Snoop Dogg & Laurie Holmond Son – Julian Corrie Broadus Wiki (Age, Bio, Pictures)

Julian Corrie Broadus became well known after it was known that he is the son of the world-famous rapper, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. who is well known as Snoop Dog. It was so much in the news that the story later led to a paternity test which proved that he was indeed Snoop Dogg’s son. Later on, he did accept that Julian was his son and has accepted the responsibility of being his father.

Julian is very much like his father and is currently studying at the University of California. He has a similar attraction towards music. He is active on Social media and his followers have increased a lot after the disclosure about this father. The revelation has also made people who are fans of his father, very curious about the youngster’s life. They want to know more about the child which Snoop Dogg had with Laurie Holmond.

Laurie Holmond and Snoop Dogg’s Affair

When everyone came to know about Julian Corrie Broadus as Snoop Dogg’s son, the internet was set on fire. It was a huge news but Snoop refused to accept the fact about his son. Later Laurie filed a case against him and asked for a paternity test. When it was proved through the paternity test that he is indeed the father, Snoop Dogg accepted his son. It was quite later in his life that Snoop dog had found out about his son. Julian came into spotlight in the year 2008 when the news spread that he was the son of the famous rapper. Julian knew very little about his father and had a very normal life like any other child. However, this changed as people came to know about his father.

Finding Julian’s Existence

The famous rapper found out about the existence of his son in the year 2008. He was in a state of shock to find out about him. It was not believable that anyone can become a part of your family in an instance. He thought that it might be someone who is trying to creep out his good work and is just trying to make a claim on making a family connection with him.

However, it was proved later on that Julian did have a connection with Snoop Dogg and it came into everyone’s knowledge that he did cheat on his wife Shante Broadus and did apparently have an extra marital affair with his former high school friend.  Laurie Holmond had informed Snoop Dogg that she was pregnant. Snoop Dogg was much tensed when he found out about the pregnancy and was very worried if his wife finds out about the same. However, he did accept his responsibilities after the paternity test was conducted and consented on child support.

Julian’s True Feelings for His Parents

Julian Corrie Broadus who was always craving attention from his father. Did not even know he had one until the age of 9. Since a very young age he wanted to know about his father and was very vocal about it. When he found out eventually who his father was, he was not very happy with the situation. He penned down an open letter about his relationship with his father.

According to the youngster it was very difficult to find out about his father. He told his followers that it was difficult for a child to not have any guidance from a father. He stated that the existence of his father cannot be denied. However, he is quite affected as his father is unwilling to associate himself with him, which hurts him the most.

The youngster has said in his latest interview that he is no longer affected by the isolation as he is now grown up but his mind is not ready to accept that he grew up fatherless in spite of the fact that he has a father. He does not agree with either of his parent’s behavior but is grateful that his mother has raised him to what he is today.

He also revealed that he loves poetry and he intends to go into music similar to his father. He initially did not like being like his father but has stopped pushing his musical talent away. He knows that he is fond of music and has never felt more passionate about anything else.

Snoop Dogg’s Relation with His Wife

His relationship with his wife was not good even before she knew about Julian. He had a habit of cheating on his wife which she was aware of. He sought for a divorce in 2004 as his escapades came into light of the media. However, his wife thought she could manage their married life and halted the divorce procedure. She tried hard to keep the relationship but finding out about Julian’s existence was the last straw which made life changing decisions for the couple. They have three children together: Two sons Corde and Cordell and a daughter named Cori.  The couple filed for a divorce but are still staying separately. They just make public appearances when there is an occasion. The couple came to terms about his illegitimate son Julian stating they won’t have a personal or fatherly relationship with each other but he can support the child by paying him child support.

Julian Corrie Broadus Appears To Be Forging a Career in Music

Julian has chosen to walk the same path as his father and has already worked his way to top the charts as a music artist. His father is a rapper but his style is a bit different than him. His style of music seems to lean towards RNB and pop. Many people have full faith that he would be very respectable in the field of music in the coming years. He is currently working in the University of California and is following his dream to become a musician. He wants to make his own way to become a good musician and does not want to attribute his success to his influential father.

Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. was born in the year October 20, 1971 also known as Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion. He is an American rapper and is also very famous for his endorsement personality. He became very famous with his solo single “Deep Cover” and then Dre’s solo album known as The Chronic. He has sold 23 million albums in the USA and 35 million all around the world.

He was born in Long Beach, California to his parents, Vernall Varnado and Beverly Broadus. Vernall was a Veteran of Vietnam. A singer and mail carrier he left the family only when Snoop Dogg was three months old. His parents nicknamed him after his love for the cartoon character “Snoopy ”. They were 3 siblings and began to play piano and started singing at the Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church.  When he was in 6th Grade he started to rap. When he was a kid, he used to sell candies, deliver newspapers and groceries which came bagged. He was a good student and was also in the church choir and football team.

It was the year 1993 that he started to begin participating in unlawful activities and had joined a gang. His mother had tried to prevent it but it was of no use as he would not listen to her.

Broadus knew that he had a gift when he used to rap in school and could draw the attention of the students. This made him incline towards music. He was frequently found guilty under the law as he was the member of the Rollin 20’s Crips gang in Long Beach. He had always declined that he was with a gang. A day after his graduation he was caught on charges for Cocaine possession and was in the Wayside Jail for the next three years. He started to make music with his two cousins Nate Dogg and his friend Warren G. They made tapes at home and named their group 213 which was the then code of the Long Beach area at that time. One of these tapes reached the influential producer Dr Dre. He was so impressed with the rapper that he called him to the audition. The D.O.C taught him to make his own lyrics and asked him to make versus, chorus and hooks.

Snoop Dogg married his high school girlfriend, Shante Taylor in the year 1997. The couple had divorced each other in 2004. However, they exchanged marriage wows again in the year 2008. He is a first cousin to R&B singer Brandy and Ray J and professional wrestler Sasha Banks. In 2015, Snoop Dog became a grandfather as his eldest son had a child with his girlfriend Jessica Kyzer.

He is a cannabis smoker and announced once that he wants to give it up. HE can smoke up to 80 cannabis blunts each day. However, now he has been allowed to smoke cannabis only to treat his migraine since the year 2007. In the year 2009, Snoop Dog became a member of the Nation of Islam. He had never given a date when he joined the Nation.


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