Greg Gutfeld’s First Wife – Elena Moussa Wiki (Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height)

You may not have heard about Elena Moussa, who is actually going to be the wife of Greg Gutfeld.  But just because you have never heard about someone does not mean that they are not a great person who you should know about.  With that being said, here is everything that you would ever want to know about Elena Moussa.  

General Information About Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa has a net worth of roughly $2 million, which she was able to amass through several different avenues, some of those including being a model, a stylist, a journalist, and even a fashion designer.  She was born in Russia, on May 4, 1982.  This means that her birth sign is going to be that of a Taurus, which helps to make her the strong, confident woman that she has been able to grow into.  She is currently married to her husband, who is named Greg Guttfeld.  Now that you know the basic facts about Elena Moussa, you may be wondering exactly why some consider her to be so famous?

What is it That Makes Elena Moussa so Famous?

Elena Moussa is a Russian model that is 37 years old.  She also does fashion design and even journalism as well.  She is going to be better known for not her modeling or journalist career, but rather for who her husband is.  Her husband, Greg Guttfeld, is more well-known than his wife is, but that is because Greg is a very sarcastic and very popular Fox News Channel host.  

Greg and Elena have been lucky enough to be married to each other for over 15 years, where they are currently living together in their home in New York City.  Today, Elena is going to be the owner and manager of her very own business and fashion store, as well as working as a popular stylist.  On top of that, she is also going to be one of the more popular internet personalities, growing in her popularity to the tune of thousands of followers throughout her different social media pages and profiles.

Elana’s Early Education and Early Life

Born on May 4, 1982, Elena’s original birthplace would not be the United States, but rather Russia.  From a very young age, she would learn that she was interested in fashion, hoping to make a career out of it someday.  While there is actually not a lot that is going to be known about Elena’s parents and her upbringing in her younger childhood years, what is known is that her family would relocate to the United States from Russia while she was still of a very young age.

After graduating from high school, Elena would end up moving to New York in order to enroll in the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.  While she was doing this, she would also be studying at another school as well, this school being the parson School of Design.

Upon graduating from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, Elena would make the decision to move back to where she was originally from, that being Russia.  It would be here that would lead her to becoming a fashion model, mainly in part due to her incredibly good looks.  As if beauty wasn’t enough to make one a model, she would also be considered tall for a woman, coming in at a height of 5’10”, and sport a body that was considered to be very sexy.  For example, her body measurements are actually going to be32”-24”-35”.  She has dark black hair and stunning brown eyes that you just don’t want to stop looking at.

While Elena was a model in Russia, she would have the opportunity to work with many different designers and big brands, which would eventually have her being featured on many covers of different and leading fashion magazines.  As Elena would continue to evolve her career, she would soon start to transition from runway model, into more of an editorial role, eventually finding herself associated with the Maxim-Russia magazine edition.

It would be while she was working for this magazine that she would need to travel all over the globe for business, the main location being that of London, where she would work on collaborations with the Maxim UK edition.  It would be at this point in time when she would meet her future husband, Greg Guttfeld for the very first time.

Greg Gutfeld:  Who is He?

Being born on September 12, 1964, Greg Gutfeld is a TV producer, journalist, author, comedian and editor.  He is currently the host on the Fox News Channel for the show ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’, and also the co-host of the show ‘The Five’, which is more of a political talk show. He graduated from the University of California Berkeley back in 1987 and identifies himself as. a Libertarian.  In the past, he was working as one of the writers and editors for several of the leading publications at that time, those including Men’s Health, Prevention, and even Stuff Magazine.  He would eventually decide that the best career move he would be able to make would be to become the editor of Maxim UK edition in the year 2004.

Greg and Elena:  The Relationship That Turned into Marriage

Having first met in 2004, Elena and Greg would meet through their jobs at Maxim magazine.  While they were both editors for the magazine, the would-be editors for different editions of the magazine, those editions being in different countries.  Elena was one of the photo editors at Maxim Russia, while Greg was the editor over at Maxim UK.  Prior to getting married to Elena, the rumors would be started that Greg Gutfeld was actually gay.

After the two first met, they would waste no time in starting their relationship with each other.  Elena would decide to move to London in order to pursue that relationship even further, making the move in order to be with Greg in London.  The two would end up being married just 5 months after moving in with each other, which would be later that year in December of 2004.  The wedding would take place in New York.

Once married, the two would remain in London for the following 3 years.  While the two do not have any children together, they do enjoy spending their time travelling around the globe and going to exhibitions, as well as taking some time to slow it down and hang out with their family members and other friends.  This is actually going to be extremely evident if you are to look at any of Elena’s or Greg’s social media posts.  Fast forward to now, and the happily married couple is going to have their residence in New York City, which is where they have been living together since 2018.

Elena Moussa’s Net Worth

While Elena’s actual net worth is not really known, it is estimated that her net worth is roughly around the $2 million area.  She has been able to earn this amount of wealth from a combination of different resources, those including the modeling that she did while she was younger, the many different years that she spend in the fashion industry, while she had her job as a journalist, and most recently for the fashion design that she has been doing.  On top of that, there is also going to be the money that she has earned while she was a stylist and as an entrepreneur of her businesses that she owns.


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