OJ Simpson Son – Justin Ryan Simpson Wiki (Bio, Net Worth, Age & More)

If you have been alive for any amount of time, there is a very good chance that you have heard of OJ Simpson and the crimes that he was accused of. In case you are unaware of what he was accused of, it was in fact that of murder. Yes, OJ Simpson, who was an all-star football player and even a very well-known actor, was accused of supposedly murdering his wife and her good friend, that following them breaking up.

While the case would get nationally media coverage and was all that anybody could talk about for that time, it would eventually be judged by a jury of peers that would find OJ Simpson innocent of murdering his wife and her friend. While that may seem extremely cut and dry, the story gets even more complex, as OJ would then go on to write a book explaining exactly what happened and how he would have murdered his wife and her friend. The family of the deceased would go on to file a lawsuit against the book, which a judge would agree on their side, meaning that all of the money from the sales of the book would go to the family of the deceased.

Anyways, know that you are all caught up to speed on OJ Simpson, you may be wondering about any family that he may have had, in most cases, any children. If that is the case, you would be right in thinking that OJ Simpson did have children, one of them being Justin Ryan Simpson. Here is everything that you need to know about OJ Simpson’s son, Justin Ryan Simpson.

Justin Ryan Simpson and his Family

Justin Ryan Simpson is one of OJ Simpson’s sons, who has just recently turned 31 years old. He has done something that is completely different from that of his father, that career choice being that of nothing related to his famous father. Born on August 6, 1988, Justin is going to be the very youngest of a total of four children that OJ Simpson had. Prior to the accusation that he murdered his partner, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her good friend Ronald Goldman, OJ was a very well-known NFL player, that to the tune of receiving the Heisman Trophy in college for the 1968 season.

Moving forwards, OJ would end up playing with the Buffalo Bills from 1969 thru 1977. After the 1977 season, OJ would be traded to the San Francisco 49ers. It would be this 1978 season that would end up being OJ’s very last season as an NFL player. With that being said, OJ’s best season would be the 1973 season. It is during this season that he would be chosen as the MVP (Most Valuable Player), as well as the Offensive Player of the Year. On top of that, he would also claim the award of Athlete of the Year, and even go on to win the Bert Bell Award.

Moving forward with his personal life, OJ would end up meeting and getting married to Marguerite Whitley in June of 1967, at just the young age of 19. The two of them would end up having three children, but unfortunately, only two of those children are alive today. They are going to be Jason L. Simpson and Arnelle. The third child, Aaren Simpson, was unfortunately involved in a very weird swimming pool accident that caused him to pass away in 1979, just two years after he was born.

The relationship between OJ and Marguerite would eventually come to an end during March of 1979. After this, OJ would go on to meet and marry Nicole Brown, which he would originally end up meeting in 1977. They would eventually get marry several years later in February of 1985. Aside from OJ’s other children, him and Nicole would end up having two more children, those being Sydney and Justin Simpson.

As with any professional athlete, there is always going to be some stigma that their children are destined to follow in their footsteps. However, as far as Justin was concerned, he would end up choosing a very different path than that of an NFL player. In fact, the path that Justin would decide to follow was more than likely the main reason that his father OJ Simpson, would decide that he was not going to raise him at all.

It is because of OJ’s decision to not raise his son Justin, that Justin’s grandparents (Juditha Anne Brown and Louise Hezekiel), had to take care of him when he was growing up. This is going to be especially true after OJ was accused of murdering Justin’s mother, Nicole. Since OJ was charged with a homicide, he would not be able to spend any time with his children, let alone raise them.

Justin Ryan Smith: Living His Own Life

Even though you have a very famous father that has been accused of a hideous act that everybody knows about, doesn’t necessarily mean that you still can’t have your very own career and life your own life. Justin has been able to rise above the shadow that his father has cast over the Simpson name and become a very successful real estate agent. Having studied at the Florida State University and graduating in 2010, Justin has been able to successfully build himself a career in real estate that does not include his father in any way, shape or form.

The story of Justin Ryan Smith just goes to show that no matter who your family is, you can still go out there and do your own thing to become successful. Justin is only one of the many examples that prove you are not restricted by the actions of your parents, siblings, or anybody in your family. Just know that, no matter what your conditions or limitations may be, there is always going to be a way that you can overcome, thrive, and surpass any roadblock that may get into your way.


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