Jascha Akili Washington Wiki Bio (Movies, Height, Age, Instagram)

Jascha Washington, who was born on June 21, 1989, was officially named Jascha Akili Washington by his parents, and has been able to grow to fame through his ability to not only act, but as a songwriter as well.  Having to go through his own personal trial and errors, he has been able to overcome all of the different obstacles that have been thrown his way, doing his best to become the success that he is today.  While a lot of people would look at Washington’s history and say that it was handed to him on a silver platter, those people would be dead wrong.  Nothing in this world is simply given to you, and Jascha Washington is no exception to that.  If you have never heard of Jascha Washington, you have more than likely been living under a rock for the past several years.  With that being said, here is everything that you will need to know about Jascha Washington and just how awesome he really is.

Jascha Washington:  His Life and Career

Jascha was originally born in Kings County, which is located in California.  He would make his official television debut in 1997, starring in an episode on the series Brooklyn South, the episode he debuted on being titled ‘A Reverend Runs Through It’.  Moving forward just one year, he would make his official movie debut on a Will Smith movie that did very well, that movie being ‘Enemy of the State’.  Jascha would play the role as the Will Smith character’s son, who was named Eric.  Enemy of the State was a blockbuster move that did exceptionally well and was originally released in 1998. 

Moving forwards, Washington’s most notable television roles and films would come in the form of ‘The Suite Life of Zack &Cody’, where he would end up playing the Drew character; and then again playing Trent Pierce in the movie Big Momma’s House, as well as its sequel as a cameo role type of character.  Fast forward a little and you will find that Washington would also play Dr. Gideon’s son who was named Eli, which would be in Gideon’s Crossing, and then play the character of Jerome in the movie ‘Like Mike 2:  Streetball’, which was released in 2006.  Aside from starring in many different movies and television shows, he would also make several different guest appearances on ‘The Bernie Mac Show’, mainly in the episode that was titled ‘It’s a Wonderful Wife’, as well as in the television series House M.D., this time in the episode titled ‘Family’, which would originally aired in 2007.

Fast forward Washington’s career to 2010 and you will find that he presented a project that was titled ‘The Final at After Dark Horrorfest’.  One of his very most recent appearances would be playing the character of Kendall, in the very popular television series titled ‘Frenemies’.  

While Jascha Washington has been able to use his acting talents to rack up a very impressive resume that includes over a dozen different feature films, he has also been able to use these same acting skills to achieve success in many different made for television movies, as well as music videos, several different shows, and he has even worked himself into appearing on several different commercials as well.  

While Jascha would decide that he did not want to be part of the Big Momma’s House series of films, specifically ‘Big Mommas:  Like Father, Like Son’ playing the Trent character,’ he is stil credited and very famous for playing the Trent character in the first two (and potentially the best of the entire series) movies and that is going to be something that nobody will ever be able to take away from him.

The Personal Life of Jascha Washington

While Jascha enjoys having his privacy and keeping out of the main spotlight, in August of 2013, he would have the privilege of welcoming a baby girl into the world, as well as his family.  Moving forward a couple of years to March of 2015, he would have the opportunity to welcome his second child, who was a boy.  A couple of years later in January of 2017, Washington would gladly be able to bring a third child into his life, this one being another boy.

Jascha Washington was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to put his acting skills to work for him, essentially cementing his legacy as one of the better actors of his time.  Hopefully we will see him back on the big scree sooner than later.


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