Removing Paint from Ceramic Floor Tiles – How To Guide

With room, renovation comes lots of challenges, one of which is having paints on the floor of your tiles. In this article, you will get a few tips on how you can remove these stains from your tiles. There is a high tendency for damaging your floor during home improvements, e.g., having paint stain your floor.

No doubt, trying to clean up the mess either from your own doing or from that of the previous user, is rather difficult. It is much harder if the paint has stayed there for a long period. It is, however, not an impossible thing to do. 

Several factors determine the method you can deploy to get rid of tile paints. Some of them include the type of paint, the severity of the problem, the kind of tile glaze. Having known this, let’s look at five sure ways to getting rid of paints from your floor tiles.

Clean Up at The Initial Stage

It is easy to get rid of paint strains when it’s still very wet. Make use of rags or paper towels to take out the spill. At this initial point, salvaging your floor tiles would be wise before the paint finally becomes hardened. When you finish up this cleaning, ensure you use solvents to wipe off the entire surface of the tiles. 

If you have water-based paint, use soap and water to tidy up the tile surface. For oil-based ones, using a mineral-based spirit would be the best option for cleaning it up. 

Another challenging aspect is scrubbing off the paint’s grout. Using a toothbrush and scouring pad would be the best way to achieve this. You should avoid using steel wool on metal tiles, ceramics, or even porcelain as it can scratch the floor.

Scrape Off the Dried Paint

It is applicable if the pain has lingered on the floor for a long time and has dried up. Do well to avoid using metallic objects to scrap your floor. If you notice that the dry paint seems to be peeling or gradually removing on its own, you can go on to scrap it.

It is best to use a plastic knife or a scrapper, as there is minimal risk of damaging the tile floor. Making use of a Xacto knife is another good way to scarp off the old paint. It ensures that the razor blade is properly held in place, and it gives a good angle as you scrap.

At 45 degrees during the process of scraping, the paint easily comes off.

Begin with firm but gentle strokes, then watch out for any damage on the tiles.  After doing this, wash the residue off the tile’s surface with the use of a sponge and soapy water. During the process, ensure you are well protected from lead paints by using a mask.

Heat Up and Scrape Up

Applying heat to the paint and then cleaning it up makes it easier to remove the paint without damaging the floor. Using a heat-gun is vital for this method; other heating methods that are air-based can also be employed here. 

Protect yourself from inhaling poisonous fumes by making use of a dust mask. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation before starting the process and take it a step at a time. In other to prevent damaging one spot with excess heat, move the heat source around the tiles.

Keep doing this until the paint becomes softer.

After that, at an angle of 45 degrees, hold plastic and use it to scrape off the paint; begin from the edge of the tiles and go all the way carefully. If you find out that the paint is getting off easily, then you can be sure that the process is working.

Be sure to exercise a great deal of patience while you work on corners and other stubborn areas. Make use of rag and water to mop up the surface and then continue the heating and scarping process. Do this till the whole paint is completely wiped off.

Using A Commercial Paint Cleaner

If using the methods above, you still find it hard to get rid of the paint on the tile file; then, you should use commercial paint cleaners. The drawback of this method is that it is expensive, but it’s worth the cost in the long run as it does the job perfectly, even if you’re a newbie. It is unlikely that commercial-based paints would damage your tiles.


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