Dr. Lynette Aryeh Nusbacher Wiki – Historian

Lynette Nusbacher is a known historian and a military expert. She was born in New York, the United States on the 17th of December, 1966. Although a world-class historian and military expert, Lynette is not famous because of her profession or her achievements. She is famous for taking the bold step to change her gender. She was born a male. She, however, is now a female.

At birth, Lynette Nusbacher was Aryeh Judah Nusbacher. She, however, decided to alter her gender in 2007. After altering her gender, she did not stop at that. To make things perfect, she went ahead to change her name from Aryeh to Lynette. She, therefore, is now called Lynette Nusbacher.

Lynette Nusbacher Education

 Lynette has a BA in History and Economics. She got this degree in 1988 from the University of Toronto. Although this degree can be considered an achievement, she was not content. After being out of the university for six years, she went back to school. This time, she attended the Royal Military College of Canada. She left this college with a Masters of Art degree in War Studies. Getting a masters was great. She, however, went further. Lynette got a Doctorate in Philosophy in British modern history. This degree was gotten from the University of Oxford. After this, she went to the National School of Government, as well as the Cranfield University School of management studies organizational leadership.

Lynette Nusbacher’s Professional Career

Lynette Nusbacher did not spend a lot of time in the labor market before getting a job. Before becoming an authority in her field, she worked as an administrator in the University of Toronto. She was on this job from 1988 to 1994. After spending a while on this job, she got a job with the Canadian Armed Forces. While working with the Canadian Armed Forces, she was a logistics officer. She got this job in 1994 and continued at it until 2000.

Lynette stopped working with the Canadian Armed Forces in 2000. After leaving this job, she took up a job at the cabinet office in London. In this office, she was in charge of the strategy horizons unit. She did not spend a lot of time in this position before moving to a different job. She soon became a lecturer at the University of Reading, Berkshire, UK. Furthermore, between 1999 and 2013, she was a staff at the Royal Military Academy. She just was not any worker. She was a senior lecturer of war strategies.

Lynette is a successful professional and has a lot on her hands. Apart from all that she does as a professional, she also blogs. Her blog was set up in 2011. It is called the Nusbacher Associates. Lynette set up this blog as a means of helping individuals interested in technology and cyber tech.

Beyond a lot of the things Lynette is famous for, she is also an author. She has written quite a number of books. Popular among them are the War and Conflict in 2003 and The Battle of Bannockburn 1314.


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