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Denzel Washington has many children and all of them are known well in the film industry. However, many people haven’t heard a lot about his second oldest child, Katia Washington. Why is that exactly? We’ll get into that later. What you should know about Katia Washington however, is that she’s an aspiring filmmaker in the works. She has been in the background of a few movies that have been blockbuster and indie successes – and she’s not boastful about everything in her life. She has worked hard to become an assistant as well as helped to produce some of the most popular movies since 2012 (some of them even featuring her own father).

I’ve Never Heard of Katia Washington. Who is She?

Katia Washington was born in 1987 in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California on November twenty-seventh. She’s the daughter of Denzel Washington, and Pauletta Washington. As the second oldest, she’s in the heirloom line along with her two brothers – John David and Malcom Washington, and her younger sister Olivia (Malcom’s twin sister). All of her siblings show a great deal of talent in the movie industry and even though they’ve showed themselves as prominent aspiring actors and entertainers, Katia herself has been mainly in the back end of things behind the scenes.

Where Did Katia Washington Go TO School?

Many of Denzel’s kids went to great schools, and Katia is no different. She ended up going to private colleges in the Los Angeles area, but eventually she ended up going to Yale University until she graduated in the year 2010. She ended up getting her degree in the Arts.

When she was younger, she ended up earning the title from her father and the rest of the family as the family’s “Dancing Li’l Bird”, and she loved dancing and at one point in her life wanted to do this, but she mainly just enjoys dancing to all music – not necessarily for performance.

Katia Washington ended up finding her place in the background of a movie, and while she has looked into acting, she is the more reclusive of the Washington family. Therefore, she ended up remaining in the directing and producing part of the industry so she could pursue it instead of being in the limelight. Not a lot is known about her private live, and Katia has even had to endure being called a lesbian because of the way she carries herself, her social connections, and thanks to many fans of the Washingtons doing what people do – assuming things and sharing them online. 

Social Preference of Katia Washington

Katia, unlike many of her other famous siblings and parents, try to avoid the media and paparazzi as much as possible. Unfortunately for her though, one of her god friends in the film industry has caused people to assume that she was a part of the LBGTQ community. The main reason is because some people ended up assuming she was in a relationship with another woman named Colleen. Whether all of these rumors in the media and social media are true however is completely unsure, so you can probably count them out unless Katia ends up speaking up to the public herself. For now, she simply denies anything, so nobody really knows.

How Did This Happen?

A few years ago, one of her god friends and mentors named Colleen ended up posting photos of her and Katia spending time out in public together. Colleen works as a costume designer in the movie industry, which is a small, but important part of everything that makes a movie. These photos ended up going public, and this woman ended up posting numerous photos of her and Katia together online. Colleen has been reported as being a part of the LBGTQ rights movement as a successful advocate, and her and Colleen have even gone to women’s rights marches with each other. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Katia Washington is a lesbian.

Katia Washington’s Career Successes

At the movement, Katia hasn’t been in any roles where she has been an actor compared to some of her siblings. However, she ended up playing a very big role in the making of the famous Quentin Tarantino movie called “Django Unchained”, which can currently even be found on Netflix and other streaming services, but was a box office success. She worked on this movie in 2012 when she started out as a measly editorial manufacturing assistant, and then she ended up working hard. The Oscar-nominated movie featured some big names in Hollywood as well, such as Christoph Waltz, Leo DiCaprio, and even Jamie Foxx (as well as a ton of other famous actors). It ended up being nominated the year that it came out for an Oscar and then won successfully won the prized statue.

Katia went on after her father ended up giving her appraisal to GQ magazine, and even admitted that Katia didn’t really like Denzel talking about her work on the film. 

Another Movie

Later on, she ended up working on a movie right along with her own father as an assistant. The movie – known as “The Equalizer” was a box office hit that featured some action-packed scenes and ended up having numerous people that she was able to work with, including famous actors and actresses like Marton Czokas and Chloe Grace Moretz. Afterwards, she ended up working on a movie in 2016 that was called “The Start of a Nation”.

“The Start of a Nation” was where Katia Washington ended up starting her production assistant career, and then she later on ended up working on Denzel Washington’s film called “Fences”, which has won critical acclaim across the globe.

Katia has also worked as the co-producer of another popular movie called “Assassination Nation” and she ended up working hard on her own thing so that she’s not tied to the movie industry simply because of her father’s name. Of course, it is very common for celebrity children to be brought into the lights of Hollywood because of their parents who are famous, but more importantly, it’s an entirely different story to se that one of Denzel Washington’s daughters is completely independent in her endeavors.

What About Now?

According to the IMDB page, there are some projects that Katia Washington is involved with that are in the production phase as of yet, and she has done amazing things in the industry. It’s said that in the near future, they aren’t going to be surprised when she ends up completely producing a movie all on her own that is more than a short film like her brother. 


Katia Washington is a very private person, and that is seeming to serve her well in the entertainment and movie business. Most celebrities end up being completely famous for their parents’ success, but Katia’s is completely on her own. She doesn’t want to be in front of a camera, and would rather be behind it in order to achieve the same success as the likes of her father, Denzel Washington. Katia has already worked on some of the industry’s top films in the past decade (2012-2020), and it is no surprise that she will end up being successful and have her name out there even more in the next one. As far as social standings go, not much is known about Katia’s decisions on what she likes in life (aside from dancing of course), so the media should just let her be herself and enjoy the movies she makes.


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