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George Washington Adams was born on April 12, 1801 and would pass on April 30, 1829.  He is famous for being a very popular politician and American attorney during his time.  What really gave him a quick rise to fame in such a short amount of time, was the fact that he was the eldest son of the sixth president of the United States of America, John Quincy Adams.  George Washington Adams would go on to serve not only on the Boston City Council but would also serve on the Massachusetts House of Representatives as well.  While he had a very promising career ahead of him, he would unfortunately diet at the young age of just 28, apparently in a suicide.  Here is everything that you need to know about George Washington Adams.

George Washington Adams’ Biography

Being born in Berlin, which is the capital of the Kingdome of Prussia, George Washington Adams was birthed on April 12, 1801.  Adams was able to get off on the right foot, as he was born into a very distinguished family, that being the Adams family.  He would be the eldest son of his father, John Quincy Adams, who was at the time, one of the diplomatic representatives of the United States, as well as his mother who was English-born and went by the name Louisa Catherine Adams.  Oddly enough, George Washington Adams would get his name from the first president of the United States, George Washington, as his parents had decided to name him after George Washington.  Adams grandfather, John Adams, was actually the very first vice president of the United States of America, as well as the second president after George Washington.

Abigail Adams, who was George Washington Adams’ grandmother, would be extremely unhappy with the decision to name him after the first president instead of her husband.  She would protest to the point where she would call that decision ‘wrong’ and ‘ill judged’, as well as added that John Adams himself was offended and upset about the decision.  Having heard the grandparents loud and clear, John Quincy Adams would end up naming his next son after his grandfather, his name being John Adams II, who would be born in 1803 and pass in 1834.

George Washington Adams’ Family

Adams, along with his two brothers John and Charles, were all actually rivals when it came to one particular girl.  They all wanted to win this particular woman’s hand in order to get wed and start a family with.  This woman whose name was Mary Catherine Hellen, was actually all of their cousins, having to live with the Adams family after her parents had died.  In the end, it would be John Adams II who would ultimately win the heart of their cousin, Mary, getting married together in 1828.  With the wedding ceremony taking place at the White House, both of John’s brothers, Charles and George as well, would refuse to attend as they were so upset that they were not the ones who would win the heart of their cousin.

Not to be put off of love, Adams would eventually father a child out of wedlock with a mistress that was named Eliza Dolph.  Eliza was actually the chambermaid to the Adams Family Boston Doctor, Dr. Thomas Welsh.  Eliza would eventually need to move to a different location, as the child that she would have with Adams in December of 1828, would need to be raised in secrecy.  The move to a different location would also allow Adams the opportunity to visit her and their child without anybody knowing about the situation.

The Death of George Washington Adams

Adams would presumably end up taking his own life in what was considered a suicide, but it is ultimately not known what it was that really killed him.  What is known, is that Adams would end up disappearing on April 30 of 1829.  He was on board of a steamship named ‘Benjamin Franklin’, that was passing through the Long Island Sound, ultimately headed to Washington D.C.  He would last be seen around 2 A.M., his cloak and his hat eventually being found lying on the deck.  This led many people to think that since his hat and cloak were placed on the deck, that Adams had simply decided that he was going to jump off of the side of the boat.  His body would later washup onto the shore several days later on June 10.  Notes were also discovered that hinted Adams was going to take his own life.


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