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Anybody who grew up as a child in the 80s or early 90s is surely going to know who Mr. Rogers is.  This is because in a world where many friendships are only going to be skin-deep. Mr. Rogers was able to make children all over the country feel special for being exactly who they were on the inside.  In fact, none of the puppets that would be on his show, Mister Rogers’s neighborhood, would have any strings attached to them.  While this may not sound like it is anything special, it is actually going to have a powerful message that is attached to it.  That message being that children do indeed deserve to be loved for who they are and should be taken seriously as well.

Rogers would use his stardom to help shine a major spotlight on to that of children.  In fact, he once even derailed an entire episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, as he couldn’t not keep himself from responding to the children that wanted to ask him questions or asked for a hug.  He truly was a very gentle-hearted person who actually cared about other people, and it would be this very same persona that he portrayed on television, that he would also portray in real life as well.  It is noted that Mr. Rogers would even reply to every single piece of fan mail that he would receive himself, as well as try to make a friend out of everybody that he would meet throughout the day.

It did not matter how dark thins would seem to get, Rogers would always be that shining, comforting ray of light that would go out of his way in order to try and make the world a much less scary place.  It is because of this that when he did end up passing away back in 2003, many of his fans of all ages were legitimately heartbroken.  Mr. Rogers really did have something that was simply special, as he would help to make the world a much more beautiful place every day that he was in it.  Here is what you probably didn’t know about Mr. Rogers.

Puppet Shows for Coma Patients

Whenever you are in the hospital it is going to be a depressing time.  It isn’t very often that you purposely go to the hospital because you are having such a great day.  No matter if it is a serious illness or something else, hospitals are essentially just a miserable experience all-around.  If you are required to stay for a longer period of time, you have to deal with the sleepless nights due to the beeping machines.  If you are in need of a surgery, you also get bombarded with all different types of uncomfortable tests in order to assess your condition.  It is going to be situations like this that you are going to want to have a special friend who is by your side.  Well, for one hospital patient named Beth Usher, that friend would come in the form of Mr. Rogers.

While growing up as a child, Beth would suffer from a very rare disease that is known as Rasmussen’s encephalitis, which is essentially going to be responsible for destroying her brain cells and causing her to suffer from upwards of 100 seizures each and every day.  While Beth would be suffering from this rare disease, one of the things that would bring her comfort would be to watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  In hopes of making her daughter feel better, Beth’s mother would reach out to Rogers in hopes of getting a signed picture.  Rather than a signed picture, Rogers would actually give Beth a call and speak to her over the phone for roughly an hour, talking about her fears and which puppets she liked the best from Rogers’ show. 

After having a surgery that would remove half of her brain, Beth would go into a coma that would last for an entire week.  Rogers, who was also an ordained minister, would pray with Beth’s mother over the phone, eventually flying all the way out to Baltimore from Pittsburgh, in order to visit Beth.  He would greet Beth (even though she was still in a coma), bringing along all of her favorite puppets as well, making her the ‘star in the neighborhood’ for over an hour.  This would build a friendship between the two of them that would end up lasting a lifetime.

He Didn’t Want to be Seen as a Saint

As Rogers became more and more popular, the amount of different and amazing anecdotes about him would continue to stack up.  For example, according to one father, Rogers was actually going to be the very reason that his son, who was suffering from a severe case of autism, would utter his very first words, which were ‘X the Owl’. 

The first time that the child was able to look at his father and make eye contact, he would tell his father ‘Let’s go to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe’.  Moving forward from there, the child was able to learn how to speak and read.  As if that weren’t enough, Rogers was able to speak to a victim of child abuse, helping that child to call a hotline to get the help that they required.  You will be happy to know that the child would later be adopted by the operator of the hotline that took his call.

With Rogers having an extreme impact on the lives of all of those around him, his kindness would be legendary, having one of the contributors to the ‘Atlantic’, essentially saying that Rogers would be a saint if Protestants had saints.  However, later in 2018, Rogers widow would come out to say that he would not want any type of high praise such as that.  This is because Rogers believed that everybody struggled, which meant that nobody was any better or any worse than anybody else.  So he didn’t like to receive any extra praise for being so nice to everyone.


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