Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) Eugena Washington

Unless you have been living in an area that does not have any type of television reception or fashion sense, there is a very good reason that you have heard of the very popular television show titled ‘America’s next Top Model’.  In case you are unaware of what this show is all about, it is essentially going to be a show where you have women who are trying to become professional models go head to head in order to win a contract at the end of the show.  While the show does give every contestant some very nice national recognition, at the end of the day, there is only going to be one person who will win the show and get the modeling contract that they are seeking.  

This is going to be exactly what happened for one of the contestants that was on the show, her name being Eugena Washington.  While Washington did not actually end up winning the entire show, she would place as the second runner up, using this to propel herself into having a career in modeling and some films as well.  But you are probably asking yourself who exactly is Eugena Washington?  Here is everything that you need to know about Eugena Washington and how she was able to propel herself into the stardom that she has been able to reach today.

Who is Eugena Washington?

Eugena Washington is an American model that was born on October 8, 1985 and is from Palmdale, California.  Her initial claim to fame came when she ended up being the second runner up on the hit reality show, America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, and then for making an appearance in rapper B.O.B.’s music video for the hit single titled ‘Nothin’ on You’.  While Washington focuses mainly on her modeling career, she does on occasion step out of her comfort level and do some video work as well.  Here is how Eugena was able to create her career and build upon it to become the success that has achieved.

Eugena Washington’s Career

While trying to break into the modeling scene, she decided to enter herself into the America’s Next Top Model show and would end up doing exceptionally well.  While she did not win the entire show, she did make it to the finals.  Due to this, she was able to take the fame and recognition that she gained and get herself a contract with Elite Model Management, who is based out of Los Angeles, as well as Chicago.  However, just the one agency on her side was not enough for Washington, so she also teamed up with Photogenics who is based out of Los Angeles, as well as Irene Marie Models that is based out of Miami, and Stellar Model Management as well.  If you are wondering why she would need to be signed to four different modeling agencies, the answer is going to be because there are not always going to be enough modeling gigs for consistent work, so this way she will have many more modeling jobs available to her at any given time.

Eugena’s Print Work

Eugena has done lots of print work throughout her modeling career, one of the more prestigious campaigns that she has done would be for Smashbox.  On top of that, she also has a big campaign with the brand South Pole, and even had a massive billboard in the middle of Time Square.  While that took place in New York, she has also done modelling for the newspaper, The Los Angeles Times, back in November of 2007, Belle Formals, Teen Prom, and she was even able to use her modelling talents to get a campaign with SAW Jewelry.  In addition to all of those different modelling campaigns, she has also done modelling for Custo Barcelona, Ken Paves Salon, California Apparel News, and even the Brooklyn Industries.  To cap off the highlights of Washington’s print work, she has also been fortunate enough to be able to use her modelling talents to model for vamp’d magazine.

Eugena’s Runway Work

When it comes to actually walking for her modelling (which means that she would be working on the runway during a show or event), she has done so for many different big-name brands.  These are going to include the likes of Christian Audigier, Anthony Franco, Kevan Hall, Yana K, and Rami Kashou during Fashion Week Fall 2007, that took place in Los Angeles, California.  As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Washington has also been privileged enough to walk Paris Hilton Sportswear, as well as YMI Jeanswear in the Fall of 2007, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Moving forwards, she has continued to walk for major brands for different events in different cities around the country.

Eugena’s ‘Other’ Work

Not wanting to be known as a ‘one trick pony’, Eugena decided that she was going to improve her resume by venturing outside of the modelling industry, a lot of that being to appear in different music videos.  Some of those music videos are going to include ‘This is the Girl’ which was by Kano and Craig David, ‘Take you There’, which was by Donnie Klang, and then ‘Bleeding Love’, which was by Leona Lewis.  On top of that, she was also able to get herself a spot in a McDonald’s café commercial, that saw her working alongside American R&B artist that is known by the name Dwele.  On top of that, she was also featured in the music video for the hit single ‘Nothin’ On You’, that was by B.o.B.  Currently, Washington is the face of the Kardashian Kollection that you can find at any Sears stores.

Eugena Washington has been able to use her love for modelling to create a career in the industry and continues to pave the way for herself and those who wish to follow in her footsteps on a daily basis.  She is definitely somebody that you can easily look up to and it is exciting to see where her career will take her.


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