CBS Philadelphia Weather Girl – Kate Bilo Wiki (Bio, Age, Married, Kids)

Famous meteorologist Kate Bilo is famous for her news and weather on the Eyewitness News team since she joined them as the Chief Meteorologists on CBS3 and The CW Philly (the Philadelphia CW channel) back in October of 2010. After ten years, she has dominated the big screen when it comes to weather, and is almost as famous as the Weather Channel itself. However, that’s not where she got her big start. As a matter of fact, she has worked with a numerous amount of clients, from radio stations, and even some online weather channel website teams as well. If you like watching the news and weather, then you’ll want to know about the weather personalities that you love to watch.

Who is Kate Bilo?

Bilo herself, was born in Phoenixville, and while she came home to the Delaware area from AccuWeather’s college in Pennsylvania, where she was a meteorologist from 2004 until she moved, she wanted to have a good change of pace. For the numerous AccuWeather clients she worked for, her voice on both television and radio reached FOX News, CNBC, and even ABC News as well as hundreds of local area smaller news stations.


Kate Bilo graduated from Penn State University in 2003, the same college that one of Denzel Washington’s sons attended. She received honors by getting a Bachelor’s of Science degree in both Spanish as well as International Business. She also ended up going to Mississippi State University and getting her Bachelor’s in Geosciences as well, which helped her not only with broadcasting, but also her meteorology credit. Over the years, she ended up hosting “The Talk”, an Emmy nominated show as well on top of performing her regular weather forecasting.

She Loves to Read

One thing that may people don’t realize is that Kate Bilo is an avid book connoisseur. She enjoys reading, and she reads a lot. She has a goal that he sticks to in which she plans to read at least one hundred books every year. She also helps children learn to enjoy reading and she is a Champion of Reading at Philadelphia’s Library summer program to go around to libraries and read books. She also loves traveling as any weather personality does, and of course, she wants to chase some serious tornadoes someday, although that hasn’t happened as of yet.

Personal Life

Aside from the facts above, not much is known about Kate Bilo’s personal life. She doesn’t boast a lot of her personal life and private life on social media and other platforms, and almost always maintains what people consider to be a professional demeanor. As one of America’s top weathercasters, she has made her priority her work, her colleagues, and more. We don’t have any information on her marital status, and whether or not she has children that she can spend time with.

Further Endeavors

Not much is known about Kate Bilo’s future endeavors aside from what we mentioned. After being on her current show for the last ten years, it is unsure of whether she’s going to go outside of her network more than she has, or if she’s going to switch positions. It takes a lot of work to be a meteorologist, and many of them endure all types of psychological problems because of their jobs. For one to stick around for a decade requires a special kind of growth mentality that only she has. However, she is working hard to achieve her goals compared to many others out there. In retrospect, it’s not a surprise that after working ten years for the same company as a news and weather broadcaster, she has definitely proved herself as a prominent figure. Many people don’t like weather forecasters and judge them because things don’t always go as planned. However, the nation has learned to admire some of those select few that have stuck around as long as she has to grow into a national news celebrity (especially one that’s not just the average reporter).


Kate Bilo is a book enthusiast who has a very detailed college education in the field of meteorology and Geosciences. She has been on television and radio all over the United States as a voice for weather and news in many different news outlets as well as radio stations. Though she is one of the primary weather forecasters in the Philadelphia, PA area, she has been around the country and her work is spread out throughout the states to make her something of a national celebrity when it comes to finding out the weather.


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