Jesse Watters Wife – Emma DiGiovine Wiki (Wedding, Bio, Age, Fox News)

If you have been in any way, shape or form involved with the news or even some of the more popular television shows, there is a very good chance that you have heard of Emma DiGiovine. Currently, Emma is employed by Fox News, and is also going to be the Associate Producer of the very popular and well-received television show that goes by the title Watters’ World. 

One of the ways that Emma was able to skyrocket herself into the mainstream spotlight other than being a great journalist and producing some popular television shows, is the fact that she had a political commentator who was named Jesse Waters on her show, the two of them ending up being in what some would consider to a be a very big scandal.  With that being said, here is everything that you need to know about everything that is Emma DiGiovine and how she has been able to become such a big household name.

Who is Emma DiGiovine?

Being born in 1992, Emma DiGiovine has not necessarily revealed the actual date that her birth took place, as she can be quite secretive when it comes to her personal life.  What is known about Emma though, is that when she was just a child growing up, she loved to play any sport that she could, these including sports such as softball, field hockey, and soccer.  On top of loving to play sports, she also enjoyed dancing as well, eventually going to attend several different ballerina lessons in nearby Manhattan, New York City.  Emma was born in a town called Cranford, which is a smaller sized town that is located near New Jersey, which is in the United States.  She would end up attending and graduating from high school in this town, spending her younger years growing up her for the most part as well.  

Once she graduated from high school, she would decide tat she wanted to attend Fairfield University, which is where she would end up receiving her bachelor’s degree in you guessed it, journalism.

Emma DiGiovine’s Career

Once Emma finally graduated from her college, Fairfield University, she would take her brand-new bachelor’s degree in journalism and jump right into starting her career as a journalist.  While it would take her some time to go out and find a job, she would eventually do just that, the first job she landing being an Anchor with Fox News.  Since then, she has been able to elevate her career even higher, working her way up to becoming an associate producer for the very same company that she started with originally, Fox News.

While there have been many different ups and downs within Emma’s career, she has been able to use her talents as a journalist and continue to bring great stories, while gaining how many fans she has at the very same time.  As she has continued to grow more popular at what she does, she has also been able to increase the amount of responsibility that she has at Fox News as well.  Having had to work her way up through the different positions in order to eventually become an associate producer, means that she knows exactly what type of hard work it takes to build a career and continue to push it forwards. 

It is going to be this determination that has helped her to achieve everything that she has been able to achieve throughout the length of her exciting career.  And what makes it even more exciting, is the fact that Emma is nowhere near being done, which means that you can expect a whole lot more from her moving forward into the future.  While only time will tell where Emma ends up going career-wise, with her talent and determination, she is bound for nothing less than even more fame and success.

Emma DiGiovine’s Personal Life

One of the events that really pushed Emma’s career into the spotlight of mainstream media is also going to be called a huge scandal by many people.  This is because she would be put front and center after it was found out that she did end up having an affair with one of the political commentators that was employed at the same news station that she was employed at, that particular political commentator being named Jesse Waters.  While it may not sound like it would be that big of a deal, it ended up becoming one as Jesse would at the time be married and have twin daughters with his then-wife. 

However, once the scandal was exposed and the two and their affair was found out, Watters’ wife, whose name was Noelle, would file for divorce.  The two had originally gotten married back in 2009, the divorce coming very soon after the scandal was exposed in the news.  To make things even worse, the two would do nothing except to deny that there was any type of ‘relationship’ between them, however, like most things, the truth would eventually come out.  That particular truth in this case being that the news anchor and the political commentator were in fact having an affair with each other.

Emma is 5’6” tall and weighs about 116 pounds.  She has a shoe size 7 and body dimensions that are 34-26-36.  She has blue eyes and natural dark brown hair.  At the moment, she is 27 years old (which is considered to be very young for her career) and is very committed to increasing her career as much as she possibly can.  As of this year, 2020, she has a net worth that has been estimated to be around $50,000.  While that may not necessarily sound like it is a whole lot, you must keep in mind that she is still very fresh in her career and has a lot of upwards movement available if she is able to continue doing as well as she has been doing over the past several years.  Only time will tell where Emma’s career is going to eventually get too.


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