Shannon Sharpe’s Ex Wife – Katy Kellner Wiki (Bio, Age, Instagram)

Katy Kellner is a fitness instructor; she is a senior instructor at float Fitness Studio. She is very beautiful and a very fit woman. She is an American and is best known as Shannon Sharpe’s ex- girlfriend. However, it is not just her relationship with Shannon Sharpe that made her what she is. There is much more to know about her.

Early Life

Katy was born in 1981 in Atlanta where she was raised as well. She had a pretty normal childhood as her parents were not celebrities. Katy is extremely private about her personal and family life and there is not much information available in the market about her. She has done a great job in keeping her life away from the eyes of the media. However, once she revealed that she is an aunt to two kids. The only thing which you can find about her early life is that she had studied in Elmhurst College which is based in Illinois, where she studied arts and later on earned herself a degree in the same field in the year 2003.

After the bachelor’s degree she went to Troy University in Alabama in the year 2008 and did her further studies in Instructional Technology and got her Master’s degree. She then moved back to Alabama and became a teacher at Fulton Public School. She worked there for 10 years and this is when she decided to quit the education services and began her career as an instructor. This is also the time when she met her Fiancé Shannon Sharpe.

Katy is in her late 30’s and does not even show any sign of aging. This may be because of her healthy routine. She is a physical instructor and has a perfect body. She has been working as a fitness instructor and this is how she met Shannon Sharpe.

Full Name: Katy Kellner
Age:40 (estimated)
Date of Birth:Not known, year 1981.
Place of Birth:The United States of America
Profession:Educationist, Fitness Instructor
Married:Marlon Byrd (Current); Shannon Sharpe (Former)
Education:Elmhurst College; Troy University
Social Media:Instagram (Private)



This might not be known by everyone but Katy had chosen a different career path in the beginning of her career. She was a teacher in a public school when she began her career. The school she taught was a public school known as Fulton Public School. She was so much in love with the job that she taught there for 10 years. She was always fond of educating and training young kids, which was her passion.

Her life took a huge change when she thought of changing her career as a teacher and started to work as a gym enthusiast and got deep into fitness, bodybuilding and exercising. Gym was her second home. Hence, she started to follow the passion and started working as a gym fitness instructor and director at the California branch of Flywheel Sports, which is a nationwide gym. She was responsible for cycling and spinning classes in the gym which was in Thousand Oaks.

Love Life

Although she was famous for what she was doing in the beginning as a gym instructor. The reason why she became famous was because she was in a relationship with the former NFL star player, Shannon Sharpe.

Both of them were fitness enthusiasts and that is what brought them together. The first met at an event which was in the year 2013 and they instantly liked each other’s company. They used to work out together and that is when they came closer and had positive effects on the love relationship.

They got engaged in the year 2016 but it could only manage to stay together for the next 5 years only. It did not last long. Sharpe was once rumored to have openly said that he liked the model Nicole Murphy. However, the exact reason was not mentioned by either of them.

It was not known when they split exactly but this came to be highlighted when Kate posted a picture of herself with a baby bump on Instagram. No one knew about the split and unknowingly the netizen started to congratulate Kate and Shannon. As they thought that it was Shannon’s Child. This was when Kate changed her profile to private on Instagram. Many curious netizens later found out the father of the baby was the man who was a co-partner of Thousand Oaks Gym known as Marlon Byrd. Kate gave birth to a baby boy in December in the early 2018 and named him Jaden Charles Byrd. No one knows who the relationship began with but it seems that both of them are happy with each other and looking at the public displays on Instagram it shows that his family means everything for him. This makes him one of the most admirable men in the society. They are happily married to each other and seem quite comfortable when seen in public outings.

Who is Shannon Sharpe?

Shannon Sharpe is a Former NFL player who had started his career with Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens which lasted for 14 seasons. For his team he used to play at the tight end and is one of the most sought out players in the NFL games. He was even added to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the year 2011. He also won 3 Super Bowl titles while he was playing for Broncos and Ravens. The NFL player completed his career with receiving yards just over 10,000 and touchdowns which numbered to a total of 62 with 815 career receptions.

Shannon is the younger brother of the NFL star, Sterling Sharpe and has grown up poor in Georgia. When he was young he used to play both football and basketball and was also good on the track. He had his personal best long jump at 6.73 meters and 14.73 meters in triple jump. He had a record of 42.06 meter in discus throw. He moved on with his career as he transitioned to TV, where he started to serve as an NFL analyst for CBS.

He later on moved to work with FS1 which is a channel of Fox Sports. Shannon and Skip Bayles did co- host the famous TV show which was known Skip and Shannon. This was one of the famous TV shows of FS1. He also started to write columns and was also a spokesperson for Fitnessrx in the Men’s magazine section and appeared on their September cover in the year 2013. He was amongst the 17 finalists to be considered for enshrinement at the pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009. He passed over in the same class as Bruce Smith, Ralph Wilson, Derrick Thomas and Rod Woodson.

Shannon Sharpe’s Net Worth

According to the sources the net worth of Shannon Sharpe, the 52-year-old ex-NFL player is around $1211 million in the current year 2020.  He has earned this net worth by the proceedings of his games and the successful career in the game of football from the year 1990 till the year 2003. He is an analyst at the national Football league and also hosts a number of shows such as the Skip and Shannon show.

Who is Marlon Byrd?

Marlon Jerrard Byrd is a former Major League Baseball player who has played for many teams such as the Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians & Washington Nationals.  He is retired now but was in the spotlight because of his married life controversy with Katy Kellner. He played his final baseball match on 3 May, 2016, for Cleveland Indians.

He got married to Katy Kellner and it seems like a match made in heaven as Byrd is a sports personality and Katy is a gym enthusiast and fitness trainer. He got a divorce from his first wife and married Katy shortly after it. The 42year old is often seen with his wife and children posing on Instagram. He has 3 children, the youngest named as Jaden Charles Byrd.

Height, Age and Net Worth

Height: 5′ 7″ Weight (in kilograms).

Weight: 71.7 kg: Weight (in Pounds) 158 lbs.

Age: Approx. 38 years old.

Her net worth is considered to be approximately $1 million. Most of the income is from the Thousand Oaks Gym.

What Does A GYM Instructor Do?

There are many types of Gym instructor which are mentioned below:

  • The Drill Sergeant
  • The Cheerleader
  • The Spiritual Guru
  • The Partner
  • The Mountain Guide
  • The Technical Educator

You can choose any type of fitness trainer according to your wish. You can adapt to the style of your trainer and based on that work on creating a personality for yourself. Don’t let anything demoralize you. Motivate yourself and make sure to follow your instructor to achieve your goal of a perfect body and to maintain good health. You will always be learning something new from every session of your work out. Set a goal which seems achievable at first and then increase the target.


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