kumar (no, not from the White Castle movie), Fred Lavery, and many others from that time.


Keith Washington is one of the many artists from the early 1990s that ended up being on the top of the charts, and then simply disappearing. This often earns them the title of being a one hit wonder of sorts – even if they recorded more than one album back then.


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