Richard E. Grants Wife Joan Washington (Wiki)

If you haven’t heard of Joan Washington, there is a very good likelihood that you have been living under a rock your entire life.  Joan Washington is known for being a British Dialect Coach that hails from Aberdeen, as well as being the spouse Richard E. Grant, who is a Swazi-English Actor that has done very well for himself and is quite popular around the globe.  In fact, Grant has been able to use his acting skills to appear on several different films, those including some of he classics such as ‘The Age of Innocence’, that was released in 1992; ‘Logan’, which was released in 2017; and ‘The Iron Lady’, which was released in 2011.  For all of his success onscreen, he would be nominated for several Academy Awards, that of which include one for his supporting actor performance as the character Jack Hock, for his work in the film titled ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’, which was released more recently in 2018.

As if that wasn’t enough, Joan’s husband was also able to use his acting talents to make an appearance in the much-anticipated movie ‘Star Wars:  The Rise of Skywalker’, which was released only a year ago in 2019.  To cap it off, he has also decided that he is going to join up with Jason Segel’s anthology series that is called ‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’, alongside of another film great, Sally Field.  This series is going to be centered around a special group of ordinary people who end up stumbling into a special puzzle hiding that is right beyond the veil of what you would consider everyday life.  What makes this even more exciting, is the fact that they are going to eventually come to know that the very mystery that they are trying to solve is going to go much deeper that they would ever have imagined.

Joan Washington’s Husband

Joan was married to Richard, the ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ star, on November 1, 1986.  It was a private ceremony that they decided would be best, as they did not want a ton of publicity or press for their special occasion.  The two have become proud parents of a daughter, who is named Olivia Grant, and a son, whose name is Tom Washington.  What makes this romance even more special, is the fact that Joan actually met hew would-be husband while doing a training session for a Belfast accent, in which Grant would actually approach her to help her with the training.  What this means for everybody else, is that you have no idea when you will meet the person that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, so always be prepared.

Joan Washington’s Career

Originally, Joan would be working as a special voice trainer at the Central school of speech and Drama.  Later in her career however, she would decide that she wanted to shift her focus to that of the film industry, becoming responsible for pretty much the entire voice department.  It is this career change that has led her to having the opportunity to work win various different films, some of which include ‘Red Sparrow’, ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’, and ‘Crimson Peak’.  Now a days, Joan spends her time working as a special Dialect Coach in the Royal court, as well as the Royal National Theatres.

Joan’s Parents and Upbringing

Joan Washington was originally born in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, back in 1949.  The currently 69-year old was able to graduate from a private high school in London, eventually getting her degree in Dialect coaching.  While you would think that she would be more than happy to brag about her family and her childhood, you would be surprised to find that she does not talk about them in any sense at all.  In fact, she has never revealed any type of information about her parents, or her siblings either.  She has never talked about them or even put anything on any of her social media.  In fact, she has actually done a great job of keeping her personal life and her childhood very private.  Which in case you didn’t know, is extremely hard to do in this day and age.  It is known, however, that Joan does struggle with chain smoking, and that her husband owns a perfume business that is known as ‘Jack’, operating on Regent Street in London.

Joan Washington has had a very full life that is cloaked in mystery when it comes to her childhood.  But none the less, she is still one of our favorite people.


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