Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife – Helena Seger Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids)

If you have not heard of Helena Seger, there is a very good chance that you have had your head under a rock for the past several years.  While she is not necessarily considered to be a ‘super-famous’, she has been able to do extremely well in her career as a model and actress, as well as in her personal life, where she has been able to fall in love and marry the soccer star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  Together the two have been able to happily create the family that they have always wanted, helping to shape their lives into the dream lives that they had always hoped to achieve.  So, who is Helena Seger and what has she been able to accomplish in her career and her personal life, you wonder?  Here is everything that you need to know about the wonderful person that is Helena Seger.

Who is Helena Seger?

Originally born on August 25, 1970, Helena Neoll Seger is a former Swedish actress and model, as well as the current life partner for her very famous soccer playing husband, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  Born in a city in Sweden that is known as Lindenberg, Helena is not the only child from her family, having a younger brother whose name is Henrik, and a younger sister as well, whose name is Karin.  Together, the three of them grew up in Sweden with the rest of their family, building a special bond with each other in the process.  When they say that there is no replacement for family, it is going to be very true about Helena and her two younger siblings, Karin and Henrik.  The three of them still keep in touch with each other as much as possible to this day.  

On a more personal note, some of Helena’s favorite hobbies to do while she is not working on her career or spending time with her family are going to be health, fitness, cooking, and of course, going out and watching her husband score as many goals as possible on the soccer field.

Helena and her Husband Zlatan

Originally meeting in the year 2002, Helena Seger and Zlatan Ibrahimovic would end up having their very first son just four years later in 2006, deciding on the name of Maximillian for him.  Fast forward a couple of years to 2008, and they would have the privilege of bringing their second son into the world, deciding to name this one Vincent.  Besides the two wonderful sons that they have together, Helena and her husband also have a family French bulldog that they have decided to name Trustor.  Together, they all live together and create new memories every single day, whether that be in their careers, with each other, or with other family members.

Helena’s Career

Having started her career at the young age of 13, she would get her start with the help of the Swedish company that is known as GUL & Bla.  Moving forward, she would be able to use her modeling talents to increase her portfolio, eventually having the opportunities to work with several other major companies, those including Rabbit, JC, Diesel, and Replay.  While she was in the height of her modeling career, Helena would carve out a little bit of time so that she would be able to take some classes in the area of pattern design, as well as fabric and in=store exposure.  

Once she was able to finish these classes, she would spend the next three years of her career working at Bonner as one of their top sales reps.  She would then take the experience that she would have from Bonner and start working as a sales and marketing rep for Hooch and Corona for the next couple of years.  

Fast forwarding to 1998, Helena would end up joining Swedish Match.  However, once Swedish Match was later sold, she would then go on to join up with Austria Tabak.  While she was working in the tobacco industry, she would take it upon herself to further her studies, this time focusing on communications, brand management and marketing at one of the local universities.  Once completing her courses, Helena would use her new-found knowledge to become the marketing manager at FlyMe, working at Malaco Leaf prior to that.  She would eventually end up leaving FlyMe for good in the year 2005, as she decided that she wanted to move to Italy to be closer to her boyfriend, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Current Life of Helena Seger

As of right now, Helena is currently living with her family in Paris, France.  She is having a great time enjoying her days with Zlatan and her two younger sons, Vincent and Maximillian.  While Helena is enjoying her life in Paris, there is always the chance that they will end up moving away from there, ideally looking to move to Italy or one of the other countries in that area, that move being dependent upon whether or not Zlatan’s career would require them to do so.  So, packing up and moving is solely going to be dependent upon whether or not Zlatan is able to get traded to another soccer club or not.

While there have been many different rumors floating around about Helena wanting to be able to move with her family back to Italy, those are going to be partly true, as she has come out and said that she felt that her family did have a better life while they were in Italy.  So, while Paris has been good to them, Helena simply feels that Italy is where they should end up being when it is time for them to choose a place to move too.  It is because of this that Helena has hinted several different times that it would be great to get the opportunity to move back to Italy with her family, the only thing holding them back being that of Zlatan’s soccer career and how that would end up working out.


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