Danny McBride’s Wife – Gia Ruiz Wiki (Age, Family, Wedding, Instagram)

There are lots of women all around the world that have become popular because of the men they dated, the men they are currently dating, or the men that they are married to. Gia Ruiz is one of these many women. She is married to American actor Danny McBride.

Gia Ruiz is a screenwriter and a director. She is very talented and although not so famous, she has achieved a level of fame because of how good she is at what she does. Although Ruiz is recognized as an authority in her chosen profession, the major reason she is famous is that she is married to Danny McBride. While Ruiz is famous because she is Danny’s spouse, she did not become his spouse after he achieved fame. 

She was with him before he became a famous person. Beyond being just a couple, Gia Ruiz and Danny McBride have handled a couple of jobs together. Also, they have two children together.

About Gia Ruiz

Gia Ruiz was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on 23, May 1976. Although she is a famous person, she is very interested in keeping her personal business away from the public. Due to this, not much is known about her education, family, and childhood.

Gia Ruiz is now famous for getting married to a popular actor. She, however, did not start dating him because he is famous as they met while he was still starting out in the industry. Her husband, Danny McBride is a filmmaker, director, comedian, actor, and writer that considers meeting Ruiz equal to striking gold. Danny might be very successful. He, however, still considers family life to be of utmost importance. This is one reason he always gushes about his children and his wife.

Ruiz is obviously not the type of woman that seems very interested in the spotlight. Nonetheless, she is always there for her husband when he had to attend important events. While lots of people think Ruiz only comes around her husband during special events, that is not the only time she is around him. While they were still unmarried, she handled a couple of movie projects alongside her husband. Although her husband is known to be in front of the screen, Ruiz seems a lot more comfortable staying behind the camera. She is the art director behind The Foot Fust Way (2006). She also worked as an  assistant in the art department in the TV series Eastbound & Don (2009-2010)

Although Gia Ruiz and Danny McBride got married in 2019, they have two children that were born in 2015 and 2011 respectively.

How Did Gia Ruiz Meet Her Husband?

There are lots of reports that Gia Ruiz and her husband met on the set of one of the HBO series. This series is Eastbound & Down. In the making of this series, her job description was an art assistant. Although several people believe this is how they met, it might not be true as it has not been confirmed by either Gia Ruiz or Danny McBride. Contrary to what a lot of people assume, Danny has made it known that he met Ruiz in 2002. This was at a Super Bowl Party in Los Angeles. Shortly after they met, they began dating. At the time they met, Danny was struggling as he was in between jobs. Due to this, he was already planning on relocating to North Carolina. 

He went on to move to North Carolina. He, however, did not do this alone but in the company of Ruiz. He did not spend a long time in North Carolina before returning to Los Angeles. His reason for this was he did not think it a wise idea to leave Gia Ruiz. Before going ahead to get married, Gia Ruiz and Danny McBride dated for nine years and got engaged after they had been together for six years.

Gia Ruiz Weight and Height

Gia Ruiz is not a very big person. When compared to her husband, she is small. She weighs 55kg and is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. This makes her shorter than her husband who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall by 7 inches.

Facts about Gia Ruiz

Although Gia Ruiz and Danny McBride were born the same year, she is older than him by some months. He was born in May. Her husband on the other hand was born in December. Going by this, she is older with about 7 months.

Social Media

Virtually everyone loves social media. Although lots of people enjoy being on social media, celebrities have a reputation for living their lives on social media. Ruiz, however, is a break from the norm. Unlike most celebrities in the United States and outside the United States, she does not seem to have any business with social media.

 Ruiz is a very private person. This is perhaps one reason she is not as active as the average American celebrity on social media. She seems to be making a lot of effort to say away from the drama associated with social media. At the moment, it appears she is not active on any social media platform. If she is on any of the many social media platforms, then, she is not doing so with her real name. This is probably an attempt to enjoy the fun associated with social media but stay anonymous at the same time. Unlike Gia Ruiz, Danny McBride is active on Twitter and Instagram. This is perhaps one of the many ways their lifestyles differ.

Her Husband Adores Her

Gia’s husband has granted a lot of interviews. In these interviews, he has had to answer different questions. While many things can be noted from his many interviews, one thing that is regular is he gushes about his wife. He has made it known that his life took a turn around when he met Ruiz. Also, to a large extent, he considers her the most important person in his life.


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