Grand Hyatt DC – 1000 H Street NW Washington DC 20001 – Hotel

This hotel is an Upper-Middle Range business located in Penn Quarter. Washington DC, Columbia District in the United States of America. 

Grand Hyatt Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Washington Dc. The hotel is a three-and-a-half pearl with suites and rooms that cater to the needs of scores of business travelers visiting the city. 


The hotel is in a unique location that is close to the famous Walter. E Convention Center in Washington and other top attractions makes the hotel a perfect destination for business travelers.

Most of the hotel’s guest conducts on-site business, so the hotel made provision for a 42,000 square feet meeting space. 

The hotel has 897 suites and rooms, which come in different sizes and structures. You get to choose the one that suits your needs most and which you can afford. They have presidential suites, executive suites, single rooms, and many others.

Pros and Cons

The hotel has appealing rooms with state of the art equipment and luxury like air-conditioning, multimedia televisions, free Wi-Fi, and enough space. The hotel is also proximal to the rail station (Metro Center station), which gives occupants of the hotel direct access to the station’s Orange, Blue, Red, and Silver Lines. 

Food is as important as good shelter, so it is pertinent to provide food for visitors in the hotel. Grand Hyatt hotel is up to the task with its various on-site restaurant; hotel visitors do not have to go far to enjoy their favorite menu and drinks. There are several bars, Bistro, Starbucks reserve, and other popular eateries available. 

The hotel acknowledges that most of its clients are business people, so they made provision for a full-service business center and copious conference space. 

There is a club lounge available for people who would like to relax after the day’s stress, although it is limited to higher category bookings and premium loyalty members alone. 

You do not need to go out before you can get fit. Visit the modern gym in the hotel. The gym is equipped with a range of spa services, classes, and equipment.

The hotel also has a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Whatever you want to buy, you will get it in the souvenir shop and the Mini-mart. There is also a shoeshine station to get your shoe ready for the big day.

Asides from the Mini-mart, there are also check-outs and self-check-in kiosks. Internet browsing just got better to do all your research with the free Wi-Fi available everywhere in the hotel.

Unlike some other hotels which bar pets, Grand Hyatt Hotel allows you to come along with your pet.

Howbeit these pros, the hotel has some cons which you should consider before choosing to lodge with them. Although it is not considered too extreme, you can still put up with them if you do not bother about the little cons. 

Their room rate is quite on the high side, ranging from 155 pounds to 160 pounds. Although some rooms also go for 138 pounds. 

One of the cons is that they do not have a swimming pool to chill out and have a good swim. They removed their pool sometimes around 2017 and have not replaced it since then.

Another con is that Grand Hyatt Hotel does not offer late-night room service. That implies that you have to get all you need before night, as no one will attend to you again till the next morning.

Lastly, their valet parking is pricey; else, you have to take the optional self-parking without any privileges.


  • The hotel has several amenities and services that make life easy. These amenities give guests a feeling of a home. They include;
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning to do your clothes 
  • There are Smoking Rooms where smokers can smoke without hindrance. 
  • They also offer babysitting services for mothers as well as supervising kids’ activities.
  • They offer room service during the day and early in the night.
  • There is an arcade or game room where guests can cool off with games after the hard day’s work.
  • There is a beauty and hair salon for both men and women.
  • They have a beautiful transportation system that takes the guest directly to the airport.
  • They have a full kitchen from where they prepare continental dishes to suit your cravings. 
  • Some of their rooms have separate Living room and bedroom space. 
  • There is a concierge to help guests will all their traveling needs.

Full Review


The Grand Hyatt Washington is one of the top business hotels in the city, located in a hot spot zone. Proximal to federal agencies, association headquarters, and the CBD, the hotel is a perfect destination for business and corporate people.

The general design of the hotel is comfortable and modern and borders on generic and stiff. The nerve center in the hotel is the towering atrium. The hotel is so large that there are many escalators that can cater to the need of the teeming crowd that besets the hotel daily.


As earlier iterated in this article, the hotel is located in a strategic location in the center of Penn Quarter. The hotel is very convenient for tourists as well as business people. 

The proximity to some of the city’s top entertainment, shopping, and dining venues make it a great choice for travelers. Lastly, guests in the hotel can easily travel using close transportation avenues like the National Airport, the Union Station, and the Metrorail.


Rooms in Grand Hyatt are spacious and modern, fitted with various amenities. In 2013, the hotel refurbished most of its rooms in line with modern practices. The rooms are still in good condition and furnished with customized artwork to show the famous landmarks and historic architecture in Washington. There are also leather chairs, mini-fridges, irons, coffeemakers, and other things put in place to ensure the guest’s satisfaction.  

Finally, the bathrooms in the rooms feature mostly tub/shower combos with hairdryers, marble tiling, and spacious vanities.


The features of Grand Hyatt are quite numerous because of its large size. The gym is well equipped compared to what you see elsewhere. They offer personal training, fitness classes, and massage.

The hotel’s breakfast outlet, called CABINET, offers a daily buffet with extended hours on weekends. The hotel also has a gift shop and a sundry shop. 

In the club lounge, there are free all-day refreshments, although only premium members can get in.


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